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Law & Order UK “Flaw” Recap & Review

Law & Order UK began series 8 with Ronnie getting a new partner, Joe Hawkins, and the CPS trying a murder case for the third time. The story was based on the original Law & Order episode “Refuge Part 1” (season 9, episode 23). Law & Order fans should be very familiar with that episode; it's where an ADA is brutally murdered by the Russian mob as she protects a witness, a young boy traumatized from seeing a murder. Lucky for Law & Order UK viewers that this episode did not have a similar ending.

DS Joe Hawkins, who replaced DS Sam Casey, dropped into the MIU without much fanfare and it feels like he’s been there all along. Despite one small misstep on Joe’s part early on, he and Ronnie seem to be working very well together by the episode’s end. Ben Bailey Smith is a great addition to the cast and I felt immediately comfortable with him.

Bradley Walsh again plays Ronnie Brooks with realism, and he remains a character that brings much depth to the investigative segment of the show. Like his American counterpart Lennie Briscoe, it is hard to imagine Law & Order UK without Ronnie Brooks. In this episode, Ronnie also gets some time on the stand, and much to his dismay, things don’t go the way he hoped.

Jake Thorne and Kate Barker seemed to have the kinks ironed out of their working relationship, at least for now. Jake now appears comfortable with Kate’s past experience working for the defense; using that to help prep Ronnie for what could be a tough session of giving evidence.

One point that seemed off was allowing the juror who had come to MIU with the intimidating message – along with severed hands - to continue to sit on the jury after she talked to the police. I would have thought that Ronnie or Wes would have contacted the CPS immediately in order to address the issue prior to the trial starting up again that day. How could the other jurors not see, or be influence by, that juror visibly crying during the testimony, if that juror would have been dismissed later? Even though the entire jury was eventually relinquished of their duty in lieu of a trial by judge, it seemed that it could have fanned the flames for a mistrial.

The end of the episode was very satisfying. Despite the setbacks, Joe finds a way to reach the critical witness to the murder which finally leads to justice being served. It was a nice introduction for a new character, and a happy ending for Ronnie and the CPS. No flaws here!

Here is the recap:

Bradley Walsh - DS Ronnie Brooks
Ben Bailey Smith – DS Joe Hawkins
Paterson Joseph - DI Wes Leyton
Dominic Rowan - Jacob Thorne
Georgia Taylor - Kate Barker
Peter Davison - Henry Sharpe

Guest stars:
Helen Baxendale - Eleanor Richmond
Christopher Fulford - Mickey Belker
Michael Culkin - Justice Lockwood
Nikesh Patel – Tom
Jenny Rainsford – Beth
Alexander Perkins – SOCO Pete
Eric Kofi-Abrefa – Kris Akron
Nicholas Blane – Oswald Spear
Tracy Brabin - Lyndsey Bernstein
Ray Edwards MBE – Harry Bernstein
Duncan Pow – David Winkleman
Sidney Kean – Frank
Adelayo Adedayo – Kayla
Nicola Sanderson – SOCO Joy
Elly Fairman – Julie Taylor
Sonny Serkis – Danny Taylor
Habib Nasib Nader – Wilkeman’s Solicitor
Isabel Pollen – Rebecca Waldman
Rosalyn Wright – Miranda Jones
Peter Barrett – Dale Horgan
Diana Quick – Judge Hall
Jack Beale - Clerk

In the course of the police stopping a car for crashing a red light, rather than stopping, the car flees and a wild chase ensues. But the car being chased is hit by a truck while it cut through an intersection. The driver is dead, and a bloodied body is in the trunk of the car.

Later DS Ronnie Brooks is on scene. He’s told by SOCO Pete that the driver was a male in his twenties and the man in the trunk in his 60s and by the amount of blood, he was dead when he was put in there. Ronnie introduces Pete to his new partner, DS Joe Hawkins. Joe says the car was nicked this afternoon . Pete says there are no phones or wallets on the dead men, and the man in the trunk has no teeth and his hands have been cut off. Joe comments there are no fingerprints or dental information, and Ronnie quips that it’s a nice easy one to start him off with.

