Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Jamie Bamber Likely To Exit L&O UK For NBC Pilot?

TVLine.com is reporting that Jamie Bamber is taking a role in Ron Moore’s (Battlestar Galactica) NBC pilot “17th Precinct”. Several sources report that this means Jamie will be leaving Law & Order UK. Bad news for Law & Order UK fans, but hopefully we’ll get to see plenty more of Jamie in the new series. You can read TVLine’s full story here:
Exclusive: Jamie Bamber Reunites with Battlestar Boss Ron Moore for NBC's Precinct

Update:  "!7th Precinct" was not picked up by NBC or any other network and there have been no announcements as yet regarding any change in his status with Law & Order UK.

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Alan said...

That really is too bad. My wife and I just recently started watching L&O UK in reruns. We like as much as, if not better than, the original L&O. He will be missed.

moviegoer said...

So another "hero" of us leaves the series!!! I want to see how it will happen! I liked the way James Steel "left us", even if I'll miss him. :)

gahks said...

Yes that is too bad. I enjoyed the interplay between him and Bradley Walsh on the show. Will be missed.

I'd suggest Oliver Chris as a replacement... equally dashing I have to say! He has quite a lengthy CV including the sitcom 'Green Wing' and the BBC forensic drama 'Silent Witness'. I'd like to see him take on a more challenging role. He'd be an interesting pairing with Bradley Walsh.