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Law & Order Criminal Intent “Broad Channel” Recap & Review

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Law & Order Criminal Intent “Broad Channel” was a decent outing with the revamped cast. Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio fits in very well, falling into the role of Captain as if she had always been there. (In fact, she looked a little like Kathryn Erbe in a dark wig.) Zoe Callas seems to be a woman who has all the right connections and seems unafraid to assert them. I think she will be a good fit for the show and I hope that they use her more in upcoming episodes.

I can’t say the same for Saffron Burrows, who seems too quiet and subdued for my tastes. Her delivery is still flat and lifeless, and I think they are going a little overboard in trying to make her appear brainy or cerebral. One of those on a team is enough. I think this is what I liked about both Eames and Wheeler – they were both down to earth people who we didn’t have to be reminded of their great powers of deduction or instincts.

One big negative was the opening music, which was titled “Middle of Nowhere” (credited as performed by Alan Doyle and written by Mike Pest and Alan Dolye). It was far too loud, it overpowered the dialog, and it simply did not fit. Ditto when it was music played again at the end. Law & Order Criminal Intent shouldn’t be opened as if it were a music video or a drama like “Cold Case where the music dominates the scene. I hope they never do this again.

While the story was somewhat predictable, the investigation played out well and it kept my interest. I am glad, however, that Nichols spelled it out at the end because I got a little confused as to whom they were really going after – Dooley or Atwater, or both. Jeff Goldblum has the ability to draw in and maintain viewers, and I would like to see the show continue despite the loss of the D'Onfrio/Erbe fans. There were times that the camera lingered a little too long on his facial expressions, but I suppose they are trying to show the gears turning in Nichols' brain. (We get it. We don't need to be reminded all the time.) I believe Zach needs a partner that is a little more street smart and snappier though, because two brainiacs can get boring after a while.

Here is the recap:

Jackie Dooley (Kevin Conway) rows his boat to the shore and a man hands him an envelope filled with money. Later he heads into a convenience store and sees Moira Boyle and her son Eddie, says hello to Moira (Marin Hinkle), and they hug and they say they missed each other. He buys their groceries, saying he is taking care of his own. While he does so, the store owner hands him a piece of paper. Eddie says he called his office and adds that if he needed him for anything he is good now, he is clean. A car pulls up and as the store owner watches, Dooley heads out of the store and a detective steps out of the car and he and Dooley talk. Later, this detective is putting on his bulletproof vest and says he is getting ready to take down the Russians. They raid at a fish processing place and as they make arrests, a reporter and videographer come in and ask the detective questions about the arrest. The detective is later found dead on the ground outside his car.

On the scene, Detectives Zach Nichols (Jeff Goldblum) and Serena Stevens (Saffron Burrows) arrive on the scene. ME Rodgers (Leslie Hendrix) tells them that the Kevlar vest stopped 3 of the bullets but he took one shot to the head. The body is near the high tide line which will help them maintain the evidence. Captain Zoe Callas (Mary Elisabeth Mastrantonio) arrives on the scene, she is on the phone, and confirms that the body is of Detective Ryan Fields (James Biberi). Other detectives arrive and Stevens tries to question them but they ask for a moment as Fields is their friend, and Nichols recognizes them as being from the 116 in Queens. He tells them to be careful about stepping on his blood, and one of the detectives gets angry at Nichols and the other pulls him away. Nichols tells Stevens, “Welcome to Broad Channel.”

Back at Major Case, the detectives review the evidence with Callas. They think the shooter was in the car with him and wonders if he was set up. They also wonder what he was doing in Broad Channel. Stevens wonders if it was a jumpy informant, Callas recalls seeing his name on some IAB witness lists. The detectives say they will question the widow.

At the home of Ryan and Cassie Fields, while they speak to Cassie, they also see that Detective Atwater from Queens is already there. He tells them the 116 will handle this and asks if he is OK with that. Nichols says he is not. Atwater says they will talk later and leaves. As they question his wife, she says she already spoke with Ryan’s precinct and they know how things work there. Nichols sees a picture of a house in Jamaica and he wonders out loud about it. She tells him it is a time share and gets upset, thinking that Nichols is implying something. She says Ryan inherited income property when his father died and they do OK. When Nichols asks for details, she gets testy and tells them to leave. Stevens tells him “nicely done.”