Back at the MIU, Ronnie informs DI Wes Leyton that there is nothing from missing persons about the man in the trunk. They did find traces of blood and oil in the blood on the driver’s shoes. Wes wonders if it is from a lock up or garage, There was a partial footprint in the passenger well with the same blood and oil, so they think the driver had a friend. Wes asks Ronnie how Joe is doing and as they watch,  Joe fumble at his desk and pull a drawer completely out and to the floor, Wes says Joe is lucky to have Ronnie to show him the ropes. Ronnie whines he doesn’t have time to show people ropes, and Wes grins and says “your job."  Joe tells Wes and Ronnie that they got a match on the driver, he’s Billy Knowles. Ronnie knew Billy is hired muscle. Joe also has the list of Knowles known associates. Wes grabs the coffee Ronnie just poured for himself and tells Ronnie maybe Joe can show him a thing or two.

At the Automotive Technical Institute, Ronnie and Joe question Kris who is working a car and who was a former associate of Billy nicking cars. Kris said that was his old life. He chooses not to go that way any more. The assault charges from 5 months ago were dropped, it was a case of mistaken identity. Kris studies and wants to be smart and a success and a pillar of the community. He tells Joe it is easy for him, Joe is higher up in the pigment-ocracy and shade-ism has its benefits. Kris says he was studying last night. He can’t remember when he last saw Billy, saying they’d have to ask him. Kris seems shocked when they tell him Billy is dead.

Afterwards, Ronnie asks Joe about shade-ism, and Joe says the theory is basically the closer to white you are, the better. Ronnie gets a call

At the forensics lab, the medical examiner tells them the other man was killed by blunt force trauma in the back of the head with a single blow. He thinks they used the same thing to know his teeth out. A hacksaw was used on his hands. But the doctor found a radio-cephalic fistula which is evidence of dialysis and says there are 27 dialysis centers in greater London and that particular kind of fistula is a surgical procedure. Ronnie mentions 27 centers, and Joe thinks about it and asks how may do surgical procedures? Ronnie quips they will make a detective of Joe yet.

At the home of Harry Bernstein, they speak to his wife Lyndsey who thought Harry was at the hospital last night. Harry had no enemies. She last saw him yesterday and he went to work. He never talked about work, he said to leave it at the front door. She suggests they talk to David Winkleman, his partner. Harry took him on as an apprentice, taught him everything, and trusted him, like a son.

At Bernstein & Winkleman, a jewelry store, Ronnie and Joe speak with David Winkleman who says business is good. They stopped cutting and polishing rough diamonds years ago, the Indians do it cheaper. Harry taught him to stay away from stolen goods, telling him not to look at the rocks, look at the face. Ronnie comments they do pretty much the same thing. David last spoke to Harry last night around 7, he was going to meet someone. He did not say, but at that time of night, he would have met them at Frank’s Noshery.

At Frank’s Noshery, Ronnie and Joe speak with Frank, who shows them the corner table where Harry met a Mickey Belker. Things were getting pretty heated; three times he went to take their dessert order and Harry wasn’t interested. Whatever Mickey was selling, Harry wasn’t buying.

Later, Ronnie and Joe meet with Mickey sitting in the corner table who says he had a business proposition and Harry was not interested. They kissed and made up and then they left. Harry had to go home by tube and said it has been too long and they must do it again. They worked at DeBeers together, in the sorting room, Harry had the best eyes in the business and could spot a mackle – a flaw – from 50 feet. Nothing got past Harry.

At M.I.U. Central Headquarters, Joe shows Ronnie the surveillance camera footage from Frank’s Noshery where Harry and Mickey were leaving. It did not appear that the two had kissed and made up as Mickey told them and they didn’t o their separate ways. Ronnie gets a phone call and when he hangs up, he tells Joe they found Harry Bernstein’s teeth.

At the scene, Ronnie explains that a kid dropped some sweets under the car and when his mom went to pick them up, get got a couple molars and an incisor. Joe replies that’s one way to learn about tooth decay. SOCO Joy explains they found tire marks matching the Astro and CCTV shows it driving in at 9:47. Ronnie concludes they park up, take Harry out of the car, and Joe motions that he was killed. Ronnie asks if there was anything else, and Joy says there were fag ends, sweets wrappers, a used condom. Joe says it is a filthy haystack with no needle.

