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Law & Order SVU “Pursuit” Recap & Review

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I always worry when there is too much hype over any episode of Law & Order SVU, being burned many times by those who over-promise and then under-deliver. But not this time. “Pursuit” was an excellent episode with an interesting case, a solid and well written story, and a death that may have shocked some. (Some of you who were following the sneak peeks I’ve posted here. and showrunner Neal Bear’s Twitter feed, were able to figure out who died without even watching the episode.) This episode featured guest star Debra Messing, playing Alicia Harding, the host of a TV show who traps and exposes predators. She also had a sister who was murdered years back. Christine Lahti, playing Sonya Paxton, the prosecutor some of you love to hate, worked the case, but it had gone cold long ago. When Harding appears to have a stalker, the SVU team works to identify him. In the process they stumble into several murders and now believe the stalker is also a serial killer. Things take a tragic turn when Harding taunts the stalker/killer on national TV, and in retaliation, Sonya Paxton is later found brutally murdered in the rest room of a church hall, where she had been attending an AA meeting. Some viewers disliked Paxton, but I always thought Christine Lahti injected a spark into every episode in which she appeared. She made the perfect retort to Benson’s comment that Harding should not be digging into her sister’s murder. Sonya was right - Benson carried the baggage of her mother’s rape for a long time, and Benson should be showing more understanding toward Harding and Paxton and their own desire to find the answers to an old, and cold, case. It was easy to see, though, that Paxton regretted her own bluntness. We also find that Sonya’s alcoholism stems from a promise she made to find Harding's sister's killer and her inability to close that case.

There was a lot of excitement about the previewed embrace between Stabler and Benson, but to paraphrase a Freudian concept, sometimes a hug is just a hug. I’m not an Olivia/Elliot “shipper” so I read Stabler’s embrace of Benson as more of a consoling, supporting, and reassuring hug to a very close, beloved friend. I know many people want that hug to mean much more between those two, but I’m fine with them being two adults who love each other as very close friends.

There was only one scene that seemed questionable; it was when Benson went alone to the apartment of Donny Spencer, who was a suspect in Harding's stalking. I could understand any detective going alone to question someone if they were going to a place where other people were around, but not to someone’s apartment. I never really pay attention to how many times the detectives go to question someone alone, but it seems that they usually go in pairs if they think that they have a viable suspect.

Despite the very tense nature of the episode, it wasn’t without some light spots, like Fin, talking about Benson, telling Stabler, “I actually watch her back and not her backside” and Harding telling Benson “Has anyone ever told you you’re a manipulative bitch?” That actually made me laugh, seeing that I've long ago lost count of the number of times Benson has been called a bitch. At least they found a slightly nicer way of doing it this week.

My guess is that they should just box up the whole episode and send it to the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences for their consideration for an Emmy.

Here is the recap:

A young girl lets an older man into the apartment. It is clear his intentions are not innocent. But it’s a set up. Alicia Harding (Debra Messing), host of “Neighborhood Predator” is there waiting and cameras have captured the man’s lecherous behavior. Detectives Olivia Benson (Mariska Hargitay), Odafin Tutuola (Ice-T) and Sonya Paxton (Christine Lahti) also monitor the activity from another room. Harding confronts the man as SVU readies to move in. He tries to flee and SVU moves in, but before they get in the room, Harding subdues the man with a taser.
Later, Fin demands that Harding turn over the taser but the police have already taken it and Harding senses Fin does not like her. A package arrives for Harding and when she gets blood on her hands from it, Benson opens it to find a bloody scarf, which Harding identifies as her lucky scarf which was last seen on her bed that morning. Benson declares that Harding has a stalker.

At SVU, Benson and Paxton speak to Harding about the possible stalker but Harding seems unruffled, despite receiving other threats. Harding is still working on leads from the abduction of Harding's 13 year old sister Vanessa who went missing 25 years ago. The scarf that was delivered in the box was Vanessa's. The abduction was Paxton’s case and it is still open. They ask Harding about her sex life, whether she’s fired anyone recently, but Benson thinks it is someone Harding knows and trusts and wonders how the person could have access to her private email. Harding does not know and Benson offers to find out.

Outside the room, Fin tells Captain Don Cragen (Dann Florek) that the lab is still working on the scarf, the blood is human and no more than 2 days old. Cragen thinks that Harding doesn’t report the news, she makes it. Benson does not think Harding used the scarf of her dead sister for a hoax. They also believe the stalker impersonated a cop to deliver the package. Cragen says he forwarded the threatening emails to Stabler to work on while he is off training at Quantico. He tells Fin and Benson that in order to find out how the person got into Harding’s house to go there with CSU.

At Harding’s apartment, CSU found the perp’s panties soaking in the sink, in chlorine. No signs of forced entry and there are no security cameras. They see a wall full of photos of her sister and book with DD5s, lab reports, and crime scene photos from Vanessa’s case, and wonder how she got all this information. They wonder, as Paxton has been close to Harding and the case, if she handed the files over to Harding. They wonder if the Feds may have someone who matches the perp’s profile.
Back at SVU, Benson speaks to Stabler via a live feed. He looked through Harding’s emails as did the behavioral guys at Quantico. They think this is the worst kind of stalker, he’s smart, he resourceful and experienced. They think he was set off because Harding is a high profile target and while she hunts down predators she’s never met one. They think he is a hard core predator and will show himself soon, and if he can’t get Harding he will go for someone else soon. Stabler tells her to make sure it is not her. Fin approaches and Stabler says that Fin may have her six but “he’s definitely is not me.” Fin retorts “I’m better. I actually watch her back and not her backside. See ya” and he shuts off the monitor. He then shows Benson crowd shots from a neighborhood predator sting, and one face keeps sticking out – an IT engineer names Scott Laskie who got caught in a Brooklyn net last year. Fin had him picked up and he is in interrogation.

In interrogation, Laskie (Scott Parkinson) invokes and is hostile about Benson’s questions. He denies involvement with Harding, calls Benson “peaches” and tells her to try again when his lawyer gets there. Later, Benson talks with Cragen and Paxton about Laskie and they wonder why the Brooklyn charges were dropped against Laskie. Fin shows them video of the sting, and is seems Laskie is more concerned of the young girl’s age and that she is alone, and he tells her to call the police, and she can’t send men emails saying she will get naked and they can touch her. Neighborhood Predator aired an edited version which makes Laskie out to be a pervert. Despite the doctored footage, Paxton still thinks they guy arrived there with bad intentions. They wonder who else Harding framed.

