Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Law & Order LA: René Balcer Talks with Mediaweek

Here’s an interesting interview from Mediaweek with Executive Producer René Balcer about Law & Order Los Angeles. Take note of the comments on the differences in location shooting between NY and LA.

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Anonymous said...

Even Rene seems to think of LOLA as quote: 'L & O with palm trees'. Doesn't exactly make my pulse quicken with anticipation...

janethyland said...

Thanks for this.
One of the few LOLA related videos we can access outside America.

"long tradition of moral mysteries in noir...natural place to come home to"

1995 episode? Vintage years.

Treadmill? No country lanes then.

janethyland said...

Since Balcer mentions the Noir in LA here, and since the trailer of Pasadena says it will be "an old story told like never before" Im wondering if there are going to be Noir elements to this episodes.

That could be interesting. Leight used Noir in some of the Logan episodes of season 6/7 when he was showrunning LOCI. Chris Noth really lends himself to that Noir style acting, something different and slightly oblique about him.

Could be fun to unravel.

Anonymous said...

I just can't seem to muster much excitement. I loved the mothership too much. I just can't get on the LOLA bandwagon. It hasn't grabbed me like some of the new shows this season. Personally, I'm totally digging LAO: UK. It's got the bite of the original with the update. Plus how can you go wrong with Bamber.

Janethyland seems to be LOLA's biggest fan! Happy viewing Janet.

Anonymous said...

Janet was anti-mothership and has been trying to defend the disaster that is LOLA for a while. I give her credit but to me its protesting a little too much. I actually hope LOLA survives, but starting this show right when they cancel the mothership was perhaps the worst decision in the history of television -- I mean that too, because when you're dealing with a 20 year ICON like L&O, you need to handle it with care because it's not just another crap NBC show, but part of the American lexicon and culture. Thus, NBC had a higher responsiblity than just looking at ratings and time slots. Furthemore, NBC has so botched the marketing and establishment of the L&O Franchise in the last couple of years that I think it's nearly beyond repair. With all their horrid shows -- Undercovers, Chase, and Outlaw were perhaps the worst three shows to come along in a generation -- they had room to fix their errors and bring back the mothership. Instead, what we get is 8 or 9 more weeks of pure crap in UC and Chase, not to mention the joke-a-thon that is The Event (okay,w e get it, aliens are coming!)

When you couple that with the absurd decisions Balcer and others have made in the writing, casting, and even the introduction of the show (no theme song), the Law & Order Brand - -which was a 50 year brand, if you ask me - is close to ruination.

Truly sad.

Wen said...

Well, I would rather say Janet is a LOCI fan,lol

janethyland said...

It may make you feel better to target and ridicule those like me who like LOLA but internet sites dont determine network decisions.That would be basing hard nosed business decisions on "anonymous" opinion and madness.This season the networks all made their decisions about new shows already.

There are alot of people who watch and like LOLA, there alot of people who watch and hate LOLA, and there are alot of people who watch with mixed feelings about it.That was the same for LOCI too.

I dont think our liking or loathing of LOLA will bring back Mothership. LOLA was green lit long before Mothership was axed. Its unfair to blame the new show for that happening.

LOLA is a success in NBC terms and none of its other shows seem to be getting much response.

Osiris said... bring up a valid point. All three of the scenarios you brought up have one thing in common: People watching. That's the problem. If you don't like it, stop watching it...the networks will get the hint at that point. I disliked LOLA's first episode and have not seen a single ep since. That's the only way to show your displeasure.