Later, Ronnie and Joe watch the video footage of the car in the garage and see a few minutes after the car left, something is thrown onto the floor of the parking garage. They go to the empty garage and Ronnie cautions Joe not to just open the bag, they don’t know what’s in it, but Joe says he’s got it. He opens the bag and finds a can of spray paint.

Ronnie and Joe stand on the top of the parking garage and see graffiti painted on a nearby building which says “eyeris” and Ronnie wants to ask around, knowing someone should know “eyeris.”

At the home of Danny Taylor, Ronnie and Joe speak with Danny’s mother who said Danny was supposed to be at school but he hasn’t come out of his room all day and she has tried everything. She asks if he has been spraying walls again, and she opens the bedroom door to find Danny laying in bed, staring ahead. Ronnie asks if he minds if they have a little chat. Danny looks blank.

At MIU in interrogation, Ronnie and Joe questions Danny with his mother present about the spray painting and Danny is silent at first.  Joe tells him they are not interested in graffiti, only in what he saw which they know was something horrible, Ronnie continues to press gently but gets nothing. Afterwards, in the observation room, Ronnie tells Wes he thinks they should continue to press but Joe believes Danny is completely traumatized and has totally shut down. Wes agrees Danny is too scared and Joe thinks Danny is just blank, he saw a man murdered with his hands cut off. Joe’s seen this, especially with kids, they bury the memory deep and if they try to push too hard. Joe says unless he is ready they are wasting their time. Wes agrees and tells them to go back to square one.

Ronnie tells Joe to look at the evidence from the scene again and at Mickey Belker, who has lied once. Joe asks Ronnie what he is going to do, and Ronnie explains he is giving evidence and he just wants to run through it first. Joe asks if it is for the Horgan case and if he does that every time. Ronnie replies this one is special, and then introduces Joe to Jake Thorne and Kate Barker from CPS. Jake asks Joe if it is his first day and Joe says pretty much. Kate asks if Ronnie has thrown him into the deep end, and Joe explains he is just trying to keep his head above water. Joe moves to start his work, saying he doesn’t want to drown.

Ronnie prepares his testimony with Jake and Kate, it was a case of a drug war where Horgan thought Baylor was trying to muscle into his turf. Kate is playing defense. Ronnie goes on to explain that Serena Baylor,  8 years old, was killed. Ronnie embellishes about Serena still clutching her toy Tigger, and Kate says that is irrelevant, asking Ronnie if he wants to get tripped up now or wait until they get into court? Ronnie goes on to say Serena had been shot too and left a trail of blood form the hallway. She had enough time to drag herself back into the lounge where she bled out, along, frightened and terrified. Again, Kate interrupts, telling him that is too much. Ronnie says it is too real, Horgan shot the kid and probably stood there and watched her die. Kate explains he can’t let his feelings get in the way. Ronnie reminds her she was 8, asking what is she going to do, set Tigger on him? She tells Ronnie she knows how hard he worked to get Horgan here, watching the previous two trials collapse. Jake admits they want Horgan as much as he does, and Kate explains if he gets into court and lets his emotion get in the way…There is a knock on the door and Joe enters, saying that he found something.

Afterwards, Joe tells Ronnie that Mickey Belker and his mate handle stolen goods and the like but Ronnie counters that is a long way from lopping off hands. Joe says his mate left town while Belker stayed on and moved up to fencing stolen jewelry. Ronnie asks if his mate has a name, and Joe replies it is Harry Bernstein.

Later. Ronnie and Joe have Mickey in interrogation who says he know Harry from before and that is not a crime. Joe mentions melting down stolen gold and fencing diamonds is, Mickey says that is in the past. Ronnie begins to ask a question and Joe puts his hand on his arm to stop him. Joe says nothing and then Mickey goes on to admit that they had a chance to make some real money fencing stones but he needed Harry’s help – his reputation and contacts. Harry said he didn’t do stuff like that and he respected his decision. Ronnie asks what about the bloke he was fencing for, and Joe asks if they had a go at convincing him. Mickey explains that he told them he couldn’t get Harry and they just dumped him. He says there is a saying in the garden, “my word is my bond” but his word counts for shit. He needed Harry, why would he hurt him. If they want to know who hurt Harry, try David Winkleman, he was shtupping Harry’s misses.

