Saturday, October 9, 2010

Law & Order LA “Harbor City” Advance Photos

Here are a few advance photos from Law & Order Los Angeles “Harbor City” which will air on Wednesday, October 13, 2010 at 10PM ET on NBC. The photos feature Skeet Ulrich and Corey Stoll

My recap and review of Law & Order Los Angeles "Harbor City" can be found at this link.

All Photos by Dean Hendler/NBC

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Ivia said...

I want "Law & Order" or "Law & Order: Trial by Jury" back and I don't care from where!!

Dalton said...

Some street action I see!

Maybe this episode won't be as horrible and unwatchable as last week's episode. Just my opinion.

Anonymous said...

You know this show has a lot of potential behind it to be 'like' the original series, but the writers are trying to make L.A. and it's stories seem better/worse than it really is:

There is NO WAY that Mr. Rene Balcer is running this show!

I think Blake Masters is doing most of the show-running; it should be 'developed by: Rene Balcer' and not him. Masters should step down to co-executive producer and Richard Sweren should step up to executive producer instead of co.

That's why fans (me included) only like Stoll, Molina, and Howard; the writing is favoring them: but everyone/everything else, it really makes this show 'anti-Law & Order'.

Also to All Things:

It appears some fans are trying to pull Sam Waterston & Bebe Neuwirth in to a revived Law & Order: TBJ (possibly Ivia above, if I am wrong forgive me).

I don't see why NBC won't do that anyway:

L&O: TBJ - 8PM/7c
L&O: SVU - 9PM/8c
L&O: LA - 10PM/9c

If you ask me that should have been done for the Mothership, CI, and SVU back in 2006-2007, and it should have stayed that way, even until now! You know we wouldn't have LOLA if it weren't for the Mothership being up for cancellation!

I actually like the LOLA concept, but if the writing won't follow suit; it'll wind up like TBJ and canceled after 1 season, God forbid that happening. And I agree with Dalton, this episode "Harbor City" looks promising, I even saw the promo on YouTube and I was shocked when I saw Corey Stoll yelling and waving his Glock; usually he says something funny; "He'd kill his mother for a blurb in US Weekly."

gahks said...

Actually, I agree with you on that one. Sweren and Balcer are both 'L&O' veterans - their experience ought to be rewarded with exec. producer status. Masters hijacking the showrunning might explain the poor quality of the first two episodes.

Sheila said...

My MOM (who saw L&O from day 1 in 1990) asked me who's running LOLA and I told her Balcer. She wanted to argue me down that he wasn't!

And I think she might be write. Call Ed Sherin, Richard Sweren, Fred Berner, and even Michael S. Chernuchin!

Blake Masters is helping to ruin one of the best shows on NBC.

janethyland said...

Blake Masters is credited as the "developer" but his name is only mentioned under 2 episodes.He was the writer and executive producer of Hollywood together with Dick Wolf.

Balcer is credited as executive producer for ALL 8 episodes but his influence is most obvious from episode 2 onwards i think.

He has said in interviews that LOLA will be different from the Mothership stylistically and also it will have more character development...two things he was already developing in LOCI, which is why LOLA has the feel of LOCI in the Mothership format.

Peter Jankowski is credited as executive producer of 3 episodes.

Harbor City was written by Judy McCreary, not McCarthy as I previously recorded.

The two episodes that have Blake masters name are Hollywood and Ballona Creek.Im not sure if they are being shown in the order they were produced.

Richard Sweren and michael Chernuchin are also two of the writers.

As i said before,its a mixture.

Sara said...

I"ll be watching hockey when LOLA airs this week. TiVo will record it and if the reviews and comments on this site warrant, then I'll watch it later. Otherwise, I'll simply push delete.

janethyland said...

NBC seem pleased with LOLA in their press rrelease for last weeks Echo Park.

They report it first in its timeslot,retention rate of over 92%,doing well in all key demos and first in key adult female demo.It is said to be outpacing all new dramas except Hawaii50.

Chase fell to 1.5 this week, The Event to 2.2.Outlaw is the first to be axed with surviving episodes burnt off on Saturdays.I think its demo fell to 1.0.

Clearly other dramas are of more concern to NBC. Meanwhile LOLA can build up its following, something old, something new....

Anonymous said...

The fact that Balcer wants more character development and less story development is one reason LOLA is headed for the tank. It will be hang on for a while because it is doing so much better than Chase, Outlaw (already gone), Undercovers and now the Event, but it will also get the axe come May if theymove away from what made L&O successful and that was NOT the characters, but the stories and then the characters reactions to those stories.

janethyland said...

In the end it was Motherships lack of success in ratings that ended it...despite Balcers revival using effects he developed in LOCI.

Alkl ratings were low last week, even House. Lola has great potential to unite the differences of the franchise.