Saturday, September 19, 2009

Law & Order “Reality Bites” Stars Comics But Isn’t Funny

The October 16 episode of Law & Order – which according to a presently unconfirmed report is to be titled “Reality Bites” – features five comedians, yet it is not a comedy. ”The Comic’s Comic” reports the episode will include comedians Jim Gaffigan, Michael Showalter, Livia Scott, Baron Vaughn and Cole Escola, but it is not a funny episode.

The article also reports that there have been so many comedians on Law & Order in the past that tonight, at the Eugene Mirman Comedy Festival at The Bell House in Brooklyn, NY, there will be a special segment called ”The Comedians of Law & Order.”

Check out the article at ”The Comic’s Comic” for more information about the episode from a comic's point of view, and for some pictures of the comedians with the L&O stars.

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John K. said...

Great behind-the-scenes reporting from the Comic's Comic blog. I wish they all were that informative.

Looks like the episode will mock on reality TV. Haven't had that since Season 17's "Public Service Homicide." That should be a treat.