Afterwards, Ronnie ask Joe about putting his hand on his arm, and Joe explains they learned that working with kids, you don’t fill the silence, you let them fill it. Ronnie says that’s interesting, don’t do that again.

At the home of Harry Bernstein, Ronnie and Joe speak with Lyndsey who explains she felt invisible and she needed someone to remind her she was still…asking how childish is that? David thought there was more to it than there was, saying they could make a life together, as if that is what she was looking for. She just wanted to be wanted and it is not something she is proud of. She is dismayed Harry has not been buried yet. Joe asks he Harry found out about David, and Lyndsey thinks no, if Harry knew he would not have keep it too himself.

Outside her home, Ronnie comments to Joe that Mickey knew, why not Harry? Joe says Harry could spot at mackle at 50 feet.

Later, Ronnie and Joe have David Winkleman and his solicitor in interrogation asking if David knew Harry started up a new company only last month with Harry as sole owner and he was taking his clients to the new company. Ronnie adds that Harry couldn’t get rid of David, being a partner of the existing business, so Harry started a new one and bypassed David. Joe says Harry was trying to ruin David as David betrayed him and this was Harry’s revenge. David’s solicitor says David said all he is going to say; he came in voluntarily. Ronnie asks that one of David’s clients told him where Harry was going and is that how he found out? David’s solicitor says no, either arrest him, or this interview is over. Joe adds that David was in love with Harry’s wife and Harry was going to destroy him, and Ronnie states David had to stop him. David looks like he is going to says something, but Wes walked in and calls for Ronnie. Outside the room, Wes tells Ronnie they will have to let him go Winkleman didn’t kill Bernstein, a woman came in a few minutes ago and asked for Ronnie by name.

Ronnie enters Wes’ office to find Rebecca Waldman, who says she is on the jury in the Horgan trial. When Ronnie starts to explain they cannot speak, Rebecca gets increasing upset and says they are way past that. She is Harry Bernstein’s sister and sobs that a box was left at her house. Wes opens the box to show Ronnie the words “NOT GUILTY” written on one of the flaps and Harry’s severed hands are inside.

Later, at Crown V Horgan, trial day 12, a woman who shared custody of her daughter with Jackson Baylor, testifies that after the divorce, he had their daughter one weekend a month. On the day in question, when she dropped off her daughter, she saw Baylor and Horgan arguing. Horgan had his face up against Baylor’s and whispered something, Horgan got into his car and he looked at Baylor and used his hand to motion that he was shooting him. As the juror that was Harry’s sister looks visibly upset, Horgan looks happy. As the woman states her regret for leaving her daughter there, the juror visibly cries.

Afterwards, as they walk out of the court house, Kate tells Jake it was just a gesture, Eleanor Richmond will say it doesn't prove a thing. Jake thinks it shows intent, but Kate disagrees. Jake feels the jury lapped it up, and as they continue to walk they encounter Ronnie, who is waiting for them.

At CPS, Jake and Kate break the news of the murder and jury tampering to CPS Director Henry Sharpe. They worry they will have to start over again and that the whole jury has been tainted, but Jake says they know when the juror was approached and she swears she spoke to no one; she is terrified and it took her three days to tell police. Henry worries if Horgan got to more than one of them, but Jake thinks something like that takes a lot of organization. Jake thinks Horgan is not like Al Capone, saying Horgan is a big fish n a rank pond. Jake thinks they can get this one juror discharged and then carry on with 11 jurors. Kate states this is still enough for a majority, Henry’s phone rings and Jake and Kate follow him into his office. Jake states on of this is their fault; the first time Horgan had a suspected heart attack that took only as long as for the trial to collapse. The second was because a newspaper article that was run just as the jury began deliberating, allowing his brief to yell prejudice. Now this. Jake is outraged, saying getting Horgan is a long time coming and he is nearly there.

