Thursday, March 13, 2014

Law & Order SVU “Gambler’s Fallacy” Recap & Review

“Gambler’s Fallacy” moved Law & Order SVU even further away from the usual procedural format with a story that has Amanda Rollins’s gambling addiction getting her into a career-jeopardizing situation. As there was no word that Kelli Giddish was leaving the series, most viewers knew going into this episode that somehow Rollins would not lose her job over her error in judgment. To counter that lack of suspense, the writers had the tough job of making her fall from grace - and still keeping her job - into something that viewers would believe. In this case, they did a fine job in weaving an interesting, complex story which gave Kelli Giddish a chance to shine.

The episode was made even more compelling with guest star Donal Logue, a fantastic actor who played both sides of the creepy club manager and undercover Lieutenant with amazing believability. His presence alone took the sting out of the obvious plot twist that he was not who he seemed. Law & Order SVU would really move up a notch in my mind if Donal was a regular.

Something clearly is happening to our beloved SVU team, however. They seem to be slowly losing their sense of good judgment as far as dealing with personal matters. The biggest loss of brains is with Rollins, for the obvious reasons. Addictions can make one take risks and also makes them think they can get away with anything. It’s bad enough Rollins gets behind on her gambling debts, but when she is recognized by a previous underage “special victim” working the club (and who also apparently has fallen back on old bad habits), Rollins is outed as a cop. Instead of biting the bullet and turn herself in, she agrees to do their bidding at first. She later offers sexual favors to one of the club managers, Declan O'Rourke,  in order to save her skin. We are given the impression that she gives him what he wants. Lucky for her we find later that she doesn’t have to go through with it. He’s working undercover and he tells Rollins now she’s got to play along with Sondra, the top manager at the club. This ultimately leads to Rollins getting evidence – a gun - out of the evidence room for a previous crime for one of the club guys, and later, to a rape. Already deep in a hole she can’t escape, Rollins uses questionable judgment when she obtains the evidence using the name of retired Detective Megan Wheeler (Julianne Nicholson’s character on Law & Order Criminal Intent) and then stupidly thinks that she can disguise herself from surveillance cameras just by covering her head with a cap. Desperate people do desperate things, and frequently desperate people, like Rollins, get caught.

Benson, as Sergeant and in charge of the SVU squad, is still trying to find the right balance in working with her detectives. She clearly is getting a little uncomfortable - is it jealousy? - with what she perceived as a brewing “thing” between Amaro and Rollins, telling Fin that “those two, I wish they’d just get a room already.” Granted, we don’t see every waking moment of these character’s lives, but I just don’t see any chemistry at all of that nature with Amaro and Rollins. At what point was Benson made aware of Rollins’ work undercover? Benson admits she lied to Fin and Amaro but when did the lying start? She seemed to know what was going on at the time Rollins was spotted by Amaro and Fin on the video at the Brazilian consulate. Did she know earlier, when Rollins first called in with the flu and Amaro and Fin questioned Benson about it? If so, what was Benson thinking by agreeing to allow a person with a serious gambling problem to get further involved in an undercover operation? I also question Benson’s decision to keep Rollins on the squad because of staffing issues. Rollins truly is a dirty cop and should be moved out. The fact that Declan was undercover changes nothing in my mind; Rollins was willing to go as far as she could to get out of her mess. It was only luck that Declan explained who he was before she had to actually service him. In my own real world experience, when I had an employee who was discovered to be doing something unethical, they were suspended immediately pending investigation, and then fired. It didn’t matter to me that we were short staffed at the time; the company's integrity had to be upheld.  In a job such as law enforcement where your staff is expected to uphold the law, one can’t keep an officer on staff who breaks it. Benson should not have allowed Rollins to stay.

Amaro appears to have delusions of a continued relationship with his wife. Benson drops the bomb on him that Maria, who is worried for Amaro, has been calling her. I’m not sure if I agree with Benson’s timing on bringing this up, and Amaro’s reaction was a little unsettling. Amaro also is mistrusting of Rollins, showing stalkerish behavior toward her. What Benson may have initially worried was a relationship developing with Amaro and Rollins was likely Amaro trying to find out what Rollins was really up to. Amaro’s mistrust is causing him to inappropriately investigate Rollins and it is making him out to be a control freak. His issues with his wife make him seem unstable. This may be the next personal problem to implode.

Fin, meanwhile, the only person who seems to have a stable and happy life, hands a wad of cash to Rollins to help pay down her debt. He should know better that one never gives a wad of cash to a person who has a gambling addiction as usually it will be used to gamble again.

The bottom line is now, nobody trusts Rollins, including the viewers of this episode. Only time will tell whether Rollins can redeem herself.