Back at Major Case, Callas has the Chief of Ds (Mike Pniewski) in her office, along with Atwater, discussing the jurisdiction in the case. She is standing firm. Atwater explains the world of Broad Channel – an island community with one road in and one road out and people are different. He thinks the shooter is on the island and Major Case is like an alien and the people won’t talk to them. He grew up there and they have informants there. After Stevens and Nichols were there, the widow is no longer cooperating. Nichols and Stevens approach and she calls them to come into the office. Stevens explains they went through Fields tax records and he owns several properties but rents have dropped they think he was using the building to mask income and they should look at this. The Chief tells Major Case that they have to share information with the 116 in Queens. When the Chief and Atwater leave, Callas tells them she will pull his file with IAB but from here on, they have to coordinate with Atwater.

Elsewhere at Smitty’s, Moira is bringing Eddie some food but he is not hungry. She tells him to take a pill, and he complains that this is his life now. She tells him he has to be strong for his future and that Jackie will take care of him now for what he just did.

Captain Zoe Callas is at the office of Captain Galloway at Internal Affairs, and she tells him she needs a favor – Fields’ file. He says there were never any indictments and dead cops are hero cops. She say the identity of the killer may be in that file and tells him that if he wants to make it to city hall he shouldn’t make it rough for her to investigate a cop killing.

Back at Major Case, Callas has the file and tells the detectives that Fields was under investigation at the time of his murder. He also had another cell phone with a large number of calls to someone named Jackie Dooley. Nichols is familiar with Dooley, saying he is an old school Irish boss who pretty much runs Broad Channel, and he and Ross went after him a few times for extortion, loan sharking, fraud, and once for conspiracy to commit murder. They never made anything stick. Stevens suggests they should talk to him – in Broad Channel. Calls says they know she can’t say yes to that, technically. Nichols says “Understood.”

At Broad Channel elementary school, Dooley is at the school to make an announcement about scholarships to the summer athletic camp, and tells them they all have scholarships. Nichols approaches and Dooley asks how he has been. Outside, he talks with Nichols and Stevens and he says it was terrible what happened to Fields. Nichols reminds him about all the phone conversations he had with Fields and Dooley denies he has a connection to the killing. He says he has no obligation to speak with them but out of respect to the late Danny Ross he will tell them he was informing for Fields.

Later, at Rikers Island, they speak with the man that Fields arrested in the last raid, and he said he paid Fields but he got busted anyway. He says he was jacking them – the payment got raised and they refused. He says everybody was paying Fields, and when Stevens asks about Jackie Dooley, the man confirms “everybody.” As they leave Rikers, Nichols says that this is motive, but Stevens thinks that Dooley is old school and would not kill a cop. The wonder who else was jacking up and they decide to look at Fields’ case files.

At the 116, when they ask Atwater for all of Fields’ case files, Atwater says they already identified the shooter an hour ago. Eddie Boyle, an informant, coughed him up. He suggests they get some coffee and come along with them to Broad Channel. Nichols seems suspicious.

As they arrive at the Boyle household with the 116 who is making the arrest, Stevens asks Nichols what is the matter. He wonders what would Eddie Boyle be doing in Fields’ car at two in the morning with a gun? Atwater thinks Eddie will not be there as his mother likely has him stashed, and when she answers the door, she says they can’t come in. Another detective finds Nike shoes and blood spatter in the back. Afterwards, with all the detectives in the house, Moira is frantic and says she does not need to speak with them and frantically tries to reach Dooley. While she is on hold, Nichols realizes he recognizes her from Jackie’s office – she was his secretary. While she whispers on the phone to Jackie, Nichols asks Stevens and Atwater if it is significant that the mother of the shooter works for Jackie? He thinks Jackie wants Fields gone and the kid pulled the trigger, and Atwater sarcastically says well done, he just proved someone in Broad Channel has a connection to Jackie Dooley which means nothing. Stevens thinks Moira loves Jackie and will tell him where her son is and this could work for them. But Nichols is unsure. He thinks that Jackie will just lie to them. Stevens suggests Jackie wear a wire and while Nichols is somewhat skeptical they agree it is worth a shot.

With Dooley in the Major Case interrogation room with Nichols, Stevens and Atwater, they ask for his help, but he says he does not inform on his own. He says he won’t defile it for a man who defiles his uniform. Atwater steps in and tries to reach Dooley, and while talking to him, he offers Dooley a smoke. Nichols watches suspiciously, and Stevens rolls her eyes as they puff away. Atwater says Eddie is a Broad Channel boy and it serves no one if he gets killed out there. Dooley says he knows it would be a bad thing. But Atwater says he has to get Moira to talk, and indicates it will just cause more shootings otherwise. Dooley asks if he would have to wear a wire, and Nichols shoots Stevens a glance and she looks back. Nichols see Atwater taking notes with a fountain pen.