Elsewhere, walking out of a restaurant, Ronnie, there with Joe, tells Wes that forensics confirm the hands are Harry’s. The note on the box was written with standard making pen. Wes says IF this is Horgan’s work then Horgan arranged this from inside and to find out who he’s been talking to since the trial began.

At Crown v Horgan day 13, Richmond wants all the jurors discharged, if one juror has been compromised, who’s to say the others haven’t? Jake asks if she is suggesting her client intimidated more than one juror? Richmond says no, in the absence of her client be charged with attempted to subvert justice, she must assume the prosecution has no evidence that Horgan had anything to do with it. She adds there are many people who would benefit from Horgan being charged with another murder. Jake is skeptical that Horgan is being framed, and Richmond asks if he can prove Horgan hasn’t been. Jake counters that the defense is trying to take advantage of the situation, but Richmond is just concerned that the jury has been compromised. Jake counters this way they can start over again, a new jury and new trial and granting this application would be rewarding the tampering. The judge asks for skeleton arguments by this evening and she will hear oral representations tomorrow.

Back at CPS, Henry asks Jake, “No jury at all?” but Jake argues that if Richmond gets her way they will be right back where they started . Kate is not sure their witnesses can go through it again. Henry says, “Judge only” and Jake adds that there is a precedent with Crown v Toomey. Kate says the trial continues and they lose nothing. Jake adds that Horgan tampered with the last jury and they are not going to give him a chance to do that again. Henry argues that 800 years of constitutional rights go out the window, asking Kate if she is OK with that. Kate explains that little girl’s mother has given evidence at 3 trials and she blames herself as much as Horgan . Henry does not think this is an argument, but Kate counters that Horgan tried to abuse the system and he won’t hide behind it now. Jake explains he just has to show a real and present danger of interference and that it will likely continue. Henry states trial by jury has been around since the Magna Carta and Jake wants to go in there tomorrow and tear it up? Jake asks if he is telling him not to do it, and Henry replies he is telling him that before he starts down t hat road, make damn sure he knows where he is going.

At Crown v Horgan day 14, Jake and Richmond argue this point to the judge, who says trial by jury only works if it is not compromised and this is not the case here. She agrees with Jake, under section 44 of the Criminal Justice Act 2003 she grants the application to discharge the jury. Richmond asks the judge to disqualify herself and appoint a new judge but Jake feels there is no need for that. Richmond states the judge has seen information about Horgan that the jury would not normally see but Jake thinks the judge can make that distinction. Richmond thinks there is a perception of bias.

At MIU headquarters, Joe gives Ronnie a list of Horgan’s visitors in the last fortnight. His mom and girlfriend are on the list,  and Ronnie sees a name on the list that gets his attention.

Later, Ronnie and Joe have Kris in interrogation who says he visited Horgan in prison as part of an outreach for spiritual guidance. Joe scoffs. Ronnie asks about the assault charge Kris beat 5 months ago, Joe adding it was where the victim changed his mind about his ID. Ronnie and Joe comments they showed him a photo of Horgan on the victim got real quiet, and he was terrified, asking if Horgan had anything to do with his memory failing. They continue to press and think Horgan told him to study the jury and pick a weak spot and push someone. He found Rebecca Waldman and then killed Harry Bernstein, and that Horgan called in his marker, and that is murder, conspiracy to subvert the course of justice, and they are talking a lot of years. Joe asks if Kris heard what he said, but Kris said he heard a lot of noise – yap yap yap like a terrier, or is it a mongrel? Joe leaps across the table and grabs Kris while Ronnie tries to break it up.