Here is the recap:

Mariska Hargitay – Sergeant Olivia Benson
Ice-T – Detective Odafin “Fin” Tutuola
Kelli Giddish - Detective Amanda Rollins
Danny Pino - Detective Nick Amaro
Raúl Esparza - ADA Rafael Barba

Guest stars:
Donal Logue - Lt. Declan Murphy/Declan O’Rourke
Stefanie Scott - Clare Wilson
Sherri Saum - Sondra Vaughn
Lothaire Bluteau - Anton Nadari
Federico Dordei - Marcelo Guarana
Michael Potts - Sergeant Cole Draper
Fernando Andrade – Beatriz Amarante
Benny Nieves – Calos Riva
John Mondin - Evidence Officer
Karen Tsen Lee – DNA Tech Susan Chung
Jacqui\eline Hendy – Attorney Crane
Caris Vujcec - Detective

Rollins gets ready to leave the SVU squad for the day. When Amaro comments she is leaving a little early, she tells him she is going to Niagara Falls and wants to get a head start. Fin tells her to check out the Canadian side, they have some wild clubs. She tells Fin it is more of a nature trip. Amaro asks if she is going by herself, and Rollins quickly states she is going with her dog Frannie, sarcastically adding  it is really romantic. Amaro asks that she knows she needs papers to take the dog across the border, and Rollins says she’s got it taken care of, calling Amaro “dad.” Amaro then says he will walk her out, he wants to catch the train to DC to see Zara. As he leaves with Rollins, Benson walks out of her office and comments to Fin “those two, I wish they’d just get a room already.” Fin laughs and says he will pretend he didn’t just hear her say that. Benson looks on with some apparent concern.

Later, Rollins pretties up and then heads to a more local secret gambling club. She is playing blackjack and another man also at the table, Marcelo, begins to touch the cocktail waitress who looks at Rollins. Rollins looks back at her and they recognize each other as cop and Clare Wilson, an underage girl part of a previous special victims case. Rollins declines the man’s offer of a drink, saying she should call it a night.

Clare walks into the office and tells one of the managers, Declan O’Rourke, that the blond woman is a cop. Soon afterwards, Declan and one of his muscle guys, Carlos, approaches Rollins as she is cashing out and asks if she is leaving early. She says she is quitting while she is behind. He orders her to come with him. Rollins comments she is not counting cards, if she was, she wouldn’t be down $15,000. But Declan won’t take no for an answer.

He, along with the Carlos, force Rollins into the office where the other manager, Sondra, is waiting. Declan and Carlos pull guns on her and then Declan motions for her to be silent, then rips open Rollins' shirt to check for a wire. He sees there is none, but Rollins looks worried.

As Sondra looks at Rollins' badge and notices she is a detective,  Rollins explains she is there off duty – no gun, no wires, no worries. Declan reminds her she is the one down 15 grand and is also the one standing there half naked with a gun to her head. He introduces himself and says he is pleased to meet her, and Rollins counters that he does not want to threaten a cop. He asks why not, she’s manky. she’s dirty. He thinks she in investigating them but she insists she is there off duty and it has nothing to do with her job. Sondra says it does now. Rollins claims she is making good on it, she has OT. Sondra wants her to prove she is not an informer. Declan says he has a test for her and if she passes, they can discuss how she can work off her debt. Rollins asks if she can do it with her shirt on so Declan hands her back her shirt.

The next day, back at SVU, Rollins is at her desk on her computer and Amaro arrives noticing Rollins’ hairstyle from the night before and he asks about it. She explains it is au naturale. He comments she is in early, asking if Niagara Falls was that bad. She tells him she didn’t make it, saying Frannie got carsick. Amaro sees she is in the DMV database and she says a friend of hers keeps getting tickets even though he parks in a garage and she is just checking it out for him. Amaro cautions her to be careful with favors, she knows how IA can be, whispering that they track everything.

Amaro walks into the men’s restroom where Fin is standing over a sink. Amaro asks if he had a rough weekend, and Fin says no, it was dope. Amaro asks him if he’s noticed anything off with Rollins, saying that Rollins never made it to Niagara Falls and now she is in early looking at some guy’s parking tickets. Fin says she met a dude, good for her. But Amaro comments that she is already checking tickers for him? Fin wonders why Amaro is so interested, asking if he has something going for Rollins. Amaro says of course not. Benson knocks on the door and then opens it, calling them gossip girls and tells them that they caught a suspect on those push in rapes, it is a juice delivery guy. She motions them out.

Later, Rollins is back at the club. Declan tells Rollins there were a dozen more last night. Rollins exclaims is not her precinct but she did find out when they do their blitzes. Declan says that’s brilliant but he needs the tickets to go away. Rollins objects, saying you can’t fix tickets anymore, they will track it right to her. Sondra tells her she has one more chance. Declan shows Rollins a file and explains that the woman in the photo has been selected by the state of New York to serve as a juror. Sondra adds that it is a victimless crime – insurance fraud - and they want to help her come to the right decision. Rollins is immediately concerned and Sondra tells Rollins that her boss needs her address. Rollins raises her voice and questions that they want the home address of a juror? Sondra motions yes. Rollins continues to raise her voice and states that of she gets caught, she loses EVERYTHING. Declan reminds her they have footage of her gambling in an illegal club – she’s lost everything. He orders Rollins to find her and when she does, to text him a picture and the address, holding out a cell phone for her to take. Rollins reluctantly takes it.

At New York City Civil Court, Rollins tracks the juror from there all the way home, but when she sees that the woman has a disabled son, she deletes the photos she’s taken.