As Nichols and Stevens step into the observation room, Nichols gets ready to say that the whole interrogation was a pile of (you can fill in the blank for him) and Stevens cuts himn off and says it was effective. He says, “The game played in there? It has stink written all over it.” She comments that his righteous indignation was just to get them fired up; he is playing Dooley and she is playing him too. He says she is good, and she says maybe he was just too obvious. She hopes it works and they get something.

Later on the stakeout with Dooley wired up and Nichols and Stevens in the van, Nichols wonder where is Atwater? Stevens says he was with ESU to get them to cover the area with a police launch in case Eddie made a break for it n the water. Inside, Jackie speaks with Moira and she grabs his chest, covering the microphone. He continues to talk and asks her to help him help Eddie and he has to be taken in. He says once he is taken in he can use his leverage. She tells him Eddie is at Smitty’s, and everyone races to get there, Nichols saying no flashing lights or sirens. Meanwhile, Moira begins to kiss Dooley. Atwater docks the boat at Smitty’s and knocks on the door. Back at Moira’s, she tells Dooley that Eddie is precious to her and one day she hope he will be precious to him too. Suddenly, everyone – Moira, the detectives outside – hear shots fired. Nichols and Stevens race, with guns drawn, to Smitty's, where Eddie lay dead. Atwater says it was Eddie’s gun and he had no choice. Nichols tells everyone to get back, that this is now a crime scene and orders the area cordoned off. Moira runs to the body and sobs. Later, Nichols tells Stevens there is no question that Atwater is dirty, and this is all about him.

Back at Major Case, Nichols tries to make call the connections together, Moira,. Jackie, Eddie. One thread is Moira is trying to get Jackie to hire her son. Another is that Fields is being paid by Jackie to keep Queens' cops off his back, but Fields started jacking people. Atwater is dirty and tells Jackie he wants to step into Fields’ shoes and Jackie suggests that Atwater pick up Eddie. But Fields got Eddie instead and Fields ended up dead. They think the connection to Jackie in all this is Moira.

Moira is now in interrogation in Major Case, and they talk to her about her hiding Eddie, but she asks that this is really about. They want Jackie, and they tell her that Jackie wore a wire so they could find Eddie. They show her the transcript. She says it is lies and rips it up and she says to go on and put her on trial.

Later, back at their desks, Nichols points out that Eddie’s arrest report has an area where the ink is smeared, noting it was written with a fountain pen which Atwater uses, so he is the one who made the arrest. They see no charges were filed against Eddie. All they have now is Moira who does not want to help them. Stevens has a thought – she recalls Moira telling Jackie that her son was precious to her and one day she hoped he'd be precious to him too, and that she did not want to be a burden and what did she mean or what did she hold back? She thinks Jackie has a kid that he does not know about. They think they can use this to their advantage with Jackie to get Atwater. Nichols thinks that Jackie won’t care, he is a reptile. But Stevens says this is not just about him.

Jackie is led into the integration room where Nichols is waiting. Nichols begins to outline his theories that Atwater had Fields killed and Atwater had him do it. He adds that Fields was squeezing Jackie and Atwater wanted his spot, and that Moira has been pushing her son on Jackie. He wonders whether he bitched to Atwater or if Atwater came to Jackie. And Jackie is evasive. Atwater then tells Eddie that Jackie wanted Fields Killed, and wonders what Eddie said on the pay phone to Fields that night? He thinks that Eddie told Fields that Jackie agreed to the price hike and to meet him in Broad Channel where he was at with the money. Jackie says they are both gone now, but Nichols says it is not over until somebody pays. Jackie says he will confirm no part of it, and says Atwater will deny it too and that only leaves Eddie Boyle. Nichols ask him to tell him about Eddie, and he doesn’t have anything nice to say. Meanwhile, Stevens, Callas, and Moira are in the observation room hearing all this. Nichols says that Moira lost her lover and tried to reconnect with Jackie through her child. He goes on to tell him that Moira has been keeping a secret - that Eddie was his son. Jackie says he doesn’t give a damn if he was; he doesn’t give a damn for Eddie or for Moira. Moira becomes more upset upon hearing this. When Jackie thinks he is going to skate away, Nichols tells him he did it again – without doing it. He says he will walk Jackie out. Callas and Stevens also walk out with Moira and she sees Jackie and starts to get more upset. As Stevens and Calls walk her off. Nichols pushed Jackie against the wall and comments that he does not know what Moira knows, and Jackie should give him a deposition right now incriminating Atwater or he will keep in him a jail cell or a courtroom for the rest of his life because he doesn’t think Moira loves him anymore. Jackie says, “Well played, sir. Old Captain Ross would be proud of you today.”

