Sunday, September 6, 2009

Law & Order Cast Interviews Celebrate 20 Years

NBC has provided several video clips of interviews with some of the cast of Law & Order plus with Jeff Zucker and the Law & Order Universe’s Supreme Being, Dick Wolf. The cast videos include Sam Waterston, Linus Roache, Alana De La Garza, Jeremy Sisto, and Anthony Anderson. They are all very interesting and I'm very glad that NBC shared them with fans. (I did not see a clip with S. Epatha Merkerson as yet but I will add it if one becomes available.)


Update: 09/09/09
It seems NBC removed the videos from the NBC site for Law & Order, but I do have the clips with Sam, Linus, Alana, Anthony and Jeremy below. The quality isn't as high as on the L&O site, but it's all I could get.
UPDATE 9/16/09
The videos seem to be up again at the NBC site, so those videos are listed below my YouTube version.

Dick Wolf

Sam Waterston

Linus Roache and Alana De La Garza

Jeremy Sisto and Anthony Anderson

Jeff Zucker (2 Interviews)

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Anonymous said...

Do you know if they are going to be doing any talk show interviews. Like: NBC Today show, E News, Entertainment Tonight, etc. If so, could you let us know which ones and when? Thanks.

Anonymous said...

they actually showed an ad for the season premier last night (of course they only ran it during a CI episode but it was something)

Anonymous said...

Other than the TV Guide special, do you know if they will be doing any other interviews for the show?

Anonymous said...

seriously, it seems as though NBC wants to make it appear as though they'll promote the show but they seem to do so begrudgingly and quickly remove evidence that they're doing anything.

All Things Law and Order said...

I haven't heard about any more appearances or interviews that they are doing but I have my eyes open in case something pops up!

On the other comment about NBC, I too am perplexed about their behavior. As far as the videos, once they have them posted, there isn't really any other costs associated with keeping them up there. In fact, it's good publicity. I think if someone just put a little more effort into publicity - even if it meant releasing a scrap or two of info to bloggers like me, it could pay off for them in more viewers.

I just don't get it.

Anonymous said...

They have the longest running show on their network and they treat it like the unloved stepchild. They are the dumbest network on TV. I said it once before, I think they are on drugs.

Anonymous said...

Its so odd, they promote all of their other Law & Order shows, but they ignore the Mothership ship. What is with that? Did someone have an affair with Sam Waterson that went wrong? It almost seems personal.

Anonymous said...


Somebody can he translate me, in French, the interview of Sam Waterston.


All Things Law and Order said...

Monique here is the transcript in English then in French using Google Translate, so I hope it is somewhat close! (Monique voici la transcription en anglais puis en français en utilisant Google Translate, alors j'espère que c'est assez proche!)

"I have thought from the beginning to the end that one of the things that was such a pleasure about the character was that he hadn’t changed much. He’s grown older, and his job has changed and that’ s complicated things, but, um, he’s remarkably consistent, um, happy in his work, “attack dog.” I just think this is such a great thing to begin with because it sort of declares that Law & Order hasn’t gotten old in its head and it hasn’t gotten…uh, it doesn’t shrink from big questions that arouses tremendous amount of conflict, and, and it doesn’t report on them, ah, “remember how much conflict there was around this?” And it reports on them while the conflict is still very much alive, and uh, I just think that’s great, I think it’s exactly what an entertainment show with a brain ought to be doing."

J'ai cru du début à la fin que l'une des choses qui a été un tel plaisir sur le personnage était qu'il n'avait pas beaucoup changé. Il a vieilli, et son travail a changé et que c 'est compliqué les choses, mais, euh, il est remarquablement uniforme, uh, heureux dans son travail ", chien d'attaque." Je pense juste que c'est comme une grande chose pour commencer, car il sorte d'déclare que Law & Order n'a pas reçu vieux dans sa tête et il n'a pas eu ... uh, il ne craint pas de grandes questions que suscite énormément de conflits, et, et il ne fait pas rapport à leur sujet, Ah, souvenez-vous des conflits combien il y avait autour de ce que c'est? "Et il en rend compte alors que le conflit est encore très vivante, et uh, je pense que c'est très bien, je pense que c'est exactement ce qu'est une émission de divertissement avec un cerveau doit être faire.

Anonymous said...

I am impressed!

Anonymous said...


There's a 5 min sneak preview of the mothership available on iTunes

Anonymous said...

OMG, I just watched the itunes preview I linked to above and am mortified at the sloppiness of whoever put this together. There are two glaring errors:

#1 Jeremy Sisto is identified as playing "Det. Eddie Green"; Jesse L Martin is also, semi-correctly, identified as playing "Det Eddie Green" later in the preview (I don't recall anyone calling the character Eddie, do you guys?)

#2 they verbally go through some of the actors playing ADAs and show Jill Hennessy while the voiceover says Carrie Lowell


Anonymous said...

They gave it their best shot! Jeremy sounds kind of like Jesse, in Braille, and Carey Lowell and Jill Hennessy both have dark hair.

All Things Law and Order said...

Thanks for the info on this. I wonder if that's why it was offered free? Maybe it was so bad they figured true fans would be angry if they had to pay for it!

I don't use iTunes so I am glad someone checked this out before I had to bother to sign up to see it. I hate having to give out my credit card number just to get free content!

Anonymous said...

Are any of the actors on Law and Order doing independent projects other than the show? I have not seen Sam Waterson in a movie (recent) in years. I have never seen Alana De La Garza in anything other than CSI Miami. Linus Roache, as well, he was always doing an independent film somewhere.

All Things Law and Order said...

Sam has been very active in charitable events and other causes in the "off" season, and also was very politically involved in promoting election reform. He also is in a play coming at the Long Wharf Theatre. I think Sam also does a lot of personal appearances.

Linus narrated a short film called "Out Here in the Fields: The Field on Beach Lane" this year and was in "Yonkers Joe" in 2008.

Alana has done several new commercials for Garnier, but no other acting roles as far as I can see.

They likely work long hours when working on the show and maybe not all of them want to do too much in their off time.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for that information.

A. Lowe said...

To the person that said NBC was on drugs, it has been reported that Ben Silverman was on drugs at point when he was running the show over at National Brodcasting disgraCe