Saturday, March 12, 2011

Corey Stoll Talks Law & Order LA & Shaves the 'Stache

MSN TV spoke with Corey Stoll about the April return of Law & Order LA, the departure of Skeet Ulrich, working with Alfred Molina in Molina’s new role as a detective, and also about his moustache – which is now gone! The article is at the following link: Q&A: Corey Stoll of 'Law & Order: Los Angeles'Casting changes, the two 'L&O' coasts and losing facial hair

The video of the ceremonial shaving of Corey’s mustache is below – and features a cameo by Alfred Molina. The mustache will be missed!

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Stefanie Willis said...

I'm gonna miss the stache.

lacboi said...


nygma619 said...

Are you kidding me? The mustache was one of the most unique things that added to Corey Stoll's look. Do they even know what they're doing anymore?

lgl said...

The stache had more personality than most of the characters on the show. Wow, I wonder if Dick Wolf has some Put-Options on LOLA???

Jeffrey Lipton von Snaugenhauf said...

Am I seriously the only person who thought the mustache made him look like a porn star? I mean come on now.