Later, while Atwater is talking with a reporter about Eddie’s shooting, Nichols and Stevens arrive with the police. Nichols says there is something he wanted to say to him since he met him. He takes Atwater’s badge and begins to read him his rights. He also takes Atwater’s gun and Stevens cuffs him. As they look out on Broad Channel, Jackie is out there on his boat and he waves to them. Nichols nods and with a wry smile, walks off with Stevens . As we see Jackie row away, we fade to black.

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Melvin Gaines said...

I liked the episode because it was more cerebral, and you had to follow it closely. The music portion, I think, is more about the show fitting its cable audience, because I thought it was a little much myself. All in all, a very good episode. I'll likely get it and watch it again via iTunes.

Esaul said...

I've never been so bored with Law and Order before, it's really disappointing. I thought an episode with Saffron would be just like any other Law and Order show with a cast change. But yeah, it's not the same. Saffron is way too dull for me to really care.

And the captain does look like Eames, a little way too much. And now it's bothering me. I just want things to go back to normal. Geesh. The music was way way too much, and all I thought about was indeed Cold Case. And when did they start bringing back the scene cards? I was used to not seeing them.

Anonymous said...

Was this their first case together or their first date? So much admiration for each others' all too obvious "insights" - please. And a hard-bitten female captain who will turn out to have a soft side? Ok, that's satisfied my curiosity, I'm outta here. (After the new detective introduced herself by saying she "admires hierarchy" in turning down a cup of coffee my hopes weren't all that high, to be honest.)

Marian said...

If this were the first CI, it would be my last

It did not have one redeeming quality

HeathersInAZ said...
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I LUV LOCI said...

I think some people forget that D'Onofrio had quite a few episodes last season that wee dogs too. This episode was OK, just OK. I admit that I am a fan of Jeff and this is what makes the show better for me, since D'Onofrio seemed to be going through the motions last season. It was time for him to move on.

The problem LOCI has now is Saffron Burrows. She just doens't have the egde that this show needs.

Kyle said...

Saffron isnt supposed to be edgy, she is a compliment to Jeff Goldblum's character. It was her first real episode and they're still developing her character. And the Alan Doyle song was a great song, anyone who appreciates music could tell you that and I think it fit in well, it gave it more energy and a different feel. Normally the music is a little lower and doesnt have words so it blends in and you wont notice. With any tv show 70% of the time there is music. Without any its too boring. Mike Post knows what he is doing, he is one of the most successful musicians of all time. He is a composer and producer, mostly does music for television but does write and produce soundtracks for many successful musicians, does all the music for Law and Order, he did Hill Street Blues, Magnum P.I., MacGyver, Quantum Leap, Wiseguy and many others and has been writing and producing songs, and doing music for television shows since the 60's. He has done hundreds of television shows, won numerous emmy's and grammy's and had multiple songs that have topped the charts. I think he might know what he is doing. Sometimes you just gota take things as they are and keep it simple. Everyone reads into this stuff way to much with the characters and the music. There isnt always some underlying concept to the their actions or dialogue, sometimes they mean exactly what they say, it can be a literal expression it isn't the way they said it and the words they used means something else. And D'Onofrio was the best actor and Det. Goren was the best character they have had on Law and Order. But he has been on the show for 9 years and after so long you just gota change it up cause no matter how much you like something, if you see it too many times you will get sick of it. They are shaking up the show and still working on it and adjusting to get it right. They have changes tons of characters out over the 20 years the show has been on and theyve been pretty successful so I am sure they will get it right, they know what they are doing.

Anonymous said...

I agree that there shouldn't be two super-cerebral characters on the same team. In fact, there shouldn't be two similar characters in any detective team. That would be like pairing Lupo from Law and Order with Falco (Fontana's partner from season 15, also a preternaturally young cop who is quiet and goes to law school, and ends up intimate with someone from a case...)

It would be like partnering Goren with Logan's old partner Barek; two brainy Italians is one more than necessary. It would be like partnering Nichols and Goren, for that matter, which didn't work last week.

Andrew said...

Criminal Intent shouldn’t be opened as if it were a music video or a drama like “Cold Case where the music dominates the scene. I hope they never do this again.

You're presenting it as some new thing to the show, but they've done it before. I can't remember the specific titles, but I can recall at least two instances from the Warren Leight years where episodes opened with musical montages.

Esaul said...

It kinda is a new concept still if they've only done it a couple of times before. And for the most part, I disagree with everything Kyle said as well. It really was like your typical Cold Case music video-esque opening, and if that's what I wanted to see, I would've put that on instead. The scores used for CI would've been just as effective, and to me, more preferred. For me, that helps create the mood of the show itself, which further sets CI a part from a lot of the garden variety crime shows out there. I appreciate music, just not what was on CI last night.