Later and outside, Joe and Ronnie explain to Wes they showed Kris’s photo to Bernstein’s wife, business partner, and the entire population of the garden and nothing. They can like Kris to Horgan and they have motive but can get him at the scene. Wes asks about the eyewitness, the boy Danny, but still nothing,

Back at CPS, Jake and Kate watch a news story with Henry about the judge’s ruling to dispense the jury and as Henry walks in they shut it off. Jake says Henry makes a good case, and Henry says they’ve drawn Justice Lockwood for the Horgan trial and he thinks Richmond is offering up a prayer of thanks. Jake thinks life sacrifices are more her thing. Henry counters that Jake rolled the dice. Jake says back “Be careful what you wish for, is that it?” Kate feels at least Horgan won’t be able to get to any more juries, Henry sternly states neither will they. They are trading on the jury’ emotions; no matter how many tears are shed in the witness box or how scary Horgan looks, no tricks, just them and Eleanor in front of someone who understands the law. He adds it won’t be him on the news to explain when they lose.

Outside, while protests take place who claim “no jury, no justice,” Jake and Kate walk through the area to the courthouse. Kate wonders if they are friends of Horgan, and Jake thinks only if they are armed. As they walk to the entrance they are stopped by Rebecca Waldman who tells them they don’t have to worry, she will answer the questions and relive that day over and over she doesn’t care. Kate reassures her and Rebecca says she prays every night the good lord will help her find it in her heart to forgive as she was taught. But she wants him to burn.

At Crown v Horgan, retrial day 1, the judge says it has been a rocky path and a voyage of discovery for them all and he trusts they won’t let the novelty go to their heads. He adds since he is the only gallery to whom they will be playing, he suggests the dispense with the usual verbal bells and whistles, no peacocking. Jake and Richmond acknowledge they understand. The trail restarts and Horgan pleads not guilty.

Later, Ronnie is giving evidence and states he arrested Horgan twice before and they had insufficient evidence. Ronnie mentions the CCTV footage and that Horgan parked his car near Baylor’s flat the night of the murder, and Richmond states that being there explains the carpet fibers on Horgan’s shoes matching Baylor’s hall carpet. Ronnie says yes but he also had motive. Richmond states there was no murder weapon or gunshot residue, and no conclusive physical evidence. Jake leaps up and says this sounds very much like a speech. The judge says he sounds very much like peacocking and tells Richmond to ask a question, telling her to watch herself, it only encourages him. They hand Ronnie a file and Richmond asks if he recognizes this, and Ronnie says yes, it’s his decision book. Jake asks for the relevance, and the judge lets it go as he wants to hear. Richmond asks Ronnie to read the highlighted section, He says that in decision #47, they interviewed Johnny Shackwell who may be associated with the victim Baylor and that the main line of inquiry was also ticked. Richmond asks who is Johnny Shackwell, and Ronnie explains is another dealer and Baylor robbed one of his mules. Richmond thinks this gives Shackwell motive but Ronnie says Shackwell didn’t shoot Baylor, he has no previous and has no possession of a firearm. Richmond states the truth is that Dale Horgan got under Ronnie’s skin so he pursued him, ignoring other lines of inquiry. Ronnie states no, pursuing him would have been a waste of his time, but Richmond thinks that is because it took Ronnie away from being here today with Horgan on trial for murder. Ronnie testifies that what he wants is for the killer of those two people to face justice. Richmond says if it makes up for all those other times, that’s just a bonus. Jake calls out to the judge but Richmond says she has nothing further.

Jake asks Ronnie if he considered Shackwell a suspect, and Ronnie states yes, but he was rejected as Johnny did not use guns. It would be out of character for him and he doesn’t threaten or intimidate. Horgan does it like other people breathe.

At Crown v Horgan for the reading of the verdict, the judge states the fact that Horgan has thus far evaded a prison sentence does not blind him to the sort of the man Horgan is. However, regardless of the obvious flaws in Horgan, the judge must concern himself with the facts in this case alone. Despite the weight of circumstantial evidence presented by the Crown, they have not met the burden of proof. Reasonable doubt exists. On counts one and two of murder, he finds Horgan not guilty. Some in the gallery applaud and Horgan is happy. Ronnie gets up and leaves.

Afterwards, Ronnie sits alone in a large, empty hall.