Later, she tells Declan that she could not find the woman. But Declan calls her bluff, showing that Carlos followed her and took pictures, she led them right to her. He grabs Rollins by the hair and she says they can’t do this, the woman has a son and they need to leave her alone. He asks her who would pay the medical bills for her son, adding they are not threatening her, they are helping her. He says Rollins is not helping herself. She gets in his face and shouts that she is not doing anything that will get somebody hurt. He replies he guesses it is over, asking who should he call, her Sergeant? IAB? He adds that jail time for a cop is not a pleasant thing. Before he can dial the phone she frantically tells him to wait. She stands close to him and suggests maybe t here is some other way they can work this out. Declan has Carlos leave the room. Declan sits down in a chair and props up his phone to video the action, and Rollins states that he can’t record this. He reminds her she is not calling the shots, he is. He tells her to come here, and she reluctantly moves toward him. He pulls her down to her knees.

At a later time, Sondra talks to Marcelo at another table, and warns him he’d better make good tonight, her boss is getting impatient. He nods and as Sondra walks off, she tells Clare that Marcelo is cut off from drinks, that’s his last one. Clare tells Sondra to tell Marcelo to keep his hands off her ass. Sondra walks back into the office and asks if everything is OK. Rollins appears to be fixing her shirt and Declan says she passed the third test, she went low and beyond the call of duty. He tells Sondra not to give him the look, now they know she’s not working undercover. Sondra tells him to get out and watch the floor. Sondra pours a drink and tells Rollins whatever she just did for him, she won’t have to do it again. She hands Rollins the drink. Rollins thanks her and sits down, and tells Sondra she will only work for her and to make sure Declan knows that. Sondra thinks he got the message. She pours Rollins another drink. Rollins says her show is impressive and that her club is not on the radar at the NYPD. Sondra asks why would she be, she is an Ivy league educated art history major. Sondra, who is pregnant, says her boy will not have to grow up the way she did. Sondra asks Rollins if she asks herself what it is she wants out of life. Rollins thinks this doesn’t seem so bad. Sondra thinks she can do well for herself here, if she can let go of her working class morality, asking if she can do that. Rollins asks if she can let go of her debt. Sondra says she can work it off. Rollins. As she gets up to leave, she asks how long she has worked with Declan,  Sondra says two years. Rollins asks if she trusts him, and Sondra asks if there is a reason why she shouldn’t. Rollins suggests she not take a long maternity leave; her world is like her own, you work your asses to get where they are and a man comes around and thinks everything should be handed to them. Rollins leave as Sondra ponders that statement.

Back at SVU, Benson is on the phone telling the caller they do know they are spread very thin here. She then says she understands and she’s got it. Fin knocks on the door and asks if she has a second for him and Amaro. She motions them in, and Amaro says she has a problem. Benson asks “I have a problem?” Fin explains that Amaro is worried about Rollins, and Benson seems to think it is about the flu. But Fin says she wasn’t answering her phone so they went over to her place with some soup and she wasn’t there. Amaro tracked her cell to a warehouse near the Navy yard and she was talking to some guy that looked Irish mob to him and he thinks it is a gambling club. Fin pipes in that they don’t know that. Amaro goes on to say that Rollins got out pretty late and Fin argues that it might be nothing. Benson cuts them off and thanks them for coming in, she appreciates it and she will take care of it. Fin and Amaro look at each other and Fin walks out. Benson gets up and closes the door and tells Amato she appreciates his concern but she does have a problem with him tracking Rollins’ cell and following her. Amaro claims he did not want to take any chances, not after what happened to her. He insists he is not stalking Rollins, but Benson comments it is funny he should say that. She explains that Maria has been calling her and is worried about him. She asks if there is anything he wants to tell her about. Amaro says he is sorry she pulled her in and she won’t have to do call her again. Benson says good, then tells him to stay away from Rollins too. Amaro walks out of her office and says “yes Sergeant.”

Back at the club, Declan tells Rollins she has one more task: Marcelo, the Brazilian, needs a lift home. When Rollins gets uncomfortable with that, Declan tells her not to flatter herself, he’s not into trailer trash. Rollins takes the car keys and then tells Declan and Sondra that the waitress that ratted her out is 16. Sondra chastises Declan who then says he will take care of it.

Meanwhile, Rollins drives Marcelo back to his home and when she asks Marcelo how they are working him, he explains he is a diplomat with immunity and says he is not going to pay; he owes so much they need him. They get to his home and Marcelo gives her the security code, saying it is hitme44863. The gate opens and Marcelo's wife is there and not happy to see Rollins, who explains she is the designated driver. They all enter the home and sit Marcelo down. Rollins complements the place but his wife says none of it belongs to them,  it belongs to the Brazilian government. She tells Rollins she can go now and to tell them not to call her anymore and to not let him back in their club. She adds her husband has his problems “but you people are worse.” She orders Rollins to get out. Rollins leaves and then gets a message on her phone.

