Friday, April 23, 2010

Law & Order CI “Gods and Insects” Preview Clips (Video)

Here are some preview video clips of next week’s episode of Law & Order Criminal Intent, “Gods and Insects.”

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madison said...

They want to Cancel Law & Order: CI - I say go for it!

Jane said...

Wow, they aren't giving these guys a chance are they, I mean why are people so interested in ratings, I never bothered about watching a program solely based on its ratings, I watched it because I liked it.

loci lvr said...

Kane, I think there are some people out there that just want the show to fail, as if to validate their feelings about the cast changes. I think some of them forget that there are a lot of Jeff Goldblum fans out there - maybe lots more Jeff fans than VDO fans. Some of them want everyone to be unhappy because they are unhappy. I like LOCI, i didn't mind when Chris Noth came in and I didn't mind when Jeff came in. I like Vincent but Goren was getting tiresome. I want the show to go on and even tho I will miss Goren and Eames, I am not losing any sleep over their departure. I bet LOCI made them very wealthy and they won't be hurting.

Jane said...

@loci lvr: Yes it does seem to be on their agenda and that they think that if it does fail, that Vincent will somehow come back-which judging from his recent statement, "he hopes not".

I like all three law and order men, but obviously Vincent will always be the original and best and I think Vincent felt the need to change Goren, given that his character had a lot to deal with in Series 6-7 which Vincent enjoyed doing, but he felt it time to leave as there was nothing left to give to his character. Its a shame that the writers left some loose ends with the niece and that:/

Kris said...

L&O: CI Writer - Josh Morton

He's writting Goren/Eames fanfics. Will they be better than the series???