Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Law & Order SVU New Sneak Peek "Unstable" with Wentworth Miller

Finally, a powerful dramatic clip from the season premiere of Law & Order SVU, "Unstable," featuring guest star Wentworth Miller, Chris Meloni, and Mariksa Hargiaty is available! The video is below, and the transcript for those of you who can’t view it is also included. Hold on to your seats! Please be aware that I am only permitted to keep these videos up for one week after the episode originally airs, so please catch them while you can!

Scene fades in from black with the voice of Nate Kendal (wentworth Miller), in the back of a police car.

Kendal: “Let's face it. You are not the type to off yourself. Don’t know why, since you’re just a waste of skin. (we see him pointing a gun at someone) A lousy puss sack , so you know it’s coming. What I can’t figure is why the hell you’re crying about it. (We see Kendal has the gun in the “lousy puss sack’s” mouth)

The man, grimacing, makes a slight noise and we hear a knock on the door and someone says, “You got (?) waiting. SO quit playing with this douche.” Kendal pulls the gun out of the guy's mouth and the man is relieved.

Later, outside the police car, the police sargeant asks “What’s that smell?” and Kendal answers “Suspect vacated his bowels, Sarge. Couldn’t be helped.” As Kendal walks off, ME Warner walks up and Kendal asks “What you got? “

ME Warner: “COD is blunt force trauma.”

Kendal “ It's what happens when a methhead mistakes a three month old for a basketball."

Warner: “ The girlfriend claims it wasn’t her fault.”

Kendal: “Soon as I get a warrant for blood I’ll be charging her ass too.” He sees a woman with a sheet wrapped around her body running across the street . To Warner: “ Call a bus.“ He runs after her and catches up with her.

Woman, screaming, “Let me go!"

Kendal: ”Nate Kendal, I’m a cop.” (shows his badge)

Woman: “He raped me. He raped me!”

Kendal: “Let’s get you some help.”

Woman: “ Help me please help me don’t leave me, please (etc.)” (She grabs on to him and sobs.)

Later, at a hospital, an elevator door is opening and Benson and Stabler step out.

Kendal “You SVU?”

Stabler: “Stabler, Benson.”

Kendal: “Nate Kendal, the 2-4. The victim ran into my crime scene."

Stabler: “You get any info from her?"

Kendal: “Reena West, 35, raped in her apartment. Superficial knife wounds and wrist restraints, doc says no semen but evidence of tearing, everything was bagged, tagged, and sent to foresnics.”

Benson: “ Great. We’ll take it from here.”

Benson and Stabler walk in to her room. Stabler: “Miss West?”

West: “Don’t come near me. Get out.”

Stabler” “We’re sex crimes detectives (shows his badge). We just wanna hear what happened..”

West, rattled: “I can’t. No no not again, where’s Nate? He was there. I already told him. No I can’t do this!”

Benson: “Calm down. Listen to me, we’re here to help you. (West runs to the window and grabs at the blinds). “Reena, Reena, Reena you’re safe now, okay? (moves to her) Try and take a deep breath…”
West: slapping Benson: NO! Don’t touch me! Never touch me! (Benson reels away, hoding her cheek.)

West, sobbing “Ohhh, where’s Nate? (slides to the floor, sobbing uncontrollably) Nate! Where are you?” (Benson and Stabler look on)


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