She meets up with Fin in a bar who doesn’t believe she’s had the flu and is skeptical when Rollins says she took a couple mental health days. He offers her his support as far as money but she declines, saying she is moonlighting security as a club. He asks if the club has cards, and then asks if they are asking her to do anything like addresses or licenses and can she just walk away. She says soon, but he reminds her if he is noticing, so are others and this is going to come down on her. She insists she has it under control, and he says she knows where to find him as he offers her a wad of cash. She takes it. He says whatever she is doing he wants her to stop now, he’s not ready for another partner. As Fin leaves, Declan and Carlos come over to Rollins and Declan comments that her partner cares and it’s touching. Rollins hands him the cash and replies she said she’d get rid of him and she did, he didn’t have to come. Declan cautions if Fin keeps nosing around, then it’s a problem. She thinks maybe it is time for her to get out, but Declan says it is too late, Sondra needs another favor. He explains that Carlos got himself into a jam driving a client home a while back. Carlos said he was caught in a speed trap with an unlicensed gun and it was as set up. Rollins says she doesn’t work for the DA but Declan wants her to make the gun go away and with it, the case. She stands up and asks Carlos to confirm he has no record or priors and he insists he does not. Declan asks her to see what she can do.

Later, Rollins goes to the evidence room, wearing her hair up in a cap, and signs in as Detective Wheeler to get the gun. She notices the camera.

She brings the gun to Sondra who tells her this takes care of the interest on her debt this week. Carlos asks since the charges were dropped, his DNA is not in the system, and Rollins explains it never was, it only goes into CODIS unless there is a conviction. Sondra asks when is her next shift at SVU, and Rollins says it is tonight but she can’t take any more sick days, her Sergeant is on her. Sondra asks if there is any chance she can pull a double, and Declan asks if there is something he should know about. Sondra replies if he needed to know about it she would have told him, then tells Rollins she will be in touch.

Back at SVU, Rollins is at her desk playing Solitaire on her computer and Amaro asks her if she’s seen the clock. She says she has a few things to clean up here. A call comes in and Fin takes it, and Rollins recognizes the address as the Brazilian diplomat’s home. She says she’ll take the call, that the guys have been carrying her weight for a while. Fin says he will come with her, and Amaro looks suspicious.

At the scene, Fin and Rollins hear that it is the Brazilian diplomat’s home, the perp used the security key pad, enters, pulls a gun, ties the husband up and rapes the wife. He took some cash but left her jewelry and electronics. Major case is sending over their art crimes expert to assess the stolen art work. Fin listens to Marcelo complain about what took them so long, and Marcelo sees Rollins and his eyes grow wide. Rollins states she is going to take the wife. As Marcelo explains to Fin what happened, Rollins slowly walks up the stairs and overhears what is said. Marcelo states, contrary to what he said to the first detective, that now the intruder wore a mask and he did not see his face. Rollins speaks to his wife Beatriz who is clearly upset when she recognizes Rollins and recoils, thinking that she is there to put pressure on her. She says she gets the message and knows what to do Rollins stoops down and touches her arm. Beatriz slaps it away in horror, and then says she doesn’t remember anything and then asks to go. Rollins walks off.

Later, on the scene with the Rollins, Amaro, and Fin, Benson questions that the diplomat told the responding detectives that he saw the rapist’s face but then told Fin the rapist was wearing a mask. She asks how is the wife, and Rollins comments that she shut down, suggesting she was in shock. Fin thinks they know the perp and are afraid of them, Amaro adding that the assailant knew them and their door code and which paintings to steam. Benson wonders if the rape was to throw them off – and Amaro wonders if it was to send a message. Rollins offers to pull the front door security video and check for other cameras on the block.

Back at SVU, Rollins races through some video as Fin asks if there was anything on the front door. Rollins explains that video is gone and the perp must have taken it but she has another camera from across the street. Fin tells her to slow down, she’s going so fast he can’t see a thing. She assures hum she has this and asks if he has anything from the lab. Fin explains that the victim wouldn’t do a rape kit and CSU recovered semen and hair from t he crime scene and they are running the DNA. Amaro enters and advises he visited the Brazilian consulate and they were less than helpful. Fin gets off the phone and says they got a hit on the DNA, and it is Carlos Riva. Rollins is shocked. Fin says he just had a gun charge dropped, but Rollins asks how did they have his DNA then? Fin explains Carlos had a misdemeanor charge last fall for stalking in the fourth degree. He got plead down to domestic assault Amaro comments that it is a good thing New York finally authorized all crimes DNA. Rollins uncomfortable says he must not have realized that, he must have thought that once the gun charge was dropped his DNA would not be in the system. Fin quips that they are looking for a dummy. Amaro notices Carlos was a driver at a Chelsea art gallery and suggests they follow up with the gallery to see if he still works there. Rollins is getting more nervous and then says she’s been on 16 hours. Fin tells Rollins to go home and he and Amaro have this. She races off and Fin says to Amaro, “Whatever you’re thinking – don’t.”

Fin and Amaro are at Nadari Gallery and speak with the owner Anton Nadari. He looks at the photo of Carlos but says he doesn’t recognize him. He doesn’t deal with the delivery men and can check if he worked for security. Amaro continue to press to get the address but Anton blows them off. As Amaro and Fin move to leave, Amaro asks if he is familiar with a painter Beatriz Amarante. Anton says she is one of Brazil’s significant talents. Amaro asks if he carries his work, and he says no, she is not on their radar.

