Friday, February 18, 2011

Law & Order SVU Russian TV Promo

I was cleaning up some of my older video files and found this Law & Order SVU promo for Russian television from around 2008-2009. (I wish I could understand what the person in the voice over was saying.) Here it is – enjoy!

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Andrei said...

Do you hear?
Do you see?
They are coming.
New season of Law & Order: SVU on tuesday.

All Things Law and Order said...

Thanks for the quick translation!

Anonymous said...

Ummmmmm interesting and kind of odd-what were they so happy about that they'd burst into laughter?LOL.Very uncharacteristic!

Anonymous said...

All Things Law and Order:

This is OT but have you heard when "law & order: la" will make a comeback? I heard in March.

iHeartU said...

aww MH's laugh is adorable!!
Isn't it funny how they could've delivered the message in 20 secs, yet they make a 60 sec promo??

All Things Law and Order said...

LOLA was rumored to be returning in March but NBC has not released anything official as yet!