Later, Laskie is there with his attorney Hashi Horowitz (Joe Grifasi) as Benson and Paxton enter the room. When it is clear they have no evidence, Hashi says they are leaving but Laskie won’t go unless they promise to leave him alone. It seems Laskie had called the police about the girl from the sting but they didn’t respond. Laskie says he worries about his kid on the internet and when he saw that site, he was concerned about what the other men were saying. He didn’t want to stick his neck out but wondered what if it was his kid? He admits to hacking into the server to get her address and Horowitz says the questioning is over unless they read him his rights or decline to file. Paxton says she doesn’t want the paperwork and to tell his client to obey the law from now on. But Laskie says the law wasn’t going to protect the girl – he went there only after he went to a precinct and handed the chat logs to a desk sergeant who called him a kook.
Later, Benson and Paxton review this with Cragen. Fin is talking to the 7-2 precinct where Laskie tried to first make the report. Paxton wonders if they are blaming Harding for this and she gets defensive of Harding and reminds them Harding is the victim. Benson tells Paxton she may be too close to judge. Paxton says many things have changed since the sister’s murder occurred. She tells Benson if she thinks she held Harding’s hand too long, or gave her too much information, that’s tough. Benson says she should not be digging into her sister’s murder and it’s not healthy. Paxton retorts, “And how long did you search for the man who… raped your mother?” Both Cragen and Benson get mildly shocked looks on their faces, and Paxton looks down. Fin walks in and says that Laskie’s story was corroborated by the sergeant but they arrested him anyway based on the tape. Benson is still glaring at Paxton, who looks uncomfortable. Cragen tells Fin to void the arrest and then go shake Alicia Harding’s tree. Benson leaves, clearly pissed.

At the offices of Neighborhood Predator, Harding’s assistant Rachel (Ashlie Atkinson) tells Harding that she changed Harding’s locks, and Benson tells her no one else gets copies of those keys. After Rachel leaves, Benson asks Harding who else has her keys and when Harding mentions much of her staff, Benson asks for names. Benson asks her how many people she railroaded and Harding admits some mistakes were made but there were no others. Harding explains that the night Laskie showed up more men kept coming. The cops brought them in before she could interview them. She says she did not doctor the footage and a producer did it and she did not know. She fired him 6 months ago and has since rechecked all the footage. Donny Spencer was the producer and Harding tells her to get the address from Rachel.

At Spencer’s apartment, Benson asks him about Harding and he says Harding altered the interview and now she is sandbagging him, saying the bitch has to be stopped. He denies stalking her and when he complains Benson is in his face over a couple emails, she tells him she never mentioned emails.

Later, at SVU with Spencer in cuffs, Benson tells Cragen to tell Harding she found her stalker, Spencer confessed in the car that he sent the emails. Cragen isn't so sure, he tells her that Harding brought in another email with an attached photo that looked authentic so they had it processed - it was of a body dump of a young girl.

Fin shows Benson, Cragen, Paxton, and Stabler (via live feed) the photos of the location of where the body is dumped. The source was from an internet café and the person paid cash and there are no surveillance cameras. Stabler says the picture is real and is similar to a dump in Maryland. Harding walks in and Stabler wonders if they should be talking about it in front of a civilian. Paxton says Harding needs to know what she is up against. Stabler says that the perp is a sociopath and she deals with teachers diddling their students. Harding asks if knowing the dead girl’s location earn her a seat at the table? She tells them the location is the photo is the last place her sister was seen alive and says she interviewed a woman who saw Vanessa in that park. It was one of the thousands of calls into the tip line that the cops couldn’t get to. Paxton wonders why Harding didn’t call her about it, and Harding is upset, saying it is a cold case and she’s the only one working it. Paxton says she’s also been chasing the bastard. Harding says the man is stalking her but Benson says it is not the same guy, this guy is fixated on her not her sister. Stabler says the analysts there says the guys is in his early 30s to mid 40s which makes the guy too young to have killed Vanessa. But Harding cites other big cases where this was not the case and his analysts don’t know dick. Cragen asks her where is the park, and when she says she can show them, he says that is not gonna happen. She says good luck finding the body without her. They either take her with them or follow her there.

They arrive at the location with Harding and Paxton and as Fin and Benson search the area, Fin finds the body and calls out. Paxton says she will call the Staten Island DA to tell them they are here. But then they find two more bodies of young girls.

Later in the morgue with Benson and Paxton, ME Warner (Tamara Tunie) is reviewing the bodies of 5 young white females found at the dump site, possibly dumped over 3 months to 2 years ago. She is looking for stab wounds, and has a 6th Jane Doe which died 3 days ago from three stab wounds. Paxton says the wound pattern matches Vanessa’s. The stab wound on the recent body shows she was paralyzed from the first stab wound. The girl was repeatedly raped but no fluids. Warner says the stab wounds were precise, and Benson thinks the person has police or forensics or medical knowledge. Paxton says unless he makes a mistake they won’t get close. Paxton walks out and Benson follows her and Paxton says she will not stop until she gets him. She said she made a deathbed promise to Harding’s mom before she died that she would catch the guy. She admits she let herself get too close and knew she was in trouble when she started drinking just to face them. Now she is sober and she has another chance, the case is not cold now and thinks Harding is right, it is the same killer. Benson asks what was the last lead Harding followed, and Paxton says 3 months ago Harding appealed to the public for the whereabouts of the kid who found Vanessa’s clothes for an interview. His name was not in the file. Benson wonders if the person may have been a volunteer helping the police on the initial search party, Benson suggests they get those sign in sheets – maybe one of them was the eager killer. If they compare the sign in sheets to the witness list, they may find the killer. Paxton says if the prick is in there, “he’s mine. “
Back at SVU, Benson and Fin work the lists. Cragen wonders why, if this other guy is stalking her why Donny Spencer confessed. Spencer did send a threatening email – a message saying he is watching her with photos taken from a distance. She got another message with photos taken at a closer range. The killer found out about the threat when he got access to Harding’s email and then he slipped into her house to check her murder book. The body dump may be misdirection – murder trumps stalking. Benson thinks if they focus on Harding they will find the killer, and suspects he got her personal information from someone on the show. Cragen wonders if he works there but Fin says employee backgrounds all check out. Benson thinks it is an outsider with access. Cragen tells them to check the security log and every male visitor they find.
At Harding’s office, Benson and Fin speak with Rachel and find that Harding taped a message the night before to the guy stalking her. They play the video back, and see footage of the crime scene people working on the area where all the bodies were located. Harding says the man murdered the girls the same way her sister was killed. She says she knows the man is watching her and calls him a deviant suffering from erectile dysfunction so severe he has to rape with a knife. She says state prosecutor Sonya Paxton believes he should be put away for life, but Harding thinks he’s not worth it and he should be put down like a rabid dog. Benson is worried that Harding is setting herself up as bait. Fin calls her a dumbass who belongs in jail for leaking 6 open homicides. Rachel tells them it will air in about an hour and Benson hopes Cragen can get the network to hold it.

Back at SVU, the network won’t stop airing the footage and Cragen tells Benson and Fin that the Chief of Ds is on the way and they have a new task force. Fin says they are putting a show on for the public, and Cragen says that’s what happens when a news feed goes national. Cragen asks them how Harding managed to record all of the details of the crime scene, and Benson says she took her cell phone but Fin says she did not take Paxton’s. Cragen tells them to find Paxton and he will handle it from there.

Fin and Benson arrive at Harding’s apartment and they chastise her. It was her idea to bait him. Harding says she had a back up phone, and adds that Paxton wanted a drink but she went to a meeting instead and Paxton is not happy with her either. Fin asks her where the AA meeting is being held.

At Saint Avila Church, Benson and Fin arrive and she isn’t in the group but her car is outside. Benson goes to check the ladies room and sees a broken mirror and then is horrified to see Paxton on the floor, bleeding from her neck. She yells for Fin, who calls for a bus and a BOLO for someone in the area with bloody clothes. Benson attempts to tend to Paxton, and Paxton whispers it will be OK, she got him. She dies and Benson is clearly shaken.