All Things Law and Order said...

Kyle, no offense, but I appreciate music quite a bit and I have an extensive and lengthy musical background myself. Whether the tune was was good or bad is not the issue with me, it's the fact that it overpowered the scene and the dialog, rather than complement it. I went back and watched that opening scene several times and in my opinion, it completely missed the mark in setting the tone. If they were trying to show that this is a "new" Criminal Intent, they sure did that - and I think it may have had a negative effect instead and put viewers off.

Jachelle said...

Well. I agree with I LUV LOCI that this episode was just OK. Nothing was much of a surprise. It didn't really have any interesting twists and turns. I knew Atwater was "dirty" and knew Eddie would end up dead. I'm beginning to like Zach Nichols more and more and I hope that as Saffron Burrows becomes more comfortable with the role, Serena Stevens will be more likeable.

All Things Law and Order said...

Andrew, I don't think I said this was something they never did before. All I said was that I don't think it worked and I hope they don't do it again. Who knows, I probably panned it if/when they did it in the past. It's OK that they try something different to spice up the show; in this case, they tried something and in my opinion it was executed badly and didn't work.

Lisa R. said...

I couldn't agree with you more ATLAO about the opening music...what a turn-off. When I watch TNT in the afternoon, I make it a point never to tune in early in the chance that I find Cold Case ending, 'cause I can't stand their slo-mo musical endings! Sheesh, why did CI want to start off like this?

TJara said...

Esaul wrote:
> And when did they start bringing back the scene cards? I was used to not seeing them.

This season. It's like they have to hit you over the head with the fact that it is still one of the L&O's...

Joshua Morton said...

I am a fan of Goldblum (always have, always will be) but this episode really turned me OFF. It's not the same; Nichols has changed from his spunky season 8 self to another off version of Goren. It made me disappointed.

Saffron Burrows - I'd rather Erbe work with Goldblum than her. She needs an episode all about her so her character can develop.

M.E. Mastrantonio - She's okay for LOCI's captain: but she does remind you of Erbe in some instances.

The show itself - I think "Broad Channel" could have been written better than it was: some points have already been used in previous episodes in this one and I think that the investigative part really turns you OFF more so than who is doing the investigating.

I think we should also have trial aspects brought back to LOCI to refer to the show as LOCI is redundant - just CI.

I rank "Broad Channel" 6/10. Not bad for a first CI episode with just Goldblum/Burrows.

I miss D'Onofrio/Erbe though. I think they should have stayed with the cast. Personally, the show should be CANCELED as far as I'm concerned. It's not the same: and I think everyone can agree with me on that.

Walon Green said...

You can believe that I'm Walon Green or not but I'm am about to tell you something HERE - THAT NO ONE ELSE knows on other news informing websites or blogs!

Vincent D'Onofrio has a meeting with Dick Wolf pending for Wednesday May 26, 2010 at 2:30PM. Dick didn't give me any details but I think they will talk about renewing his contract. D'Onofrio fans, cross your fingers.

Plus Jeff Goldblum's episode "Broad Channel" has appealed to some, not all. I think that is was very good, some points should have been hit a little more when Capt. Ross was mentioned but other than that, it seemed like an everyday episode. We have more planned and we are currently mapping out episodes 9.14-9.16; we are thinking about going with a two-part finale that puts Nichols's job on the line, but I won't spoil until it's that time!

"Delicate" airs Next Tuesday at 10PM (9PM Central) on USA Network, watch it, it gets personal!

John Stodder said...


Saffron Burrows' character is utterly new. Not just new to major case, but new to NYPD, new to NY. She is going to be very tentative at first. Her first job is to ingratiate herself with Goldblum, and she's off to a good start with her quiet insights offered to him, but otherwise letting him call the tune for now. Wherever she's going to get to, she needs to get there through him.

It would have been interesting to see what it was like when Goren and Eames first paired up, vs. the kind of relationship they evolved.

When Chris Noth was on the show, he was given three new partners, all of them rather brash in different ways. This new detective is more of a watcher and listener. Not so much cerebral as observant.

P.S. Two of the three main characters' names start with Z. When has that ever happened on TV before.

All Things Law and Order said...

Walon, I sure hope it really IS you because that sounds like very intesting news. I appreciate that you shared those tidbits here!

carri said...

I hope you're Walon and right! I'd love for VDO to make a choice to come back by next season.

