Friday, February 18, 2011

Law & Order SVU “Spectacle” Behind The Scenes Videos

From Wolf Films, here are some behind the scenes videos and and an interview with guest star Spencer Treat Clark from Law & Order SVU “Spectacle.” (Check out one of the settings in the first behind the scenes video – one of the walls looks like the Law & Order court room.)

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Anonymous said...

"Spectacle" was the WORST episode of this season!

Anonymous said...

No by far "Dirty" was the worst episode of the Season. But there's still time for even worse episodes. The season finales are usually ridiculous.

Anonymous said...

No, I believe "Spectacle" was the worst of the season. "Dirty" was equally terrible but at least it was fun in a campy kind of way. Spectacle was just plain stupid and boring. But yeah, the season isn't over and at the rate they are going we might get even worst episodes.