Friday, October 8, 2010

Kathryn Erbe Returns to Law & Order Criminal Intent

Kathryn Erbe is coming back to team up with Vincent D’Onofrio on the final season of Law & Order Criminal Intent. Here is the official press release from USA Network:


Rejoins Vincent D'Onofrio for the tenth and final season of Law & Order: Criminal Intent

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA - October 08, 2010 - Kathryn Erbe, who portrayed Detective Alexandra Eames on Dick Wolf's hit USA Network series LAW & ORDER: CRIMINAL INTENT for eight seasons, will return for the tenth and final season, it was announced today by Jeff Wachtel, president original programming, USA & co-head original content Universal Cable Productions. USA Network will air eight all new episodes beginning in 2011.

Erbe rejoins the cast of LAW & ORDER: CRIMINAL INTENT following the recent announcement that Vincent D'Onofrio, her long-time partner in crime, will be reprising his role for the upcoming tenth season.

"We're thrilled to have Kathryn Erbe return as Detective Eames, the perfect complement to Donofrio's Detective Goren," said Wachtel. "We now have the definitive team for the ultimate season of this phenomenal show."

"I'm excited and grateful that Katie has decided to rejoin one of the best detective teams in the history of television," said Wolf.

Erbe is a veteran of both television and film. In addition to CRIMINAL INTENT, she is best known for her remarkable portrayal of death row inmate Shirley Bellinger on the critically acclaimed HBO series "OZ." She also appeared on NBC's "Homicide: Life on the Street," the miniseries "George Wallace," Showtime's original production of "Naked City: Justice with a Bullet," NBC's "Another World" and the television movie "Breathing Lessons." Erbe also gained notice in the 1999 box office hit "Stir of Echoes" opposite Kevin Bacon and "Dream with the Fishes" with David Arquette. Her additional film credits include "Entropy," "Kiss of Death," "D2: The Mighty Ducks," "Rich in Love" and "What About Bob?" Most recently, she appeared in the feature film "Speaking of Sex" with Lara Flynn Boyle and Bill Murray.

She is a member of the Steppenwolf Theater Company and has starred in many of their productions, including Tennessee Williams' "A Streetcar Named Desire" as Stella, "Curse of the Starving Class" and "My Thing of Love." She earned a Tony� Award nomination in 1991 for her portrayal of Mary in "Speed of Darkness." Erbe is also an active member of the Atlantic Theatre Company.

LAW & ORDER: CRIMINAL INTENT, produced by Wolf Films and Universal Cable Productions, created and executive produced by Emmy Award-winning producer Dick Wolf, was developed by Ren� Balcer. Shot entirely in and around New York City, the third installment of the "Law & Order" franchise takes viewers deep into the minds of its criminals while following the intense psychological approaches the Major Case Squad uses to solve its crimes.

LAW & ORDER: CRIMINAL INTENT is a Wolf Films production in association with Universal Cable Productions.

USA Network is the #1 network in all of basic cable and is seen in over 98.5 million U.S. homes. A division of NBC Universal, USA is the cable television leader in original series and home to the best in blockbuster theatrical films, acquired television series and entertainment events. The award-winning USA website is located at Characters Welcome.

USA Network is a program service of NBC Universal Cable a division of NBC Universal, one of the world's leading media and entertainment companies in the development, production, and marketing of entertainment, news, and information to a global audience.


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Sara said...

This is fantastic news! Any possibility they could raise Eric Bogosian from the dead? And while they're at it, I wouldn't mind seeing Chris Noth at some point during the farewell season.

Dalton said...

Well, at least the original team is going to be there for the end.

Hopefully these final episodes will be great ones.

havers said...

I am so happy.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully the reception and ratings will be huge and the powers that be can convince VDO and Erbe on making it more than just the 8.


gahks said...

Now all we need is Rene Balcer and Warren Leight to rejoin what was a sinking ship and hopefully 'CI' will have the awesome send-off it deserves!

Music Wench said...

Thank goodness I can now watch and hope they revive this show. All they have to do is get a competent show runner and better writers.

I'll be happy to watch VDO and KE but it would be nice to have good stories for them. They deserve better than they got with Loyalty.

Anonymous said...

Had a feeling they would pull this. Looking forward to seeing how the show tries to lawyer itself around or out of the events from the Loyalty episodes.

Is it just going to be an 8 episode season? Or are they going to alternate with Burrows and someone else? While they're at it, just bring Logan back. The Last Rites events makes that tricky, but if they're already backtracking on these two, why not him as well.

Esaul said...

I believe if I remember correctly, that Noth has moved on from L&O, I read an interview of him saying so or something like that. And especially with him being on The Good Wife, I don't see him coming back as Logan sadly. And as much as I like Eric Bogosian, I really hope they don't bring him back from the dead. That's just plain stupid. >>d

Anonymous said...

This is great news! I was a little worried she wouldn't come back.

These two press releases are interesting to compare to the "CI Returns" press release from last spring. And by "interesting" I mean schadenfreude inducing.

Anyway, I can finally get excited now that G and E are returning together. Hopefully the writing will be great.

Anonymous said...