Outside, Fin notes that Carlos works in an art gallery and the Brazilian art was stolen. Amaro thinks it is strange Carlos just had a gun charge dismissed yesterday for lack of evidence.

At the club, Rollins yells at Declan, realizing they had the gun charges dropped so Carlos could rape his wife without worrying about leaving DNA. Declan explains this had nothing to do with him, this was all Sondra. Sondra looks satisfied and Rollins walks up to her and questions that she ordered an assault on an innocent woman. Sondra coldly says she had fair warning and so did he’ Marcelo thought he was untouchable and they had to send him a message. Declan shouts that it was stupid, that’s why he’s supposed to be part of these decisions and now Sondra has compromised an asset. Sondra asks why does he think she is here? Declan says she raises red flags because of this cock-up and they have Carlos’ DNA. Sondra blame it on Rollins,  who then screams that Carlos looked her in the eye and told her he had no record. Sondra laughs, saying he lied, he’s a criminal! She tells Rollins she should have run his name through the computer before she told them his name was out of the system. She orders Rollins to clean it up, and when Rollins asks what if she says no, Sondra throws back at her the stealing of the gun from evidence. She says that is a felony. Declan wonders how Rollins can fix this but Sondra says Rollins will come up with something. Rollins says she will need a DNA sample form Carlos. Sondra calls him in.

Later, Rollins passes along the DNA sample to the lab tech. She says it was from a man the victim was having an affair with. She tries to use the fact that the victim’s husband is a diplomat and it is a routine suspect elimination which would avoid a diplomatic nightmare.

Meanwhile, Amaro is looking at the video footage from when the gun was taken from evidence and clearly sees it is Rollins signing in as Megan Wheeler who retired 4 years ago.

Afterwards, Amaro and Fin bring the bad news to Benson, showing Rollins on the evidence video and two nights ago at the consulate. Fin also mentions Rollins bringing in the elimination DNA sample. When Amaro asks if she knows what this means, she snaps that she know what this means and she will handle it. She tells them to stop digging now and not to tip Rollins off and pretend everything is normal. When Amaro begins to object. She says she is commanding officer and this is on her. Amaro leaves the office. Fin stays behind to tell Benson that he would never go behind her back, but Rollins needs to know that they know. He is her partner, and if it was Amaro, Elliot…Benson looks back at him and doesn’t answer.

Later, at a bar, Benson and Fin speak with Rollins who says she gets it. But Benson is skeptical, saying that Rollins fixed a rape case and asks if she knew that beforehand. Rollins says “No, I swear to god.” Benson retorts, “Well that doesn’t mean much, coming from you.” Fin suggest she turn herself in to IAB and she says they will put her in prison. Benson agrees they will, saying she got involved with this crowd and had to know nothing good would come of it. Rollins explains she was trying to work herself out of it and just be done. Benson emphasizes she IS done, and she is here as a courtesy to Fin, she is calling IAB. When Benson moves to leave. Rollins stands up to stop her and asks if she can turn herself in and just give her a few hours to figure out something with Frannie. Benson says 8:00 AM tomorrow morning, whatever she has been doing or whoever she has been working with it is over, she is taking Rollins in. Rollin gives a sad look to Fin who looks sadly back at her.

Elsewhere, Amaro approaches Declan who is outside his car and punches him in the gut. He tells him to stay away from Rollins. Declan, who had dropped to the ground, asks Amaro if he is the boyfriend, saying Rollins isn’t half bad, once you get past the used part.

At the club, Rollins explains to Declan and Sondra that they are not just taking her shield, she is an accessory to rape and that means prison time. Sondra said she never met Rollins and if she tries to cut a deal, her boss will put a bullet in her head. She says he’s done it before, citing a cop from the 12th who ate his gun, it wasn’t a suicide. Rollins grabs a gun and points it at Sondra’s pregnant tummy, telling her if she doesn’t think she will shoot, she doesn’t know her at all. Declan tries to calm things but Sondra tells him to shut up. Rollins tells him to put his gun on the desk and also his drop gun. She asks him to step back and keep his hands up. She tells Sondra she needs to see her boss to get out of the country. She tells Sondra to call him and tell him she needs to see him. Sondra does so.

Later, they meet up with the boss – Anton Nadari – at the gallery, and Rollins still has a gun pointed at Sondra’s tummy. She tells Declan to get Anton’s gun and put it on the table. When Anton voices concern over the baby, Rollins realizes he is the father, telling Sondra nice work. Rollins wants a passport and a million dollars, and Anton asks what fantasy world is she living in. She mentions all his galleries are laundering money and Sondra says they can wire her the money. She also wants a jet, saying she will go as far as she can get and she is taking Sondra with her as insurance. Sondra says she is too far along to fly, and Rollins claims yes she can, because IAB is on to her. Rollins states tomorrow they will be in Switzerland or Sondra will be giving birth to a baby boy in prison.

