Friday, October 8, 2010

Law & Order Los Angeles Ending Theme

Many of you asked for it, now you have it: the ending theme music for Law & Order Los Angeles. The version below has the ending theme playing over an extended clip of the opening title. So...if you miss the show having an opening theme, just play this clip during the first commercial break when each episode airs!

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gahks said...

Sounds somewhat like the 'TBJ' theme to me.

Am still waiting for them to use the 'CI' theme!

Dalton said...

Interesting theme. However, I don't think it would fit well with an opening sequence, more specifically the mid section of the song.

If they ever decide to show a standard L&O theme sequence with LOLA, maybe they could include a variation of the midsection from the original L&O theme since every version of the L&O theme, both from the mothership and the spin offs, that has been used in a US Law & Order has used a variation on the flute/sax section during the middle of the theme.

Just my take on it.

Anonymous said...

I like the theme, but it makes no sense not to do this at the beginning. LOLA won't be a L&O show until they make it a L&O show, which means even doing as UK does and having an opening theme with title cards.

Why they went away from that is beyond me...pure stupidity.

Then again, NBC and co is insane -- they dump the mothership and replace it with 3 or 4 shows, all of which will be cancelled by Thanksgiving (Undercovers, Chase, and Outlaw) and two others (LOLA and the Event) which will last one season.

It's amazing how bad NBC really is these days.