Wednesday, February 23, 2011

More SVU-30Rock Crossover BTS and Interviews with Ice-T & Richard Belzer

From Wolf Films, here is a video with a behind the scenes look and interview with Ice-T and Richard Belzer, for their Law & Order SVU/30Rock crossover episode which aired a few weeks ago. The actual episode, plus NBC interview and behind the scenes videos were posted on my blog at this link: Law & Order SVU, 30Rock Crossover BTS and Interviews with Ice-T & Richard Belzer

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Yurune said...

Is there a list somewhere of all the Law & Order crossovers (inside and outside the franchise)? I just bought the season 1 DVDs, and I'm going to watch every episode all the way through season 20, and I need to know what else I have to get along the way. Please help if you can.

All Things Law and Order said...

There isn't a list per se that I know of, but I do know that Law & Order characters have crossed over to SVU, Trial by Jury, Homicide Life on The Streets (not a L&O brand show but the characters did cross over in two episodes I think. If you look up Sam Waterston on you may find a list of most of the episodes under his name. Mariska Hargitay also crossed over from SVU for a brief appearance in Law & Order LA. I also think Fred Thompson crossed over to SVU and Trial by Jury. I can't recall anyone crossing over to Law & order Criminal Intent or vice versa.