Declan seems to move toward the gun on the desk. Sondra tells Anton they have enough, they should all go. Sondra bends over in pain and Rollins tells her to sit down. Declan moves a chair in so Sandra can sit and while Rollins is distracted he grabs the gun and hits Rollins in the face with it, knocking her to the floor. He grabs her gun and points a gun at Rollins while Anton tends to Sondra. Anton tell him to kill her, but Declan points one of the guns at Sondra and Anton, and, speaking with an American accent, tells them both to get their hands in the air. He says he is Lt. Declan Murphy, NYPD. He points the other gun at Rollins and says they are all under arrest.

At a later date with IAB, the video Declan took of Rollins moving to service is playing. When Rollins had knelt to the floor, Declan stopped her and, speaking without his accent, he told her whatever she was planning to give him, he is not interested and he does not want her claiming he ever was. He explains he works for Manhattan vice. She asks if he has a shield and he replies not when he is working. He adds that the color of the day is green; the date of her appointment to NYPD was 6/22/2011, she was winked in, in exchange for some dead weight they shipped off to Atlanta. She asked if he is going to turn her in, and Declan said he should, but he is not risking two years of undercover work because of a dirty cop. He adds this is how this plays out: Sondra wants a pretty detective running errands for her and that is exactly what she will do. Rollins will have to report directly to him, officially on loan to vice. She agrees. Declan turns off the recording and tells IAB Sergeant Cole Draper that at that point on, Rollins was a fully operating UC. Draper questions Declan that he had an NYPD officer involved in a criminal enterprise, he should have come straight to them. Declan counters that he took 2 years trying to connect Sondra to Nadari and Rollins did it in three days. Draper brings up the way she did it, mentioning the rape and asks if Rollins knew about that. She states she didn’t and is sick about it. Declan adds he will regret it to the end of his days. Draper says he understands they have Riva in custody and Declan says they got DNA through proper channels and Riva will plead to rape 1 and grand larceny. Draper notes that Anton put him up to it, a man the NY Times just profiled as a superstar international art dealer. Declan says it was a cover story, the illegal gambling was just the tip of the iceberg, the Feds and the NYPD accountants are having a field day going through his financials. Declan says he has his entire confession from wire in a ring he wore in the gallery. Rollins says they will get him on money laundering or theft, art forgery, extortion, rape, murder of a cop, and his pregnant accomplice is turning state’s evidence. Draper comments she’s the pregnant woman Rollins pulled a gun on. Declan comments that he is sure Draper understands that is the nature of undercover work, sometimes you have to violate protocol and use questionable methods to obtain results. Draper testily says the ends justify the means, and Declan replies that’s right. Draper closes his file and counters he wishes it were that simple. He informs them he is taking this upstairs and they haven’t heard the end of this. Declan comments that given Rollin’s exemplary performance, she’ll keep her shield or HE will take it upstairs. Draper says nothing and then walks out the door. Rollins gives a slight smile to Declan.

Outside, Rollins tells Declan he could have busted her when she first walked inside the club and saved himself a lot of grief. He replies he could have but when she came in that back room, he saw someone who was about to hit rock bottom, Rollins claims her higher power was looking out for her. Declan doesn’t know about that but he does know this, Declan Murphy believes in the possibility of redemption, that one or two venal sins don’t define you and the choice is hers, hoping she makes better decisions than she had lately. Rollins asks how much her Sergeant knows about how they met, and Declan says he finessed it but that Benson is smart, he suggests Rollins come clean and stay clean. She nods her head. He takes her hand, and tells her “May the road rise to meet you, detective.” He walks off.

Back at SVU, Rollins is trying to explain all this to Amaro and Fin, asking what is she supposed to do, she was working undercover. Fin is upset that she didn’t tell him, and Amaro asks if Benson knew. Rollins replies that Benson had to. Fin is upset that Rollins couldn’t trust him, asking how did vice know where she was? Amaro tells Fin to let it go. Rollins stands up and shouts that they deserve to know, and just as she seems to be ready to spill it, Benson calls her into her office.

In Benson’s office, Benson tells Rollins she is not happy about any of this; she had to lie to Fin and lie to Amaro. A woman was raped. Lt.  Murphy swore that neither he nor Rollins knew about that. Rollins says she didn’t and there was no way she would have gone along with this had she known. Benson questions how Rollins wound up working undercover in a gambling club? Rollins sighs and says she already knows, she fell behind at the club and they found out she was a cop and used it as leverage. She just got lucky that Lt. Murphy was UC. Benson says Lt. Murphy may trust her – but she doesn’t. Rollins looks ready to cry. Benson adds if they weren’t short staffed she would transfer her – today. Benson gives her an icy glare. Rollins replies that she deserves that. She pauses and then shrugs, fighting the tears, saying she doesn’t know if she can get back to her good graces but she will try. Benson coldly replies, “Okay. We’re done here” and she sits down at her desk. Rollins exits the office to see Fin and Amaro turn and stare at her. As she seems to be thinking about what happens next, we fade to black.

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Jamha said...

I agree. There is really no earthly way that the SVU team could continue to function after the events of the past couple of seasons. Apart from Ice-T's character, each one of them has tarnished their career and ruined their credibility with each other and with the system on multiple occasions.

Seriously, I feel like everyone on the show has been investigated by IAB. Considering how many 'high-profile cases' they get assigned, the chances that these things will be rubbed in their faces by defense attorneys is basically 100%.

