Saturday, October 2, 2010

Bradley Walsh Discusses Law & Order UK’s US Premiere (Video)

Get to know a little bit about Bradley Walsh (DS Ronnie Brooks in Law & Order UK) in this September 23, 2010 interview which aired on BBC Breakfast. Bradley discusses Law & Order UK, its airing in the US, and other parts of his interesting career.

Don’t forget – Law & Order UK begins airing in the U.S. on BBC America on Sunday, October 3 and will air on Fridays thereafter (check your local listings). Don’t miss this fine show!

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janethyland said...

He might be promoting it because its doing very badly in the overnight ratings in UK.

This last week it hit an all time low at 3million (12% of audience share). The BBC crime drama New Tricks won the slot with 7.1million (295 audience share),despite the fact football was on and New Tricks had been moved from another night.

To put things in context, other shows did alright on the same night,like watchdog (a factual show)managed 4.7million. Actually factual shows and Natural history have been bringing in big numbers this autumn.

Other crime dramas have kept their numbers,like Midsummer Murders etc. DCI Banks got 5.7million, Spooks and the above mentioned New Tricks,now in its 7th season actually increased its numbers.

However Law and Order UK has been down 1.3million week on week this season,losing the slot to other dramas but also to Natural History shows about tigers.There is some sort of revival going on here with Natural History shows.

I dont think its about the competition, although New Tricks is a problem for them. This downward trend started with their last half season which was pulling low to mid 5 million, compared to the 6 million when it atarted off, so id see it as a progressive trend.

At this rate Law and Order is no better in the ratings than The Bill that it replaced.the Bill was an old cop show of 27years that finished on 5.1 million (21%share).

This is despite the fact Law and Order is strategically placed to pick up the vast Coronation Street audience.

I dont like the UK version. They are rewrites of early Law and Order but they seem designed for a different audience, the coronation street audience i suppose.

I find it a bit insulting to the early law and orders which were so brilliant in the 90's and so original. If i want to watch Law and order id rather watch those originals than the UK rewrites.

Shelly said...

Thanks for sharing the numbers with us. I just wish they were better for L&O UK.

I could be wrong, and maybe someone with a better memory could add to this discussion, but didn't they say when L&O UK was launched that they would start with rewrites and then move on to original scripts? I thought at the very latest, by the middle of the first season, or by now for sure, they'd be on to originals.

Don't get me wrong. I don't really mind seeing the different look on the same topic/story, but I did think they would eventually go to "new" scripts.

Shelly said...

Meant to add - thanks for posting the video All Things. I really enjoy Bradley's portrayal of Brooks. In fact, I really do like the entire cast.

Anonymous said...

I like L & O UK, except for Dr Who's former assistant, who sticks out like the proverbial sore thumb. Unbelievable that it's fairing so badly against complete twaddle like 'New Tricks'.

Anonymous said...

Regarding the viewing figures dont forget they are a little off due to Scotland not showing it (delayed about a month) and it's HD too. Hence why the ITV1 looks lower than normal.