Sunday, April 4, 2010

Jeff Goldblum, Lorraine Bracco Law & Order CI On Location

Here are a few photos of Jeff Goldblum and Lorraine Bracco from last week while filming on location in Brooklyn, NY for an episode of Law & Order Criminal Intent.

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Anne said...

Now we see images of Goldblum with better guest stars, WHY?

When D'Onofrio was starring we RARELY saw images and stuff like this, WHY?

They are picking guest stars like her to draw fans in! It won't fool me, I'm still done with CI. I don't care if they bring OPRAH WINFREY to the show, I still WON'T be watching.

I've been a fan of D'Onofrio (and Erbe some what) since I saw him in MIB (Edgar the bug) and I'm gonna leave with them on April 6th. Whoever said that CI wasn't turning into ''the Jeff Goldblum Hour''... they were WRONG!

No offense intended to Goldblum fans... I just like D'Onofrio on CI better.

Sara said...


Well said and I totally agree. Unless they bring back D'Onofrio, Erbe and/or Chris Noth, my last night viewing LOCI will be April 6as well. I realize actors have lives to lead and need to change projects like any other employed person but hiring Jeff Goldblum (who's probably a swell guy) as Chris Noth's replacement insulted my intelligence.

Anonymous said...

There is one word for this:


It's just shameful. :(
It's just sad really.

JJ said...

I've found that the ability to actually delete channels from my program guide can be very useful at times. I almost did it when Goldblum showed up, but now that he is the lead, USA Network is off my list. Did these guys take advice from the crowd that screwed around with the Tonight Show?