Friday, October 29, 2010

Law & Order SVU “Gray” Episode Information

Here are the details from NBC for a new November Law & Order SVU episode titled “Gray”:

Law & Order SVU “Gray” Air Date November 17, 2010 (9PM ET/8C Wednesday NBC)


Detective Stabler (Meloni) goes to his daughter Kathleen's (guest star Allison Siko) university to discuss rape prevention at a Take Back the Night rally. When a girl from the crowd accuses another student of rape, Stabler and Detective Benson (Hargitay) are assigned the case. What emerges are conflicting accounts and fiery accusations without substantial evidence to back them up. To complicate matters further, ADA Paxton (guest star Christine Lahti) returns to prosecute the case, and Kathleen oversteps her bounds, which could land her and her father in hot water. Also starring: Ice-T, Richard Belzer, Dann Florek and Tamara Tunie.

My recap and review of Law & Order SVU "Gray" can be found at this link.

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Dalton said... Just wow.

Anonymous said...

I won't be watching. I'm tired of the 'Stabler family' drama, it was fine in the 4th thru 7th/8th seasons but in recent seasons it just makes me mad to see the Stalber's (especially Gilles as Kathy Stabler).

I won't be watching SVU: Trophy either. No Benson family drama either.

I guess LOLA will be my best bet those nights.

RAN said...

All Things, I know this is not the subject but I have a question, have you saw the 3 original Law & Order episodes "D-Girl", "Turnaround", and "Showtime" that made up a Season 7 trilogy? IMO, those episodes did a great job of showcasing LA better that LOLA has done so far, your thoughts on them?

All Things Law and Order said...

Yes, I saw those three episodes several time and think they were some of L&O's best. Not sure they did a better job of getting the look of LA, but they certainly got the feel of the people out there!

clifton said...

Back on topic: I WON'T be watching "Grey" either.

I was done with "Stabler family drama" after "Turmoil", they basically wrote the episode to turn Dickie again Elliot Sr.

As for the Maria Bello episode(s): more idk. It looks good (Trophy) but if it's like Simon Marsden (who we haven't seen since 8x22, Screwed) I won't be tuning in, LOLA neither.

And Christin Lahti was another Sharon Stone to me, just funnier.

Anonymous said...

I'm not watching. I'd watch if Kathy/Kathleen weren't in it! Eli would be okay since he's a toddler! And where is the girl who played Stabler's eldest, Maureen? Last heard of her was she was going off to college/possible marriage. I'd like to see her back.

Why is Lahti returning, where is Melissa Sagemiller?

Spierop said...

Lahti is supposedly a guest. Sagemiller was said by JSCasting (Jon Strauss) on Twitter that Sagemiller is staying the whole season.

The eldest Stabler is IDK. And IDK if I'll watch "Grey".

I'll watch "Trophy" though. And LOLA seems to be about 'Tom Nelson killing a baby'.

Mallory said...

Well I will be watching because a talented friend of mine, Jen Ponton also happens to be in this episode as a guest star. You may recognize her as the ice-cream shoppe girl who screams FRAJJJJEEERRR! it. Cause she rules.

nygma619 said...

Well on a positive note, it will be nice to see Christine Lahti again, I wonder how she's been doing since her little incident in court?
I didn't hate Sonya Paxton as much as others did. I was annoyed with her at first, but once she showed that she had a soul in "Solitary" I warmed up to her more.

I'm not looking forward to another helping of Stabler drama, Last year it was only one episode dealing with his family problems, if they have to do it again, might as well make it like the prostate exam of the season and get it over with. Then again Stabler's been written alot more calm than usual this season, so I wouldn't mind if the writers could surprise us by using their wits.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if this show will have the courage to mention Jack McCoy, given that Paxton did several times last year when she was on. Or will SVU writers continue to mention the mysterious "DA" and not mention the key character by name?

Anonymous said...

Paxton was great, I'm bummed that she's likely going to get around 5 minutes of screen time sandwiched between Stabler/Kathy crap.

I wonder if Kathleen 'overstepping her bounds' = assault or attempted murder (or something bigger). That would be hilarious.

Ness said...

Well... I SO will be watching cus one of my favorite actresses Keona Welch will also be guest starring in this episode. She's sooo cool and cute. And such a good actor. Not just another pretty face. Definitely one of the best new actresses out there right now. I will totally be watching.

nygma619 said...

According to Baer, Paxton and Stabler are supposed to have some sort of confrontation, so I don't think Christine Lahti's screentime is gonna be just 5 minutes.

Amaya said...

Stabler and Paxton are going to "confront" because Kathleen is a friggin' idiot. How many times has Elliot been involved in a case he wasn't supposed to be near? She's just doing the same. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

I think this will be the first episode I purposely skip over. I'll probably end up reading ATLAO's recap, though, just in case I miss one redeeming quality of "Gray".

Nikki said...

Why is it ALWAYS Kathleen? Not that I'm a fan of the others but she seems to be the 'Star' child.... What did Maureen and Lizzie evaporate into thin air? Then again i'd rather have Kathleen than the tripp Eli..
I'll watch just because I'm curious who--
---Stabler will be lip locking... I just hope it's not Kathy. I'm happy Paxton is back she is WAYY better than Sharon Stone and I loved the way Christine Lahti portrayed her in the beginning of s11...
Of course, I hope El kisses Liv but I will be fine if he kisses Paxton... As long as it's not kathy I'm good.
Jeez I wish the promo gave more info. They acted as if Paxton coming back was totally normal--These promo-makers shud really watch the ep before they make a promo/:/:

Musnar said...

I'm not watching this episode!

Devin said...

OH YES! Keona Welch. Ive heard of her. She is straight gorgeous yo! Ive seen her in a few things. And it also looks like its going to be a GREAT episode. Will also watch.