Monday, April 12, 2010

Law & Order LA and SVU Update reports that NBC has picked up Law & Order: Los Angeles (LOLA) for 13 episodes this fall. It was also reported that Law & Order SVU is now a go for the 12th season - “pending some minor budgetary matters.” (Is there any such thing as a "minor" budgetary matter when it comes to NBC?) goes on to say “chances also look pretty good" for a 21st season of Law & Order "with the series’ cable home TNT expected to pitch in with an off-network fee to offset the cost of bringing the show back.” The article also went on to say “NBC, UMS and Wolf Films declined comment.” While the report from sounds credible considering all the information we already have heard about these three shows, we know that NBC likes to make a lot of schedule changes, so stay tuned for the final word from NBC - if/when that comes.

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janethyland said...

LOLA can take over from LOCI.
Then they will all be on NBC.