Rollins is the worst example recently since she actually is corrupt (while the others just showed bad judgment) but I would hate to have Amaro, Benson, or Cassidy assigned to any of my cases because of all of the baggage they have and how vulnerable they are to having their secrets and mistakes used against them. It's gotten to the point where the quality of their actual investigations might not even matter any more -- any judgment call they make from now on (and these kinds of cases are held together by judgment calls) can be easily called into question.

Icy said...

@Jamha- keep in mind this show is fiction, it's not real. What happens in real life doesn't always happen on this show.

SVU is not in any danger of being cancelled, from what I've seen. It's in the category of being renewed.

All cop shows have a distortion of reality, none of them are 100 percent correct. It's fiction and it's not reality it's just a show. Bending the rules does apply.

Nothing is 100 percent accurate

Vim said...

First, let me say that from my point of view when it comes to acting talent Kelli Giddish is second only to the Raúl Esparza. Together with Donal Logue they created something really worth watching. That said, I really think that Rollins should be either fired, demoted to uniformed or at least transfered out of SVU. Why?
1) Let start with the fact even if in the end she helped catch bad guys, at first she was ok to work for them - her credibility in any future case in which she would testified can be questioned .
2) After that rape she definitly shouldn't go to the victim house - her presence there traumatise victim further - as SVU she shouldn't allow something like that to ever to happen
3) Is NYPD really OK with getinng evidence/confession at gun pointed to the unborn children? Because to me in such situation most people would confess to the assassination of Kennnedy.

PS I would really like to know what happened to her before she started working in NY
PS2 Sorry for my bad english.

MorbidPet said...

I loved this episode so frickin much. It was awesome. Sure Rollins did wrong but I still love that character. She got flaws just like me and - don't get me wrong I like Benson - she's not superwoman like Olivia. Man she was desperate, willing to go down on him even, geesh. But that's how much her works means to her, and she wasn't willing to let another person get hurt. I'm not defending what she did - okay a little - she was clearly out of bounds but I'm so happy she's still around.
Liv's comment about them getting a room was totally inappropriate. Bad boss. And so many hints towards Amaro & Rollins I felt my Finanda ship sinking. And the Rolivia ship has certainly sunk, it's not even a submarine. Man was Tmblr raging about that.
Donal was awesome. And Kelli. Frickin awesome. Oh there was just so much awesomeness in that ep it's my favorite of the season. Yupp. I stand by it.
And about when Liv found out about Rollins UC I think it was the phone call right before Fin & Amaro stepped in to rat her out. She said something to whoever was calling about 'you know we are spread pretty thin here' so I'm guessing that's when she found out. I get she has to be strict as a boss but man is boss Benson a meanie.

Unknown said...

This episode was epic and as a whole it was the most intense i have seen this season...It was well written and the plot twists were so effctive! i did not see any of it coming!!

1) Kelli Giddish -as always- delivered and showed-hopefully- to the sceptical and unfair fans that she is worth their respect and the position she filled was EARNED. I really wish fans would stop having gold-fish memory and next time an amanda centric episode comes by we wont have to read the same "Kelli Giddish cant act , she hasnt showed any talent, she is a joke and we want her gone" comments. I really hope that the hardcore svu fans, though they have their hearts set on eliot, liv etc they can be fair and acknowledge that though Amanda deserves criticism Kelli is an ACTOR and a GOOD one and she deserves respect and support.

2)Svu ,as pointed out in a previous comment, is not very realistic cuz it is JUST A SHOW...relax and enjoy...

Jamha said...

Did I actually use the word realism? I don't care if SVU is realistic or not. It doesn't have to be realistic portrayal of law and police but I feel like it should be realistic portrayals of human beings. That's the only criticism I have of this episode (which was otherwise gripping) -- the ending, it didn't feel like something these characters would say or do.

Chris Zimmer said...

FYI - Deleted scene with Benson and Clare:

Lisa said...

Ill be glad when bitchy benson goes away she has been downright mean. its like watching a Jealous teenager act out.

Laurie F said...

Rollins should be fired. Period. Her gambling is too big of an issue to look past because of staff problems. She was willing to do anything sexual for Declan and that's worse. Going to talk to the rape victim as a detective that Rollins saw previously under the guise of being a club member - OUTRAGEOUS. TOUCHING the rape victim, even more outrageous. Threatening a pregnant woman with a gun - loaded or not - even undercover too - is wrong wrong wrong. I would have less problem with this episode had she been canned at the end. There is no excuse for them to keep her on in the face of such horrible behavior. You are right Chris, she was willing to do anything even before she knew Declan was in law enforcement.She cannot be trusted with anything.

I have always liked Donal. Get rid of Dean Winters (sorry Dean, but Cassidy has become a tired character now) and bring in Donal. This show needs a cast with SPARK and he would bring it.

It would help if Raul actually appeared on the show in more than the credits.

Nice story though, they worked it out well - up until her keeping her job, that is.

Is someone giving Benson crabby pills? Why are they making her so cold and stern? Is it the stereotype that all women bosses have to be cold and bitchy? Mistake, I say. They're ruining the Sarge!

Turns out the only one whose radar was working correctly was Amaro. He was "stalkerish" but he has had Rollins number for a lot longer than the others.