On the courthouse steps, Richmond talks to the press as Jake and Kate quickly walk by but when Jake stops to hear what Richmond is saying, Kate urges him away, saying this is not doing any good. They walk up to a waiting Ronnie and Jake pats him on the shoulder and keeps walking. As Ronnie walks off, Horgan approaches him and Ronnie asks if this is when Horgan does a bit of gloating. Horgan says he doesn’t need to. He won. He walks off. Joe approaches Ronnie to see Horgan move to get into a car, making a motion with his hand as if he was pointing a gun and shooting at Ronnie. Ronnie tells Joe that Horgan is laughing at them, and Joe says they’d better find a way to make him stop.

AT MIU headquarters, Joe speaks with Danny who says he tried but he just can’t remember. His mother tells him to try again, nothing bad is going to happen. Joe tells Danny he has his mom looking out for him, and his mom was like that. It didn’t matter what he did, right or wrong, he always knew she would be there and that is good to know. He continues to talk about his own personal experiences and then says Danny tag, “eyeris” is wicked and he likes it. As Jake, Ronnie and Wes watch on the video feed, Joe says he thought he could be Hawkeye based on his name. Danny says it is too many letters, he’d get caught. Joe says he should probably just stick to being a copper and he doesn’t have Danny’s ability for heights and getting his tag that high up on the side of car pack. Danny says it’s easy, he practices. Danny finally opens up and says he took the ramp as it was quicker as it didn’t matter, they were gone by then. Joe gently presses and asks what he saw. Danny is quiet.

Joe enters the observation room and tells Ronnie, Wes and Jake that Danny is there but Wes tells him to send him home. Joe asks to try one more thing and when Wes says he thinks he has done enough, reminding Joe he said if they push him too hard they can lose him entirely. But Jake seems to be with Joe so Wes agrees.

Joe takes Danny to the car park roof, and Danny recalls that it was windier that night but he had forgotten. Danny points to where he was on the building and he saw the car and the men, three of them, two were standing and one they were shouting at. He ducked down as he was scared, Joe reassures Danny he is helping. Danny walks over to the spot where the murder occurred and tells Joe he could hear them yelling. The other man was crying, begging "please." One of them said stop, he is making it harder, it was the man with the chain who was standing in front of the other man who was hurting him. The other man reached up and pulled the chain off.

Later, Joe calls in and tells Ronnie that Danny remembers it all, faces and everything, right down to one of the wearing a gold chain.

Back at MIU, Ronnie races down t he stairway and goes into the evidence room.

Later, they have Kris in interrogation, showing a piece from evidence that is a link from his gold chain that Harry pulled from his neck. Ronnie says it is easily missed and his guess is Kris drove over it when he left the car park and bent it out of shape. Joe adds that when Harry pulled the chain off, it took a bit of Kris’ skin with it, enough to get DNA trace which is enough to put him at the scene. Now they have an eyewitness and physical evidence, and that is murder and that is a lot of years. He asks Kris if he is still hearing that yapping noise, or is it something else. Ronnie says there is not a lot of wiggle room left and he knows he is scare. Billy Knowles is not there to stand trial so it is all on Kris and they know it wasn’t his idea and there is o reason for him to take the hit by himself. Ronnie asks him to tell them who gave him the order, it is the only card left Kris has to play. Kris, looking worried, says that he was told he just had to do this one thing. That he would never have to do anything again. Joe asks for a name.

Afterwards, Ronnie and Joe approach a tattoo parlor and Ronnie knocks on the window and Horgan, laying on the table being tattooed, looks up and sees the detectives and a look of concern comes over his face. Ronnie and Joe stand there, grinning.

Back at CPS, Jake and Kate enter Henry’s office and explains they picked up Horgan a half hour ago for conspiracy to commit murder and pervert. Henry comments maybe this time they can help that little girl’s mother find some peace. Kate says maybe, and Jake adds they WILL get him this time. Henry replies he knows.

As Ronnie and Joe leave MIU, Joe invites Ronnie to come to the pub with him and a bunch of the others. Ronnie politely declines and Joe says they will see him tomorrow. As Joe walks off, Ronnie calls him back and says it was a nice thing he did with Danny and how he got him to talk and maybe Joe can tell him about it sometime. They shake hands as Joe says he’d like that, and Ronnie states he will see him tomorrow. Ronnie walks off and Joe moves to walk away as we fade to black.

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