Walon if you come back: Could you check and see if Erbe will be on LOCI in the 5th episode?

Do you think she will be in it All Things?

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed it. Not the song, but the rest. Stevens is underwritten, which makes sense, but I think Burrows is doing a decent job. The scenes where she was eating in the squadroom, and where she explained her theory that the kid was Dooley's had some spark to them.

janethyland said...

Why would VDO want to reprise a role he has left in order to do other things. Thats suicide for an artist.

On the other hand if the ratings continue to dip they might ask him to appear as a guest on his own show.Thats not the same thing as "being in development with a show".Thats a ratings ploy.

janethyland said...

according to an article on The Reel quoting walon green, "goldblum is here to stay".

LOCI lvr said...

Jane, I don't think that would be suicide for an artist at all. Chris Noth came back as Mike Logan and he is doing just fine with his career - in fact it could not be better!

janethyland said...

He also knew when it was the right time to leave and got out before deterioration set in.

The development he did with his character under Warren leight and those contemporary writers was interesting, something he also remarked about in interviews too where he mentions seasons 6/7.
He must have realised there was going to be a change for the worse.

Esaul said...

Or maybe Noth knew when it was time for him to move on. I mean, you have to realize he was part of the original Law and Order cast back in the 90's, he reprise his role for Exile, then joins the cast of CI because of D'Onofrio's exhaustion. Maybe he just wanted to move on, and that's why he left. His exit episode is one of my favorites, despite I wish he never left. I agree, it wasn't suicide for Noth coming back, and look at him now. He's spectacular on The Good Wife. IF this is true about D'Onofrio, I think it'd be great for CI. After doing a show for nearly a decade, I'm sure Vincent misses the show to say the least. And if he did come back, that isn't saying Goldblum is being replaced either.

janethyland said...

I agree that noths exit episode was brilliant. I never saw Noth act better.Season 6/7 were good for him and LOCI was in an interesting place.

While filming LOCI he was alsdo doing Sex in the City film which furthered his career more than LOCI, reaching a far wider audience.

He has commented in interviews that he was never into doing pure procedural.he liked the character work.So the current direction of LOCI wouldnt appeal to him i think.

janethyland said...

sorry,just had to share this news..I am so excited about it.
VDO is to star as marshall Stoudenmire in upcoming horror/western called "High Midnight", called a cross between Bram stker and western.

I love that approach!Cant wait.

Shelly said...

I finally had a chance to watch this, and my feelings are mixed. I did enjoy the episode more than I thought I would, but I'm with All Things and some others re Saffron's character. Maybe they'll mesh better as the season goes on, but I really enjoyed Goldblum with Wheeler. I thought they complemented each other nicely. And I thought his couple episodes with Eames worked well, too, at the end of last season.

I wasn't a huge fan of the music either. Well, let me rephrase and say how they used the music. The music itself was fine, but it was loud and overpowering.

I get the feeling that USA is trying to change some aspects of LOCI to fit into their formula... most of their original shows, like White Collar, In Plain Sight, Psych, etal, have some similar characteristics even if they're about different things. They're pretty much light-hearted fair with an occasional bit of heaviness. I'm not sure LOCI fits into that formula, but with the cast changes and the music, etc., it seems to me USA is trying regardless. It'll be interesting to see the ratings numbers the next couple of weeks...

Lizzie said...

Quote; 'Never, EVER again on that show (LOCI) said Vincent D'Onofrio last month at the Kubrick Festival at FSU. Maybe he's just having lunch with dick there 'walon' 'cause he sure as hell isn't contemplating returning to 'that show'


Outerbankschick said...

Come on folks, you don't really believe that is Walon Green, do you? Sounding like a sales rep trying to close the deal? Posting in all caps for emphasis?

There are lobbyists all over the 'Net right now, doing spin and damage control for the network, trying to drum up support for the "new" CI. They dangle these fake carrots in front of us Goren and Eames fans in an attempt to lure us back with even the hint that we might see just a tiny little glimpse of our favorite characters. These network lackeys are all over the message boards, too, counting on folks to swallow this nonsense without question.

And I ask you...doesn't it insult you that these folks think we are that dumb?

Don't be fooled. This person certainly isn't Walon Green. And I happen to think that most of us are *way* more savvy than the network folks think we are.

Music Wench said...

Wow, I didn't watch the Goldblum show but I did want to see the reviews....Guess it's as bad as I thought.

And the ratings are a little lower. I think after this it will go down even more. Many people watched just to see if there would be any mention of Eames and what may have happened with her. I could have told them it wouldn't happen. I have no faith in Walon Green to pay any attention to older fans who have been with this show from the beginning. The episode All In proves he holds us in disdain or doesn't consider us at all at best. Now that Goren and Eames fans realize this for certain, I doubt many will continue to watch.

