Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Law & Order UK “Safe From Harm” Episode Information

Here are the details for a new episode of Law & Order UK, “Safe From Harm”.

Law & Order UK “Safe From Harm” Air Date March 19, 2014 (9 PM Wednesday ITV)

The stabbing of Doctor Gardner, a psychiatrist who treated teenagers and children, initially leads Ronnie (Bradley Walsh) and Joe (Ben Bailey Smith) to question his violent adolescent clients. However, when they uncover evidence that points to him having an affair with one of his patients, they begin to suspect that his wife Alison (Hattie Morahan) might have had more motive than anyone else.

Although she initially denies killing her husband, Alison quickly changes her defence when the evidence stacks up against her. Her argument that she wasn’t in her right mind and lost control when she stabbed him, challenges the prosecution and Kate (Georgia Taylor) questions whether they should be trying her for murder at all. But Jake (Dominic Rowan) is determined to see justice done and through some last minute detective work, our team are finally able to uncover the truth. Guest starring Ramon Tikaram.

Regular Cast
DS Ronnie Brooks - Bradley Walsh
DS Joe Hawkins - Ben Bailey Smith
DI Wes Leyton - Paterson Joseph
Jacob Thorne - Dominic Rowan
Kate Barker - Georgia Taylor
Henry Sharpe - Peter Davison

Guest Cast
Alison Gardner - Hattie Morahan
Anna Sands - Antonia Clarke
Lisa Gardner - Holly Earl
Vijay Prasad - Ramon Tikaram
Judge de Marco - Cyril Nri

My recap and review of Law & Order UK “Safe From Harm” can be found at this link.

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MrTanokki said...

Any word on when this will air on BBC America? Because this one of my favor shows and the wait's been painful.

Chris Zimmer said...

Right now there has been no word from BBC America on when - or if - this will air. They've been airing them all along so I would assume they will also air series 8. I'll keep checking and if/when I get a date for airing on BBC America I'll post the info!

MrTanokki said...