Wednesday, September 16, 2009

EW’s Ausiello Reports Criminal Intent “Shake Up”

Looks like some changes to this picture are coming

Michael Ausiello of Entertainment Weekly reports that USA Network is working on bringing back Law & Order Criminal Intent for season 9, but….

1. Julianne Nicholson (as Megan Wheeler) is out, and Saffron Burrows (of “My Own Worst Enemy”) may replace her. Burrows would have Jeff Goldblum (as Zach Nichols) as a partner, but his return is not certain.

2. D’Onofrio (Bobby Goren) and Erbe (Alex Eames) are “ in talks to return in some capacity.”

You can read the details for yourself on Michael Ausiello’s page on the Entertainment Weekly web site.

Hopefully, this will not end badly for the fans, who have stuck by this show through thick and thin. Speak out here or on Michael’s page about your feelings on this issue!

Update: USA Law & Order CI twittered that "The new season is tentatively scheduled to premiere in March 2010 and will have a split season." This is all the information I can find on the new season for CI. Stay tuned!

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Anonymous said...

OMG no Julianne? My husband will be in mournin now that his one of his tv girlfriends is no longer on CI. Well hopefully they will resolve the VDO and Erbe situation. I don't think he could bear losing his other tv girlfriend. I just want my CI to be as good as it was this season. Goldblum was phenomenal and VDO is less sullen as he was in previous seasons.


Anonymous said...

Pardon the typos but I was being distracted by the intense questioning by my husband. Ack I have to keep him away from this type of information.



Sara said...

The problem with this franchise is the lack of continuity with the second team. Chris Noth had two partners, three if you count Alicia Witt's brief stint during Julianne Nicholson's first pregnancy. Then Noth left (big mistake Dick Wolf) and was replaced by his complete thespian opposite, Jeff Goldblum.

I realize Noth is tied up with SATC 2, but bring him back with Alicia Witt and breathe some life back into the second string. Noth managed to juggle LOCI while he filmed SATC 1.

BTW, how long is Noth under contract with CBS' The Good Wife? From the looks of things, he'll only have a minor role in that show.

LOCI is my favorite of the three franchises. I cannot understand why it seems to be so problem-plagued.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Noth doesn't want to come back. I don't think that Dick Wolf has absolute power over the lives of every actor who has ever worked on one of his shows. If an actor or actress wants to leave after the contract's done, he can't *force* them to stay, and if they've already been gone for years they might not want to come back.

I remember Benjamin Bratt talking about what a huge commitment the original Law and Order was, and while Criminal Intent has fewer episodes/season each individual episode focuses tightly on just three characters.