Later, with Warner and crime scene people on the scene, Benson tells Warner the place was trashed and thinks Paxton fought back hard but she says he got him. Her cell phone is broken in the sink, and Benson thinks Paxton went down swinging. Benson thinks Paxton knew she was going to die so she went for DNA and bit her attacker. Warner opens Paxton’s mouth and finds a hair in her throat and will swab her mouth for DNA and check her stomach for his blood.

As Benson leaves the room, she sees Stabler approach and he runs to her. She says “I’m really glad you’re back” and as they console each other with a long embrace, he says, “I should have come back sooner.” She says she is fine, and he says, “Like hell you are.” She asks him if he checked the security logs from Harding’s office. He checked on every male who signed in the last 6 months and one name rang a bell, David Adams, but he doesn’t exist. He’s been coming to see Rachel, Harding’s assistant.
At SVU, Benson and Stabler speak with Rachel who says David is a good guy and she has been seeing him for months. She admits she did not sign him in all the time. She seems clueless that he was likely conning her, and Stabler says only David can straighten this out, and he asks where they can find him. She says she will fax them his address and says he does not have a phone. He calls her and checks in every day. As Benson and Stabler leave the room, Benson wonders if Rachel will call him. Stabler comments that Rachel is in love with the sick bastard, what does she think?
Later, Fin tells them he set up a trace of Harding’s office lines and on Rachel’s cell. They see she calling out to a burn phone, and they get an address.

Benson and Stabler wait in the car, watching Harding’s home. They radio in to tell someone to send Harding out. They think the killer is rattled enough to make another mistake. They get out of the car and see a man rounding the corner and walking behind Harding. She turns around and glares at him, and then lunges at him. She starts to flail at him and he restrains her, and she yells at the detectives to shoot him. As Stabler pulls a gun, the attacker pulls out a knife and holds it at Harding. Benson is also there with a taser. Benson gets a shot and tasers him and Harding breaks free. He drops to the ground moaning.
Back at SVU, the man is indentified as Adam Grafton (Christian Hoff), a physicians assistant. He lived 8 blocks away from the Harding’s and he spent 5 years in Lorton for rape an aggravated assault. The victim was a prostitute, and Benson suspects the other bodies were also working girls. Stabler thinks Grafton won’t talk to them, and Benson wonders if he will talk to someone else.

At Harding’s apartment, she appears to be packing to move. She says she can’t stay there as he was in her bed, touching himself. Benson tells her to make sure she burns the mattress. Harding says the killer is caught and there is nothing left to do, but Benson reminds her they still have to identify the other victims. Harding says they have their work cut out for them, and says she doesn't have the stomach for it anymore. She is upset over Grafton’s light sentence while his victims rot. Benson begs for her help, but Harding refuses. Benson says at least Harding has closure, the other victims don’t. Harding says she will not have closure until she gets Vanessa’s remains home and he likely won’t tell her where she is. Benson reminds her of the families with missing daughters, and asks if she forgot what this feels like. Harding laughs, and says, “Has anyone ever told you you’re a manipulative bitch?” Benson stares at her but does not respond.
At the Rikers interview room, Benson and Harding speak with Grafton who says he has nothing to say. Harding says she can do the news segment without him, but he says she is there to find out about her sister. Harding coldly glares at him and says her sister is dead and he killed her, Benson adding that he planted the clothes so he could find them later. He says that does not mean he killed her. He says maybe Vanessa just ran away. Harding says she is not interested, she wants to hear about the six women he dumped in the field and asks where did he meet them. Benson brings out a recorder and sets it on the table. He comments that Harding usually works with a camera crew. She says after she hears what he has to say, and then check her facts, and adds that he needs a shave. He laughs and asks if this is real, and then says he will give them names, dates, and location and then Harding should tell his story. Benson adds if he cooperates and tells them the truth. He says this could take a while – there is one for each year he has been living. He took them in clumps, some years he did not hunt at all. Benson asks if he killed 43 women, and he says 44, if you count the lawyer. He says the meat sack was asking for it. Benson says it was because she beat him, and says Sonya Paxton is the reason he is going to death row. He retorts that he will die of old age first. He said the only reason he did her was because Harding told lies, and she had to pay. Harding calmly asks him to start with the names of his New York victims and then move on to his Maryland dumping ground. He comments – so you know about that? She says she’d like to know more – whenever he is ready. He smiles, and says it was mostly girls, runaways, a couple he snatched. None of them put up much of a fight. He asks if she wants him to go in order, list them from front to last, and the says her name was Annie Pruitt..and as he goes on, Harding sits with a numb look on her face as we fade to black.

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Osiris said...

I'll miss the person that bit it.

marla said...

Frankly ATL&O I disagree w/ you!

SVU could have done some things better.

1.) Sonya Paxton didn't have to die (esp. for retribution from some skell, that RARELY happens in life) she could have been put into a coma (continuity) or they could have got another victim.

2.) HOW MANY TIMES are the writers gonna have perps/victims call Liv a 'bitch'?

3.) Since when do civilians begin to have more jurisdiction than the police/over them? Despite working with the ADA!

4.) Where was Melissa Sagemiller? The way the Hardwicke character is written this was the kind of case she'd jump at the chance at! (Also where were Munch and Huang?) And where was the D.A. [Jack McCoy]?

5.) WHY does SVU keep ending w/ 'confessions', they used to end eps. after the 'trial by jury' parts. We'd see the ADA, or the cops after the case is over/conviction.

If you ask me, this was a waste of an hour. I did however like those lines from Fin about watching Liv's back and not her back-side. But other than that, it seemed like a regular SVU to me (just w/ a character death that shouldn't have occured)

nygma619 said...

I would've liked this episode a little more if they ended the episode with them finishing Lahti's funeral, and declaring that at least the case is now no longer cold and that she can rest in piece. It would've made it feel a little less depressing and ended it on a classier note. But that's just me.

I'll be honest I didn't think someone was going to die (just get seriously hurt, like Cragen); so Sonya Paxton's death really caught me by surprise; the spoilers thankfully didn't give away the idea of that happening, and I never really follow Neal Baer's twitter account

I've never been the biggest fan of Sonya Paxton, but I never hated the character. As I said elsewhere I found the character more tolerable once she showed she was willing to form a truce with Stabler in "Solitary". It showed she wasn't just a bitch looking to cause trouble everywhere she went. I too also liked the bit how her alcoholism stemmed from her previous experiences with the specified case.

Whilst I've never felt strongly one way or another about the so called Stabler/Benson ship. I never focused too much on it, but I liked the idea of it, but it doesn't bother me what they do one way or another. Basically I can take or leave it. If they don't, it won't bother me; but if they do, at least do it with some class.
But I agree about the hug, sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.

I think there's going to be more than just Christine Lahti being up there as a potential emmy nomination/winner. Joan Cusack, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Marcia Gay Harding, & Jeremy Irons immediately spring to mind.

Anyways, it was WAY better than last week. Not a perfect episode IMO, but still a good episode none the less.

Anonymous said...

