Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Law & Order SVU “Branded” Advance Photos

NBC has released a few advance photos from Law & Order SVU, “Branded” which will air on Wednesday October 20, 2010 (9PM ET/8C – check your local listings). The photos feature Chris Meloni, Mariska Hargitay, Melissa Sagemiller (as new ADA Jill Hardwick), guest stars David Alan Grier (as Defense Attorney Swift) and Kevin Alejandro (as Victor Ramos).

My recap and review of Law & Order SVU "Branded" can be found at this link.

All photos by Will Hart/NBC

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iHeartU said...

Ay-Ay! Ell and Liv in the background! SO cute(: Hopefully they get a zoom of that in the ep.
Thanks for Posting:D

Osiris said...

Want. Casey. Back.

Anonymous said...

actual courtroom scenes...nice to see some "Order" back in SVU (though I've liked the first episodes). Perhaps we'll see McCoy in our futures.

Anonymous said...

Do not want Casey back. She was a big part of the show's devolution into one big soap opera in 2004-2006.


Wouldn't mind having Lake back though, even though I doubt a murder rap would get you back on the squad anytime soon.

Anonymous said...

Tonight's episode (Wet) will be encored at some point right? I'm swamped with schoolwork and can't watch.

Anonymous said...

yeah, i know it comes on 10/26 on USA at 7pm. :)
It was a GREAT episode.

Anonymous said...

My shithole dorm only has basic cable right now (ch 2-13). Any chance NBC gives it another run?

gahks said...

Yeah! Some more 'Order' in 'SVU' would be an awesome idea!

All Things Law and Order said...

FYI - i deleted a post which directed readers to view Law & Order and SVU on sites that as far as I can see are not sanctioned to show them. I don't want to give the idea that I endorse getting episodes other than approved sources.

The NBC LOLA site doe have the episodes on line and iTunes also carries LOLA and SVU from what I've heard. Yes, you can find plenty of sites where you can download them on line, but pesonally I would rather people support the sources approved by the networks to keep our shows going.

nygma619 said...

Anonymous 9:14 the show would of went down that slope regardless of Novak. And REALLY Novak worse than Greyleck? Greyleck was single handedly the worst ADA in the Law and Order franchise.

Personally I loved Cabot and Novak as ADA, but for different reasons. But I've also accepted that they're not going to be coming back at all any time soon.

If I was able to accept a new ADA (Novak) replacing the older one (Cabot) I don't see why Jillian Hardwick (Melissa Sagemiller) doesn't deserve a shot.

Anonymous said...

AllThings - On unofficial sites: I googled name + legal and its status seems to be ambiguous. Since this particular site has been around for a few years, it doesn't seem that the networks are all that concerned about it, but on the other hand, individual shows are occasionally removed for violating copyright (I think that's the wording). I can see why you wouldn't necessarily want to be involved in passing on contact information, though.