Monday, April 26, 2010

Law & Order “Rubber Room” Advance Photos

NBC has released two photos for the upcoming episode of Law & Order titled "Rubber Room.” The actual air date and episode details are not available as yet, but NBC does have this episode listed as episode #23. This is the episode featuring Olympic gold medal winner Lindsay Vonn.

My recap and review of Law & Order "Rubber Room" can be found here.

Don’t forget – On May 3, Law & Order returns with a new episode, “Crashers.”

Photos © NBC Universal, Inc.

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Wallyhorse said...

As tonight (Monday 4/26) is another repeat (as I suspect NBC was concerned about pre-emptions by NBC stations due to local coverage of baseball, basketball or hockey having to be moved to NBC stations due to multiple events), I suspect this episode will air in its old Wednesday 10:00 PM ET/PT time slot to close the season on May 26 ("SVU" has four episodes left and likely will have its finale the week before on May 19 because many of the "tweens" who watch "SVU" solely for hints of an Elliot/Olivia relationship likely will be partying following the American Idol finale on FOX, which often draws Oscar-sized numbers. That would explain why all the repeats of "L & O" leading up to next week.

DonnaJo said...

"Rubber Room" is scheduled for May 3rd, which is a Monday. If they were going to change to to Wednesday, I'm sure they would have by now.

Alana is glowing in that photo, which often is the case when a woman is expecting. Awww......

All Things Law and Order said...

DonnaJo, "Crashers" is showing on Monday May 3. As of right now, NBC has not confirmed the date for "Rubber Room".