Marla: I agree with numbers 1, 4, & 5

SVU has changed, I mean they have depicted NY press all wrong in this episode. The writers needed to "look into some facts". Not every journalist with a show manipulates and abuses that power.

Plus where WAS Sam Waterston, this seemed like a good episode to throw him in.

At times I wanted to call Olivia a bitch too, she began to act like herself after Paxton bit the dust (or hair in this case).

This episode was kinda ass-backwards if you ask me. NBC promotions, Neal Baer and all those other E/O shippers made it appear that Elliot was hugging Mariska in a love manor more so than a comfort one. I got pissed off when I felt that Sonya Paxton was dying, although I felt like she was; ever since her guest appearance in the episode "Gray".

Although I thought she would have died of a massive stroke or something from alcoholism. Have a relapse and fall off the wagon. I didn't think she'd be murdered (in the AA bathroom no less).

Next weeks SVU: it looks kinda stupid. I'm contemplating on tuning in or not.

Overall I give Pursuit a 7/10. SVU has done better and can do better.

doctor 441 said...

Should this SVU episode be Emmy nominated or win? HELL NO!

To me this episode was just a sad excuse to kill of A.D.A. Sonya Paxton and have Benson and Alicia Harding (Debra Messing) running around like psycho bitches.

I think that perp should have been found in the middle of the episode myself. I wanted to see Paxton light into him on the stand. I think the 'DA' (Where was Jack McCoy?) would have like that.

I do not think Debra Messing should be nominated for this episode. Maybe Christine Lahti, but I think Joan Cusack, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Marcia Gay Harden, & Jeremy Irons (who is returning to SVU in March) should be nominated or even win! But not Debra.

This case really was full of twists and unsubstantiated coincidences, it went a route that this show wouldn't normally go. Lately it seems SVU wants to turn the victims into the perps as well. In the NBC promo (and even in this episode) they wanted to throw the fingers at Harding, until Paxton was killed.

Also, where was Munch; and his paranoid theories of the using the media to lure in sex offenders and innocent bystanders?

Bad SVU. Bad. Yet good.

Anonymous said...

this episode was better than last weeks. but this one sucked too. a lot of pissed off e/o fans out there.

Esaul said...

I have yet to watch the episode, so I'm asking myself this: Why did I read about it on here first? Damn, the previews and what not didn't spoil the episode for me or who was going to die, but yup. I had to screw myself over and check here, and I'm asking myself...why did I do it. -_-

Anyway, it sounds like a good episode, and I'm glad there are a lot of pissed off e/o fans. There shouldn't be any. Hell, not even Mariska wants the two to get together. I liked the episodes a few seasons back where Elliot and his wife were having troubles, and they reconciled. I do not want to see them falling apart, he loves his family, plain and simple. Munch, where is he when you need him? Hopefully with a new head next year, we'll see him more. I'd also love to see Cabot come back honestly. I'm not holding my breath for Waterston to come on anytime soon, sadly. Though, I would love to see that happen, since in my mind he is still the EDA. Personally, I would love to see Roache too. GAH! I miss the chemistry of L&O. I miss Anderson/Sisto and Roache/Waterston/de la Garza...tonight's just gonna be one of those nights where I'm gonna have to cry myself to sleep. >.< Anywho I'll probably watch this episode in a week, just so I can "forget" what I read on here...xD

Linda said...

I'm pissed of with SVU and I'm not even an EO shipper!

I liked the episode, but I also hated it. SVU really is just gone really. All this episode really seemed like it was about, about Payback, retirbution, vengance; not a pursuit.

I hate that Paxton had to get the knife. I grew to like her after Gray.

AT, has anyone at NBC said anything about Law & Order: LA's return? I wish SVU would return to 9/8c (LOLA at 10). I almost wound up missing it tonight.

MikeAllen said...

I guess I was the only one that liked Sonya Paxton. I loved what she brought to the show.

"How many Brady violations does this precinct have to break"

Is one of my favorite lines by her in a previous episode. She told the truth, just like what she said to Benson in this episode. I really wished they wouldn't have killed her off.

Linda said...

I'm also pissed that we only see Munch every two episodes and in minimal scenes.

I also think that this would have been another good SVU entrance for Sam Waterston. And where was Hardwicke? Seems like it would have fit if she were there too.

Esaul said...

NBC hasn't said anything about LOLA's return yet. And the network SHOULD NOT move SVU back to its 9 PM slot, that is asking for trouble. Right now, CBS' Criminal Minds sits there, and they usually pull through for the network, finishing in the top ten for the week overall, and typically first for scripted dramas of the night, if I'm not mistaken. SVU stands a better chance going against CM:SB than the parent show. And I'm hoping NBC is well aware of that too.

As for Paxton, it was just something about her that irked me. I hated her at fist, grew to like her, but not enough for me to want her to stay on the show. I'm a huge fan of Cabot, and I want her back. She's amazing, especially when she was on Conviction. And to those that might be Cabot fans, you should really check that show out, especially the last two episodes. I really wish it didn't get cancelled.

Anonymous said...

I think that Diane Neal should make a comeback to SVU too (with Cabot even).

Maybe Cabot could talk to the state bar to convince them to rehire Novak.

I'm warming up Hardwicke though in some capacity.

But SVU tonight is not SVU's best though, sorry to say.

Anonymous said...

I love it when Olivia and Fin work together. Elliot could have stayed where he was at. I'm glad the E/oi shippers are pissed as well. Elliot's married and he knows Olivia doesn't want him or any other man.

Anonymous said...

im glad law and order lovers are pissed too. no adas taking cases before a jury for svu anymore.

nygma619 said...

Ugghhh, why are people judging this show, or this episode for this matter on whether Jack McCoy (Sam Waterson) appears or not? I mean if you want to hate the episode for other reasons that pertain to the episode, fine. But hating it for Jack McCoy no appearing is naive.

Now I like Jack McCoy as much as everyone else on this site. But if everyone seems to think that getting Sam to appear on the show is something that's as easy to do as Neal Baer or NBC snapping their fingers, I've got some ocean front property to sell you in the midwest. The guy has his own life you know, and I haven't heard anything from him about whether he wants to appear on SVU or not. The last anyone has seen of him is him reading Stephen Colbert's poem @ The Rally to Restore Sanity.

If it's any consolation, SVU AT LEAST hasn't just done away with him upfront. And used another name for a new district attorney. Probably so they could go either way continuity wise.
I want to see Jack appear as DA on SVU, but I'd rather that creative NOT get themselves in to a bind and write checks that their asses can't cash. THINK ABOUT IT, if they mention Jack McCoy by name, but can't get him to appear, ya'll are just gonna be disappointed in them not delivering.

Mentioning "the district attorney" without mentioning Jack McCoy by name may not be ideal, but it's the right way to go.

Esaul said...

I don't see anyone saying they hate an episode because Jack isn't in it. That's not the case at hand. Jack's just been an iconic figure in the franchise since his appearance. He didn't get a proper departure from the show like S. Epatha Merkerson did. He may not have said anything about wanting a guest star appearance on SVU, but at the same time, he never said he wanted to be done with the franchise either. I think it's just a coincidence that his hasn't been mentioned. The thing in the past was, if they brought in one of the actors from the other L&O shows, they would have to pay them regular pay that they would normally get, even if it is for a few seconds, one of the reasons why we didn't get a lot of crossovers. I'm not sure how that would play out right now, since Waterston doesn't have a contract anymore with the show. I'm not ruling out a possibility for him to return, but I'm not holding my breath. Waterston just brings a certain quality to the franchise, more than any of the other EDA/ADA/DA's we have seen thus far, and for me, the only one who comes anywhere close to McCoy is Cutter.