Totally agree with gahks & Music Wench. The show, the cast, the crew, the characters and the fans deserve a great send off with better writing than the last couple of seasons (8 and 9). I'm crossing my fingers.

Frances said...

Wonderful News.

Anonymous said...

Has anybody seen "The Vanishing City" that Kathryn narrated? It's about the "luxurification" of NYC - the use of tax money to fund luxury projects while forcing out long-time residents and small businesses. There's an episode in there somewhere.

janethyland said...

On a radio interview VDO talked about coming back to play Goren "close to himself,but not smart because he doesnt consider himself smart and its hard to play someone for 9years without being close to yourself"

This suggests to me that Wolf has given him some control over the direction of the writing.....which could be interesting...that it will conclude in a way that VDO wants his character to conclude.

Anonymous said...

FANTASTIC, now let's get Rene Balcer and/or Warren Leight, Diana Son, and Charlie Rubins and give C.I.and Detectives Goren and Eames the kind of send-off they deserve, with some strong writing and storylines.

*Goes off to dance on table* :0)

Anonymous said...

"On a radio interview VDO talked about coming back to play Goren "close to himself,but not smart because he doesnt consider himself smart ..."

This raises the question of just how "smart" Goren was supposed to be in the past. A lot of those off-the-cuff claims he used to make ("Sharks aren't fish." (They're not "bony" fish.) "Jellyfish don't live in the East River because it's freshwater." (It's an arm of the sea, and they do.) Anything to do with Latin, from stress-position to word-meanings (venefica), especially treating Aurelius' "Meditations" as a Roman "Way of the Warrior") made him sound like someone who read widely but not deeply - one magazine article, which he then remembered only hazily. Since the other characters were no better educated, he got away with his claims. Most likely the writers were simply too lazy to look it up, but we have to work with the result they produced, and I have to say that this gives us a more sympathetic picture of Goren, a man supremely good at one thing - solving mysteries, but a klutz at living (notice how everybody he's close to ends up dead, kidnapped, on the run from the law ...?) and not quite as "smart" as he and those around him assume he is in every other area of life.

I see him as being more like the Morse of the novels, not the TV show, the one who keeps reminding himself to read up on subjects (but never gets around to it), who is confounded by the juvenile plumage of a sparrow (was it?), ... Human, all too human. VDO is smart not to want to make Goren too perfect.

Anonymous said...

Also: promising "Phase I trials" for a drug he thinks might help his mother - NO! Phase I trials don't deal with efficacy (just safe dosage levels) and don't get published, it's Phase II trials he means. (The doctor was polite enough not to correct him, of course - he knew what he meant.)

Anyway: what may be most interesting about that interview is that VDO seems to be taking a longer-range view of the character than you'd expect for a mere 8 episodes.

Lizzie said...

It's a TV show, not a documentary and if you analyse anything THAT much, you're obviously going to find 'holes' in it ;)

What Vincent actually said was, and I took it down in shorthand as I listened to it again to get it 'right':

"It's not hard to not be him (Goren). I play it very close to myself at times, other than his smarts. Y'know, I'm not that smart but's pretty close to me. You can't sustain a character for that long unless you play it close to yourself"

He also catagorically said he was back for '8 episodes'. My feeling is after that, when the characters have been given the send-off they deserve, he'll be done. He's a busy enough guy without the show.


Anonymous said...

Lizzie -

The fun of the LOCI is the analysis (for some people) - making everything fit, somehow. Since the character changed over time, the show allowed for it more than most TV shows.

Anyway, thanks for the clarification - you're right, it doesn't seem as open-ended as I thought. Which is fine, too. Everything ends eventually.

Anonymous said...

This reads like the "Law & Order cancellation" to me!

The show is going to be fair for 8 episodes and instead of "Law & Order: Los Angeles" it's "Law & Order: Miami" How is that even fair?!

Somebody tell me! I hope Balcer returns as EP or the episodes won't even be 'fair'!

Ol Cranky said...

@Anonymous re: Phase I clinical trials. Not all Phase I trials are "bleed and feed" PK/PD, drug interaction on special pop studies. Many Phase I studies for drugs intended to treat high mortality conditions like cancer and sepsis are actually Phase I/II studies that do evaluate efficacy as well as safety. The character was not incorrect in his reference to the possibility of enrolling his mother in a phase I onc trial in the hopes of seeing some efficacy (assuming there were no phase III trials conducted locally for which she would be eligible and that she met legibility criteria c=for the phase I study). That said, I have yet to see any TV show (not even the medical ones) get much of anything close to correct about clinical research in general, let alone how they are conducted at a study center and how subjects are enrolled.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Ol Cranky - I translate these things and I have yet to come across a Phase I that dealt with efficacy, but I'm not in the field, and am happy to give Goren a pass on this. Maybe the reference was intended to convey just how desperate he was to find something, anything that would help.

Rosemary said...

So happy to see Erbe returning! Let's now bring back Rene Balcer and Courtney Vance! Looking forward so much to Season 10.

And I hope we see more of smart Goren and witty Eames, as they were when Rene was around.

Grant, the Hipster Dad said...

Maybe I'm speaking as last season's only fan (I think Nichols was just fantastic), but I hope that Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio continues as the Major Case captain, and that they get Courtney B. Vance back.