Friday, September 18, 2009

Law & Order Preview “Memo From The Dark Side”

Law & Order starts off its 20th season with the episode ”Memo From The Dark Side” and NBC has provided a few preview clips to whet your appetite for drama on Friday nights. (Update: NBC, who provided the clips to me, has now disabled my ability to embed them here, so I removed the clips from this post. Strange network, that NBC; they give you videos to promote the show and then they take them away. Weird.)

Besides a quick preview of the case, the investigation, and the prosecution, we get a hint that Detective Bernard suspects something is up with Lt. Van Buren (S. Epatha Merkerson).

Since Jack McCoy (Sam Waterston) is still sitting in the big chair, we can all be relieved that he won the election – not like we expected anything less.

Dorget to tune in on Friday September 25 at 8PM (7C). And tell your friends to watch too. As a big fan of the show, I really want it to do well in this new time slot!

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Anonymous said...

Ooooh I can't wait til Friday!! This looks like a Jack-heavy episode. Friday is going to be my favorite night for Dramas. First LAO and then "The Dollhouse". Happy days....fall is finally here!!