I would love to see Neal return as Novak, that would be interesting to see. What are the odds of that happening? Slim to none at best.

Anonymous said...

nygma619, not necessarily we've seen SVU do more with less.

Neal knows that SVU fans see McCoy still being the DA. The basis of the episode SHOULD have included either McCoy or as someone else said ADA Hardwicke, one of the two.

Speaking of money, I guess it costs to much to add Sagemiller to the open credits/cast gathering (BD Wong is not in the gathering either, but in the oc's).

To me the episode itself was a bit lacking. I couldn't really get into the episode tonight UNTIL they killed off Paxton (which disappointed me).

If her character needed to be off, there are better ways to send off characters. Paxton could have gone too far in the case and risked her career trying to catch that scum.

With the L&O writers lately, it makes me wonder if Winters or Stanton will die on LOLA.

I think fans could write better episodes of SVU/LOLA than the people paid to write them.

I actually wish NBC would MOVE SVU from Wed. to Tue. (Still at 10PM), I think it performed better (not much competition with The Good Wife). Because I even forgot today (yesterday now) WAS Wednesday.

But as for SVU Pursuit, not SVU worse; but not it's best either. it's one of those 50/50 episodes.

jet said...

i agree Diane Neal should make an SVU comeback. She still talks about the SVU role and still talks to SVU fans on twitter so who knows?

Esaul said...

Ideally, moving SVU to Tuesday would be NBC's smartest move, scheduling wise. The Good Wife's a sophomore show and its ratings haven't been as good as the first season's, from what I understand. And it's better for SVU as well, because CM:SB's lead in is CM, and CM is doing quite well as of late, as I keep saying. I don't think Sagemiller's gonna be in the credits for quite some time, who knows if she'll even last beyond this season. It took a while for Wong to get added to the credits.

Maybe Neal can make a reappearance, I wasn't aware she still talks about the show, since I don't have twitter or anything like that. It would be really interesting after her departure, which I find surprising and depressing.

nygma619 said...

"I think fans could write better episodes of SVU/LOLA than the people paid to write them."

I find it funny that people like in places like here, like to say this stuff, but some have NO IDEA of the kinds of things that go in to the writing of this show or any show.

Esaul said...

I actually agree with that statement. I was curious about how one would get into the WGA, and that alone seems like a lot, let alone writing scripts for twenty some odd episodes. I know I find myself wanting to be a writer for a tv show. I mean, the writers put a lot of time and effort into writing these episodes, good or bad. Sure, it seems easy enough, but we're not really grasping what really goes on behind the scenes. And addition to that, they also do research on top of the writing. So yeah, do I find myself thinking I could write an episode better than them, sure I do, who really hasn't before on one show or another? Realistically, do I believe I can, not currently, no I do not. We may not like every episode they make for us, but kudos to them all the same for their hard work.

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed the episode a lot, however I'm extremely disappointed that they decided to kill off Sonya Paxton. That was completely unnecessary and felt like a cheap way of getting Olivia upset so that her prince charming Elliot could come and comfort her. Like Marla said, why not a coma or something similar? Instead they had to go and kill off the one ADA I really enjoyed since the start of season 10. So we're stuck with an ADA that the writers can't make up their minds on who will inevitably turn into a Casey clone. Yay.

Sorry if that sounds overly bitter.

daniel said...

I can't believe they killed off ADA Paxton it's such a low move especially with all the problems she's been through. The episode was ok nothing special. Thanks for the recap[ all things.

Anonymous said...

I love all episode that have a lot of Benson and especially the ones that have Benson and Fin working as partners. I admit I wasn't looking forward to this one, though, because of all the hype but I was pleasntly surprised. It was well written and a great improvement over last weeks crap episode. The acting was good and Paxtons murder was a surprise. SVU has forgotten how to surprise it's viewers so this episode was great.

And if any character needs to return that is Cabot. If Stephanie March decides to return the ratings will go through the roof.

Anonymous said...

I especially loved the NON-SEXUAL hug between Benson and Stabler. It's amazing how easily Neal Baer can pull the EO shippers strings. Mariska has said no to EO and Dick Wolf has been saying it for years. The only one teasing about is Baer and not because it will happen but because he needs the ratings. After last nights episode maybe the EO shippers will realize it will never happen and the show can get back on track.

xfool said...

I liked this episode too. Finally some real drama. while I wish Chrisine Lahti would have been a permanent fixture, since she's landed a CBS pilot ("Doctors?") I can see where it may be time to cut the SVU ties. Borgia's death on L&O was more graphic but Lahti's ran a close second to a character death in the L&O universe.

Debra Messing was a little stiff but at the end that paid off for her as that coldness kept her from totally losing it in the final scene.

I don't know why some of you are so upset about Jack McCoy not being mentioned on the show. When they found the bodies, they were in Staten Island and Paxton called the Staten Island DA. It was proper protocol. Let's be real here, having Sam appear would probably cost lost of $$$ and if the series can barely show regular cast member Richard Belzer, why would they pay all that $$$ to Waterston for maybe just one or two scenes? I love the mothership but don't have to have those characters show up in SVU. It's also unfair to judge SVU based on having a L&P character in it or even mentioned in it. It also costs more $$$ to sign someone in a permanent ADA spot rather than a recurring character. The show is trying to save money, after all, their ratings are not what they used to be.

The hug WAS overblown but that was more on the part of the E/O shippers and Neal Baer probably jumped at the chance to capitalize on it.

Anonymous said...

Doctor 441- I think that's your name,even though Munch was nonexistent in Pursuit last night, Fin actually did express outrage that the NoP show was 'doctoring the videotapes" to make the so-called 'perverts' caught no tape appear more guilty through editing.I think SVU do this frequently- they just switch out characters so all opinions on the matter are being expressed onscreen.
I for one am sorry to see ADA Paxton meet such a gruesome untimely end.Christine L. brought so much to this role- her alcoholism, her vulnerability. CL is a superb actress,has many awards to prove it in other roles.. I found it so refreshing to see a seasoned actress as an ADA on the L&O franchise.It's always struck me that the previous actresses were always chosen only for their beauty, and their ages were almost incomprehensible.I did like Diane Neal a great deal as Casey,however.
I thought the scene w/ Benson discovering a mortally wounded Sonya was so well done and had just the right amount of horror/despair. I think Benson had very ambivalent feelings toward Sonya.On the one hand,Sonya was this ball-bustin hardcore ADA, on the other a very flawed human being whom reminded Benson a great deal of her own deceased alcoholic mother..Sonya will be missed...RIP..

Esaul said...