So no mention of Eames or Goren and quite frankly, I don't expect to see Vincent or Kathryn on the show ever again. I expect it to fail miserably and get canceled by the end of the season.

Wishful thinking? Perhaps. It's time for this show to go. I loved Homicide: Life on the Streets but after Andre Braugher left (and this was an ensemble show with a large cast) it went downhill and perhaps went on for a season too long.

The handwriting is on the wall. Wolf seems to realize this as well since his latest L&O will be in L.A. I think it's just to shake things up.

It was a great franchise at one time. But now it's kind of faltering and people are moving on. I have to admit it's far better than CSI. But that still doesn't keep it compelling enough for the general public.

wilmingtonfan said...

Walon Green is posting under his own name here? And telling us info that is not leaked to the press? (See F. Murray Abraham item today). Not possible. VDO has moved on to other things and doesn't want to be treated like a commodity any more. He has several projects lined up and is making the rounds of film festivals, Methcops fundraising, GGG, etc. and having a ball doing it.

What is the deal with the last episode being a 2 parter with ZN's job on the line? How many times do you think the fans can stand this same plot? It's happened to BG many times and his character exited under such a plot line. You would do better to get some new ideas and stop regurgitating the same old ones over and over (e.g., Broad Channel)

Anonymous said...

I think wilmingtonfan is on to something. The bum's rush Goren and Eames were given didn't provoke long-time fans unintentionally, it was done with the purpose of ensuring that they not hang around. Now the writers can proceed to recycle character traits, themes, and plots in peace and quiet and avoid the difficult process of inventing new ones. Brilliant. The idea, not the result, of course.

janethyland said...

And now they bring in Gorens,oops sorry i meant Nichols father! I thought they were trying to move away from anything personal .Perhaps they realise its the personal that works for an audience,not the abstract!

Copy. Copy. Copy.
Thats what LOCI has become...a reproduction machine churning out copies of what its done before!

Anonymous said...

I think some people's imaginations are getting a little wild re: Dick Wolf, USA, NBCU, Walon Green et al's supposed motives. These people make serious money from this show, why on God's Green Earth would they decide to sabotage, destroy or undermine it? Why?

And if they were, why would they use such convoluted, underhanded tactics to do so?

Seriously, what is their motive?

Some people need to take off the tin foil hats and come back to earth. Erbe and D'Onofrio are gone. It sucks. They asked for more money than Dick Wolf either wanted to give them, or USA/NBCU could afford while keeping the show profitable. It probably ends there. Walon Green and Barbara Hall may or may not have written a good exit, depending on your opinion. The segue between the two new casts may not have been handled well, depending on your opinion.

I doubt there's some gargantuan conspiracy behind it. It's just happened that way.

janethyland said...

There is no proof to say either asked for too much money.In fact the record of VDOs career is to the contrary. He took a drop in money going to half season in season 5. He took a drop in money going to USA,as did Noth. VDOs career does not show any preoccupation with making lots of money. It shows the opposite.

These are rumours started up to discredit VDO.Atempts to discredit VDO on some sites have been going on since about season 3.

Esaul said...

And if it was a problem of money, I'm sure Wolf would've given both actors what they asked/demanded for. I mean, both Meloni and Hargitay demanded more money, and got what they asked for. And, I'm pretty sure they are getting paid more than the actors on CI.

Music Wench said...

Okay fine. It wasn't an intentional slight. They're just stupid and incompetent then. If you go by the fact they didn't plan it that way.

Either way doesn't look good, does it? lol

Oh, and Meloni and Hargitay got more money because their show makes more money. And if you actually read what's out there from entertainment reports - not personal bloggers - then it would seem Erbe didn't even get a chance to negotiate. She thought they were going to but was pretty much just dismissed. I believe it's the same for Bogosian.

So say what you want, it doesn't look good any way for Dick Wolf or Walon Green. Incompetence or purposely ignoring and disregarding long time fans? Take your pick. lol

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous 4:41 on the tin-foil hats: as a non-long-time fan, Anonymous 1:28 a.m. obviously failed to recognize that this is an irony-free zone. (In addition, 1:28 apparently shares Goren's tendency to drive sensible people to distraction by over-thinking the puzzle he's currently working on.)

Lady LJ said...

You have Adam Trese listed as the person who played Eddie Boyle. In researching Adam Trese - it brings up a 40-something man and not a younger man. Which the guy that played Eddie clearly is...anyway we can find out who really played Eddie?

