Friday, April 9, 2010

Sam Waterston to Guest Star on SVU – Really!

A short while ago, fans were teased about this for a previous episode of Law & Order SVU (“Confidential”), but maybe this time the story will be true. TV Guide Magazine is reporting that Sam Waterston will guest star as DA Jack McCoy in an upcoming episode of Law & Order SVU “when SVU special guest star Sharon Stone’s Jo Marlowe makes a major faux pas.”

The story goes on to state that in "the first time in Law & Order: SVU’s eleven year history, Sam will show up in the SVU squad room.” No details on the name of the episode or the date it will air, so stay tuned.

You can read the entire story here on the TV Guide Magazine website:
L&O's Waterston Crosses Over to SVU

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Michael Ejercito said...

I think what happened during the production of "Confidential" was that Jack McCoy's scene was scripted, but not filmed.

Esaul said...

He better show up! I remember watching that episode waiting for Jack to show up...but he never did. I was soooo sad. :(

Anonymous said...

It was filmed, but dropped.

Great to see them making up for it though.

Michael Ejercito said...

Why would they drop the scene?

Are there any still images to show that the McCoy scene from "Confidential" was filmed?