Again, no one is really "upset" because Jack isn't mentioned. I mean, I for one haven't even seen the episode yet, I'm just enjoying the conversation itself. I, among others, would just like to see Jack. Especially since it's not mentioned (and I'm assuming that he still is) if he's still EDA. The show is generally set to our current time, so that would mean that Jack would still be the EDA until election time, although I don't know how many years someone is a EDA, like if it's every year someone's elected, every couple of years, etc. And I'm not sure how much it would cost Waterston to guest star in an episode, that part is unclear. Since he doesn't have a contract, that probably doesn't mean he would get full pay, like how Benjamin Bratt appeared for a small scene in the last season, they were able to do that, despite the show's ratings. And as for ratings, the worst ratings overall for the show was really last year, other than that the show hasn't been doing THAT bad, at least compared to the mothership. Again, it's just an ideal wish that some of us have to see him in an episode, since he's been part of the franchise for so so long. Hell, his character's been on the show longer than my brother's been alive, which is pretty crazy to think about. xD I know I wish he had a proper farewell from the franchise because of that, before Cutter had joined the cast, I believe Waterston appeared in 333 episodes in a row, which is a lot. Pointless and irrelevant to the conversation, but still. Anyway, I know I wouldn't view an episode good or bad just because he isn't in it, because really he hasn't really been a part of the show, and has been seen only a few times, and once as the EDA. How many times have we seen Fred Thompson speak with Stephanie March? That's all.

Anonymous said...

An Emmy winning Episode? What were you watching. I thought Debra Messing should stick to comedy she had one expression and delivered her lines in a monotone. Killing Paxton was a mistake she's really been the only interesting addition to this show lately. I was bored and the story was just mediocre. They've lost the grit and excitement somewhere along the way.

Esaul said...

As I predicted, Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior did quite well for its premiere, not losing that many viewers from its parent show, bringing in a 3.3 rating. SVU on the other hand fell 15% from last week, with a 2.2 rating.

Ittakes1 said...

This was an excellent episode. Why don't some of you anonymous people get a google ID and post with your screen names so we can see how often you make negative comments? I think there are some people who just aren't happy with anything.

Sure some of the recent episodes have been bad. This one actually delivered some drama. My personal opinion is that SVU has been catering to teenage viewers and a lot of the episodes have suffered for it. If you take away the silly hype over the E/O hugging scene, this episode was as good as they said it was.

I am sorry to say that if SVU doesn't get renewed I may not miss it. They need more good episodes like this and less of the bad that we saw over the past several weeks. They are losing the serious viewers - the adults that watch for the story.

Anonymous said...

The biggest problem with this episode is the same one that so many other episodes have had lately. The writers have squeezed what should have been two episodes into one. There is no time to go into any depth with too many story lines.
There should have been an episode just about a reporter going after predators because her sister was taken. Her doctored footage of the crime screws up the trial (yes, a trial). She defends her actions saying the ends justify the means.
In the followup episode the detectives use the technologies that weren't available 25 years ago to work on the cold case. They find a pattern to the killings. They catch the killer but no confession. The reporter has to settle for the guy going to jail without proof that her sister was one of his victims.

Anonymous said...

Why kill off ADA Paxton? Christine Lahti was a good addition to SVU after losing Diane Neal. This episode was better than the ones in recent weeks for two reasons.

Reason#1: Christine Lahti returned as ADA Paxton.

Reason#2: Olivia was partnered with Fin.

This is Law and Order, right. So, why aren't they showing justice being served?

I love Olivia and Fin, they're my favorites on the show.

If I could have thing my way Elliot would remain in Quantica, Virginia. That would be my way of getting rid of Chris Meloni and a reason to add Michael Chiklis to the SVU team.

Anonymous said...

TV Guide seemed to like the episode too:

Anonymous said...

I liked Paxton and am sad to see her go. Normally like Debra Messing but I don't think drama was her thing or if the part was written badly. She seemed way too stiff or something. I think it might have been a better episode with a lesser known actress.

Fin is ok in small doses but he is not a very good actor. He has one expression on his face no matter the situation entails.

Anonymous said...

Daemon's take on this episode is spot on.

Esaul said...

Meh. I don't like the reviewer at all. It's one thing to review an episode and to say you don't like it, but it's another to be way too critical, and just plain harsh. I'll stick to this site, personally.

Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous February 17, 2011 3:09

Fin's a cop, he doesn't get all emotional like Liv. This guys has seen it all, remember he use to work NARC. Fin came from the streets. He's probably seen friends get gunned down or cut open like a fish.

I think Ice-T's portrayal of Fin is on point.

Overall a good episode. Sad to see Sonya Paxton go....On a scale I'll give last night episode 8/10.

Anonymous said...

Fin might have seen it all but I think having a co-worker dying in front of you should at least elicit a reaction. He has the same frown for every emotion.

I like Ice-T and he brings an interesting element to the show but he is not leading man material. Refer to "Anchor" if you need clarification.

I thought the episode was OK but still flawed. They once again tried to cram too much into one episode.

Esaul said...

@Linda - I got a news feed on my facebook from Wolf Films talking about LOLA and filming, so at least that is still going on. I would expect it to come back in a couple of weeks, at least I'm praying.

Anonymous said...

@Esaul I think LOLA will likely return next month after sweeps. (It may wind up pushing SVU back an hour, which suits me fine. I liked when SVU/LOLA were back to back).

As for Pursuit, it wasn't something I was jumping up and down on my couch about. I thought this episode was rushed myself. We needed more info on the Harding sisters lives and how the kidnapper came into their lives. Too much snappy drama, not enough detail.

I AM a little a pissed at Neal Baer however for making hints all over his twitter about EO and the episode being a complete surprise/shock. SVU has had more shocking episodes that what I saw last night. (People's 1: seasons 2-6)

And as for Anonymous commenter's: I DO have a GoogleID, but I think it's my business if I prefer to use it to comment or not.

Finally: NOBODY is pissed at Pursit because of a missing DA Jack McCoy. SVU fans are just used to seeing the DA at random times (look at Fred Thompson, DA Branch). I think since Sam's out of L&O he'd be getting a basic guests pay, plus extra. It'd be NICE if SVU could bring him in on certain cases. Even though there really is no point since SVU has nixed the courtroom scenes for open-endings.

The last court scenes I enjoyed from SVU was "Lead", "Zebras", "Hammered", and "Hardwired". The recent others either are just showing bail/pre trial (and something stupid happens) or we don't get one at all in the episodes.

I actually do wish SVU didn't get renewed. I could care less. At least LOLA/UK still follow the L&O genre. I don't expect CI too. Or SVU anymore.

Esaul said...

CI is done for, no matter how this season ends. That was the deal with USA.

I finally watched the episode, and I think out of all the episodes this season thus far, I think it is an Emmy worthy episode. This is the one time I absolutely love Paxton, and I love her remark to Olivia asking her how long she looked for the guy who raped her mom. Fin was actually quite enjoyable in this episode. I like Olivia working with someone else for a change, it's refreshing, a different tone to the episode. I loved his comment about he'd watch Olivia's back rather than her backside. I wish Fin would partner up with Munch again though. Good times. I'm actually indifferent about Paxton dying, it helped further the episode. I didn't find it too quick at all, although I do wish there was court scenes.

Kel from Hell said...

I think the Paxton death could have been avoided. There were other ways to progress the story other than killing her. The writer took the cheap way out. I would have loved to seen Christine Lahti come back again as Paxton (if SVU got renewed).