I miss Goren and Eames already...but do kinda like Goldblum....

All Things Law and Order said...

Lady LJ - you are right on the name - but I can't find the correct name for the person who played Eddie. I already deleted the episode off my DVR and can't find the complete credits anywhere else as yet...

Esaul said...

I'm looking at IMDB and the other dude that's uncredited is a man named David Vadim. I don't remember what Eddie looks like, but he appears youngish to me? And he's the only other actor that's credited on that list that is young anyway.

All Things Law and Order said...

Esaul, it's not David Vadim either!

Lady LJ said...

Thanks All Things....

Someone asked a question on Yahoo! Answers about the guy that played Eddie Boyle and in trying to find out who it was, I came across your blog!

LOVE it btw ;)

Another person gave the name of Thomas McDonnell as the guy who played Eddie but when I googled that name, I couldn't come up with a conclusive answer that it was him either....

Ben said...

Hey, about the opening music. It had nothing to do with "Oh this is a new Law and Order, let's get in yo face!" it was to reflect the area of Broad Channel and in particular, Dooley.

And let's get away from talking about the previous actors' departure. Vincent Da'Nofrio's been wanting to get away from the show for awhile. It's pretty obvious. If you watch his interview on the NBC site he's genuinely happy to be out, and to spend time with his family. He said with Jeff being cast, he felt confident that he could handle the show so he felt more comfortable about leaving.

Lady LJ said...

Its hard sometimes to stomach when a beloved character leaves a show.

I know it took a long time for D'Onofrio to grow on me, but once he did....this show became something to look forward to b/c it 99% of the time was more than just mindless TV. Most of the episodes I enjoyed watching more than once.

His work with Olivia d'Abo as the infamous "Nicole Wallace" was absolutely brilliant and I thought it was a shame that they didn't actually stretch it out longer. I wanted more and more of the storyline.

I won't get into my feelings about NBC canceling so many of the shows I enjoyed over the past few years, I could go on for hours! As much as I'll miss Goren and Eames on CI, I'm thankful that it hasn't been canceled. That really irks me!

gahks said...

Am in the middle of watching the episode online, and I have to say I HATED the music. I agree, it was excessively loud and prevented me from concentrating on the dialogue. Where was the traditional, suspenseful CI mood music, as composed by Mike Post?

gahks said...

Am in the middle of watching the episode online, and I have to say I HATED the music. I agree, it was excessively loud and prevented me from concentrating on the dialogue. Where was the traditional, suspenseful CI mood music, as composed by Mike Post?

Wallyhorse said...

Walon Green said:

>>Vincent D'Onofrio has a meeting with Dick Wolf pending for Wednesday May 26, 2010 at 2:30PM. Dick didn't give me any details but I think they will talk about renewing his contract. D'Onofrio fans, cross your fingers.>>

If this really is you, maybe you can answer another question: Was the Goren-Eames finale (part two of "Loyaly") altered (which I know it was because USA Network's recap for the episode on their site had the funeral scene originally after Goren was fired (which is why he was wearing a suit as opposed to his dress blues at Ross' funeral) and did we not hear Eames officially said to the Chief of D's she was resigning because with S. Epatha Merkenson leaving the mothership after this season, Rene Balcer (who was responsible for "CI" in the first place) or others on the mothership want Kathryn Erbe to return to "the franchise" with Eames being Van Buren's replacement on the original series?

This is the question that likely would explain a LOT of why we saw "Loyalty, Part 2" as we did.

Anonymous said...

Saffron Burrows is, to put it mildly, an appallingly bad actress and I can only assume she is on the show because of her mild notoriety and her fashion model physique. Shame on the show for casting her. They've lost at least one viewer: me. I'll be back when they hire people for their acting abilities once again.

Wallyhorse said...


If that is the case, then it's because the producers likely knew USA Network was scheduling one of the "CI" repeats for Monday nights immediately following WWE RAW (at approximately 11:05 PM ET/PT which gets a heavily male audience and is USA Network's highest-rated program by far. I would not be surprised if that was taken into consideration, especially if that Monday repeat gets a high number of male viewers.

Esaul said...

I highly doubt that was taken into consideration when they casted her into the show. If that is the case, then why are they airing Criminal Intent on Tuesday nights where the ratings are more important there than the repeats? If they wanted a high percentage of male viewers to watch because of her, they would just air the new episodes on Monday nights instead of just having them as repeats.

Outerbankschick said...

The case, Wallyhorse, based on the comments I have read about the new episodes, is that they are just not that good. The writing is still in the mediocre range and there is plenty of "lighter" tone. Just watch the promos.