Someone mentioned fans should write episodes. And someone mentioned research.

It actually doesn't take much research IF: you've watched all episodes of L&O/SVU; you can peice a dramatic episode together (unless you're going for twists/turns like SVU, if just an episode on different types of murders like L&O/L&O: LA you can do it without research).

jenbob67 said...

I was disappointed Paxton died too! I liked her character a lot and it feels like a real waste :(

I thought the ep was good, I agree that more about Paxton in the end (eg a funeral or something) would have been good.

I would never call myself a shipper, but when the show was frequently trying to set up this sexual tension between them (namely in seasons 8/9 etc) then I would have liked them to get together, but they seem to be moving away from that now. Which is fine. But it annoys me because it's all just a big tease and people should come to the sad realisation that it will never happen, no matter how much anybody wants it. I just wish they'd stop playing everyone and throwing EO subplots into storylines if it's never going to go anywhere.

Jojo said...

Paxton has been hot and cold for me throughout (as has Christine Lahti's performances), so while it would have been nice to see her occasionally making guest spots, I'm not overly fussed about it. One downside is that it means the only ADA we have around is Hardwicke who has not been growing on me at all.

Debra Messing was very stiff.

I liked the hug - like ATL&O said, it was one between two very close friends consoling each other. I'm not a "shipper", but I do appreciate the closeness that they share as friends.

And I'm going to disagree with the masses here - I don't like McCoy and I don't want to see him. To be honest though, I haven't watched that much of the mothership but from what I've seen, McCoy annoys me like no other.

mikefnlogan said...

Probably the best SVU of the season thus far. I don't watch the previews or do a whole lot of homework on the episodes beforehand so I didn't even know Lahti was gonna be in this one, let alone die in it.

I actually don't miss the courtroom scenes too much. I think they brought the plot to a dead halt, since they have their perp, there's no mystery left, it's just a matter of if a jury will convict him (although it's always cool to see Ned Eisenberg, not many do the douchebag defense attorney better than him). A lot of SVU's best episodes have no trial scenes, I think people are just raising that issue because season 12 has been subpar and they need a scapegoat.

Esaul said...

Gasp! Someone not liking McCoy? Please tell me my eyes deceive me! xD I love McCoy, he's my favorite character in the L&O universe, I've admired him since I was in middle school, and he's the reason why I wanted to become a lawyer, despite the fact that he's fictional >.> Which also can give a pretty decent hint of my age at the same time. xD

Yeah, the hug was a nice hug, not really that big deal at all. I mean, they just lost a co-worker, so that's a natural reaction. Maybe there's a reason why the writer's wrote off Sonya, maybe the actress didn't want to return? Though, I doubt that's the case. The show's a drama though, death of certain characters is to be expected.

And yes, research is required for the show, it's more than just writing the plot. At least, it took more research in the previous seasons when there was court scenes. I was reading about it once before, saying how they want to be as close to the facts as they can be with the laws and what not. That has been needed less and less, as we've discussed how few court scenes we've had. My favorite one as of yet was when the judge was questioning Cragen about his team, I don't remember what episode it was sadly, or what it was about, if anyone remembers, that would be great. And quite honestly, fans would be the worst people to write an episode, at least the general fans who started Baer with this whole shipper business.

With LOLA, the same thing I mentioned applies, the research for the court scenes and the laws. That's something the show's known for, being close to the truth as they can be. They're not gonna go and try something far'fetched with the law. It's like when Novak violated Brady's Law (I believe that was it), she failed to mention something to the defense, I believe, and as a result she lost her license to practice for like a year (again I believe). How many people would know something like that at the top of their head without research? I know I didn't, and I know I found myself looking up Brady's Law as soon as the episode was over, so I could learn what it was about. But again, it seems less research is needed.

Also, an afterthought from the episode. I get that Harding was the victim and all, but why the hell wasn't she arrested for obstructing justice, not once, but twice? The first time, when she black mailed the police, she should've been sitting right in the jail cell for trying to rail road the police. I know if you or I tried pulling a stunt like that in real life, we'd be sitting in a cell. And also, when she filmed the crime scene, and taunting the perp, she should've been once again arrested for that, especially since that's hell of a lot more serious of a crime than her black mailing the police. Again, I understand she's the victim, but it bothers me she wasn't arrested. All because someone's a victim, that doesn't mean they should get immunity. :|

Anonymous said...

The episode where the judge talks to Cragen was Bullseye. The beating the defendant received in the holding cell at the station was the reason the judge gave for releasing him on bail.
And Novak was disbarred for a Brady violation. That is from a US Supreme Court ruling in Brady v. Maryland that requires the prosecution to turn over all materials to the defense that could be exculpatory. The Brady law is a federal law instituting federal background checks for firearms purchases. And Novak did not lose her license for a year. She was disbarred from the practice of law. In New York, she can't petition for readmission for 7 years with no guarantee that her petition will be granted.

Research is really is important. But it is something the current writers do not do well. They make the most mistake in law, but they screw up plenty of other subjects as well.

Esaul said...

Oops. Okay my memory sucks xD. But yeah, research is important, 'cause clearly I can't remember that kinda stuff on my own, mixing up Brady Law and Violation. But thanks for that. And I don't know why I thought she couldn't practice for a year, wistful thinking I suppose. But yeah, I gotta learn to watch the episodes more than once. xD But again thanks. The writers haven't done much research lately like they used to, and they really need more court room scenes again, the show has proven to do quite well with court room drama, and it can bring a lot of twists and turns.

Anonymous said...

You think Novak was only going to be suspended for a year because that is what Judge Donnelly told her would happen to her at the end of Cold.

NCIS LOVER said...

I want my courtroom scenes back on SVU. That the only reason I watched.

Chris Meloni and Mariska Hargitay aren't the center of SVU, I don't care what anyone says. As long as SVU goes back to season 4 I could do without Elliot and Olivia.

I hope when Baer leaves SVU will go back to the procedure and not this 'hearsay' sh*t.

I think people are just raising the E/O issue because season 12 has been sub par and they need a scapegoat.

Esaul said...


Ahh okay. Thank you. ^_^'

And I agree, they're not the center of the show, as it's been made out to be as of late. Again, I love how Olivia's been working with Fin here and there, it's a different pace and it's refreshing. I love all the characters, but I want them to go back to where all four detectives worked a case.

Esaul said...

Well I re-watched the episode and I guess my memory wasn't THAT bad. She was suspended for a year or more, I don't believe it was said she was being disbarred for that.

And on a quick unrelated side note, apparently EW thinks TBJ is one of the worst spin offs on TV...,,20339290,00.html#20731292

1st. Sgt. Mak D. McLaine said...

I actually like(d) TBJ. The only reason it failed is because Jerry Orbach passed on.

Which is why I hate when they make shows to fit for one specific star. Like they've done LOLA for Skeet Ulrich. But I think Alfred Molina can keep the series held up pretty good.

But I think (after seeing Sylmar, Ballona Creek, & Hondo Field) I'm beginning to understand why the Joe Dekker character is in his own right. Wolf and the gang aren't exactly trying to create another EADA Ben Stone/Jack McCoy/Mike Cutter, they're trying to create an LA Sr. DDA whose 'been there-done that' and some other things.

Joe Dekker is the next prosecutor who we've seen NOT having anything in common with other L&O prosecutors. Ben Stone, Jack McCoy, Abbie Carmichael, Alex Cabot, Claire Kincaid, Casey Novak, Ron Carver, and now Joe Dekker are the ONLY ORIGINAL created L&O prosecutors. The others seem to just follow in there precedors footsteps sooner or later.

I'm beginning to see an ADA Cabot/Novak mix in ADA Hardwicke on SVU. ADA Kent on CI seemed like a female-equal of Ron Carver. And the L&O ADAs well, Serena Southerlyn was more likeable IMO when she was about to 'roll out'.

But as for Terrence Howard himself. Damn good actor, but he seems to overdo it at times. But I don't mind him (or Molina as a cop) being in every episode. Damn good cast if you ask me.

I think original LOLA fans are pissed because Alana De La Garza is coming in to appease original mothership fans. Again, makes for a damn good cast!


Esaul said...

Yup. I agree with you 100% on the TBJ. I love having it focus on just the trial itself instead of having to split it half and half, or just not have a court scene at all. And as of late, that's what's been going on with SVU, having it focus on Meloni and Hargitay, making it seem like they're the life of the show. Everyone seems to think that if they leave, the show's over. At least with TBJ's case, Jerry Orbach was a great actor, and it's understandable that the ratings sharply fell.

The cast in general has always been great on LOLA, it's just a weird mesh, either it's the writing, or the actors just don't have the right vibe compared to their other roles. I've seen Terrance Howard in a couple movies, probably like one really, and I liked him in it. I'm also thoroughly pleased Alana de La Garza's coming on board, I love her to death. But yeah completely irrelevant.

And are you really a soldier as your name suggests? If so, I just want to thank you for what you're doing or have done for the country.

Anonymous said...

Wow, so I'm sitting here reading all these negative comments wondering why people even bother to watch the show at all if you hate it so much. If all anyone is going to do is trash talk svu, why waste your time watching it. And a little advice for those of you who believe there is nothing more than friendship between Liv and El or that Olivia's a lesbian, get your eyes and ears checked and while you're at it, get your brain checked too! Its obvious to see that Elliot and Olivia love each other far more than as just friends. If you have watched episodes like fault, spooked, infiltrated, philidelphia, florida, wrath, blinded, fat, web, paternity, etc, you would know that! So if after watching those episodes you still believe they are not in love, GET HELP!!!! I seem to be one of very few people who actually enjoyed this episode!

ousimph said...

You get help.

Look at E/O and G/E (L/B)! For YEARS there has been a rivialry on this! SVU fans/CI fans.

Leave it ALL alone! No G/E or E/O!

Damn some you all need a brain check! From the civilians watch the shows to the military men!

It's dumb TV shows! Grow up man! I hope SVU does get canceled for this reason. Leave the 'luvvy-dubby' to the fan-fictionists!

kasey said...


Now I think we as a fanbase (E/O, F/O, M/O, E/K, E/G, & A/O shippers, die-hard L&O/SVU fans, and certain actor/actress fans) all have one thing in common: we love SVU (for what ever reason).

We ALL are entitled to our opinions and I think at times we do go overboard especially w/ the 'E/O-ness' and the 'strict procedure-ness'.

It IS just a tv drama. I understand being a dedicated fan for whatever reason and offering opinion, but if the show isn't to your liking to some point week-after-week, why not just tune out?

And to fans who do like the show and brag about shipping/bringing in/out previous/future characters - STOP going to Neal Baer on Twitter/Facebook/SVU Prod. blog and screaming at him to make Elliot fall for Liv/Bring back Alex Cabot (for her to fall in love with Liv).

1: He's gonna lead fans on!
2: He's not going to do it!
3: He's leaving SVU after episode 12x24 and he's already said the episode will be nothing spectacular, so don't expect E/O or A/O!

Lately all it seems is SVU fans pissed off at Neal Baer/Wolf/others because the show isn't strict enough, there is no court scenes, or there is no E/O or A/O!

Let the man (Neal Baer and even Dick Wolf) have SOME peace!

No complaints about seasons 1/(2-7)/8 why are SVU fans complaining now? Even E/O fans!

SVU fans are getting to be at war with each other (here and at other websites/message boards/social networks) and it's STUPID!

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with you, kasey. This whole SVU shipper war is getting out of control. I blame Neal Baer for that. The minute he got on Twitter he started teasing EO fans and AO fans. The L&O shows have never been character driven and Olivia's sexuality was always ambiguous. That gave her even more sex appeal and made her a badass. Neal Baer should have left well enough alone. He started this whole mess and now SVU is paying the price and so are the fans that just want SVU to become a police procedural again.

Everybody has a right to believe what they want. Personally, I never saw anything romantic at all on this show. There are EO fans and AO fans and fans that see chemistry between Huang and Elliot or Cragen and Elliot. I don't care, just as long as they are not trying to force their ideas on me. I just want SVU to become what it was during seasons 1-6. And bringing back Stephanie March would be great, too.

Anonymous said...

If you were paying attention to Donnelly's statement in Cold, all she told said was what she thought would happen to Casey.It wasn't her decision to make. But given all the other things Casey had done wrong, I wasn't surprised with the disbarment. McCoy had already threatened her with losing her license in Blinded. If the Bar Association committee heard about everything Casey had done, suspension wouldn't have been likely.

smurf fan 99 said...

SVU is crazy: so blame Neal Baer? - Yes!

SVU fans rarely talk about guest stars and how crazy they acted in an SVU episode anymore too! Mostly it's about EO now or bringing back Cabot and/or Novak.

I'm glad Neal Baer is out. I asked him why did SVU's 'flavor' change, he didn't reply. When I told him "E/O" he replied with a ":)"

I swear, all I typed was "E/O" nothing else. So I've been feeding Neal Baer out a 'long handled SVU spoon'. I stopped following him and the people I considered E/O shippers. There are even videos on YouTube i.e. "EO Shipping for Dummies" that blame Dick Wolf for lack of EO on SVU; it's really stupid if you ask me.

SVU fans can get together and blame Wolf/Neal for E/O and yet they are the same ones who complain SVU isn't what it used to be. You can't go for EO AND say SVU sucks because of EO (or even a lack of it).

I hate fan wars in the L&O brand. I wish SVU would get canceled after this season too. I feel the next show runner will try to follow in Baer's footsteps. I wish Mariska was show runner (or just a producer/executive producer):

less EO and more crime.

smurf fan 99 said...

And I saw the NBC promo for SVU tommorrow night, I'll be watching something else!

Anonymous said...

E/O and A/O no freaking way. I say it's Melinda and Olivia. Melivia all the way, baby...LMAO.

Wednesday's Child said...

I just found this site last night during an SVU marathon on the Ion channel. I needed to clarify something and found your site during a Google search, and spent the rest of the evening reading recaps here of the episodes while I watched. As a lazy blogger myself, I am extremely impressed with the amount of work you've put into this site! Thanks for taking the time to make this available as a companion to the show.

Chris Zimmer said...

@Wednesday'sChild - you are very welcome! Glad it was a help to you!