CLA said...

If Amanda Rolliuns is no longer widely loved by fans of SVU after this episode then .... I think Amanda is a nuisance within the squad. She never fit in it. And Olivia Benson is not evil, nor shrew. Simply, it is at the moment, the new squadron commander. And Commander, have to command. Close your eyes to irregularities and violations of his subordinates is not unreasonable. But as SVU is fiction, I think Rollins will continue.

Cath T said...

I really enjoyed this episode. All the actors regular and main guests brought their "A" game to their performances.

Giddish was brilliant and Pino seemed to be channelling a little Armadillo Quintero from The Shield.

I am actually someone who does see some chemistry between Rollins and Amaro but despite Benson's concern about a brewing relationship and other allusions throughout the episode I don't think that's what it is. Amaro knew something was not right with Rollins and has been keeping a close eye on her, perhaps too close. Despite his personal issues his strong instincts are still intact.

I believe there is more to come with Nick & Maria as his response to Benson was curt and dismissive and not very convincing.

This episode did require major suspension of disbelief because even though Rollins was undercover her actions I would imagine should have resulted in instant dismissal not just a transfer to another unit.

Still I come from a workplace where my married boss had an affair with a married subordinate (they have left their partners and now live together) caused untold disruption to the workplace and both ended up promoted! Go figure!

All in all a very good episode.

TrueBeliever said...

The fact that Rollins kept her job just means she's going to have a horrible time trying to win back the squad's trust. More drama = the beating heart of television. There was no way they were going to get rid of her. Giddish's performance was great.

Generally a good/compelling episode but I, too, am getting annoyed with Benson's attitude. They're making her character out to be a person that, after watching 14.5 seasons of the show, is not true to who she is. No matter what she's gone through, Liv isn't the kind of person who gets mean. She shuts people out and tries to handle things herself, but she's not petty or hurtful. Her lines seem to be heading in that direction, especially her comments about Amaro and Rollins. Put simply, that's not Liv, PTSD or not. Rollins deserved the talking-to she got from Benson at the end of the episode and I don't blame Benson for not trusting her, but I don't even think the job justifies turning Benson into the grouchy squad leader.

And where the heck is Barba?

Flitzy said...

I haven't been a fan of the gambling storyline but oh. my. god, this was amazing. I love Donal Logue, he made this episode so good.

It felt like a L&O: CI episode with the pacing and music and I loved the callback to Det. Wheeler.

God, the end was just like WELL JUST SLAP ME UPSIDE THE HEAD WHY DON'T YOU, holy.

Cath T said...

I get the feeling the gambling storyline has probably finished now although there may be some "recovery" issues yet to be dealt with.

As for Amaro I think he is suffering from delusional disorder where on the surface all seems well and he appears to be functioning normally but his psyche is all screwed up and the trigger was the shooting of the 14 year old boy.

Amaro has displayed paranoia in the past and strongly believed Maria was cheating on him so his brain is wired that way already. An incident such as the shooting of that kid could easily cause a brain snap in a susceptible individual.

Olivia tried to get him to talk to her shrink but he declined saying he talks to his priest. Not the same thing at all.

The guy needs professional help.

Jamha said...

I don't think that Benson was being unreasonable at any point in this episode. It's not entirely her fault that the SVU team has turned into a circus. She has to go through the equivalent of an audit every couple of weeks because her team can't avoid compromising situations (liaisons with hookers, gambling, working with/for crime lords, etc.) It would be unnatural if she wasn't a little testy.

I think the only weakness that this episode may have had with that is that we didn't get to see any of it from Benson's POV. Giddish was great and the decision to show things mostly from her character's perspective was smart but it did make Benson's character less relatable because she had to play the role of Stern Superior the whole time without any Concerned Friend peeking through.

CLA said...

In SVU site on Facebook, the vast majority loved the episode. For many it was the best this season. But I also read many reclamaçções about the new role of Olivia, as a sergeant. Almost nobody is enjoying this new phase of Olivia. We know that in their new status as head of the squad she has to be tough. She's right. But fans love SVU Olivia by his compassion, his tenderness .. Olivia has always been passionate about her work, chasing rapists. She was always loving, tender, sweet with victims. And she is far from it. Want to see it in the field, persegundo rapists. That's what she does best. Seen so many people asking output Rollins. Do you think she went too far. And they want to see SVU returning to investigate sex crimes and not highlighting the personal problems of his detectives.Anyway the episode was a success. And everyone is looking forward to the next one, which will Alec Baldwin.

Icy said...

@Lisa- Sorry that's not happening, she's not being that way. She's tough, and isn't acting like a jealous teenager.

What would she had to be jealous of anyways, nothing.

If anything it's Nick and Amanda and need to stop acting like teenagers..

TrueBeliever said...

@Icy - I agree, Benson has to be tough because she's in charge and aside from Fin, the squad has gone completely loopy. But I think they need to balance her stern leader persona with the compassionate Benson we all fell in love with over the past 14 years. Maybe in episode 19 with the return of Baby Doe?

Cath T said...

Something that isn't being taken into account is that Benson doesn't have someone to delegate to.

Cragen had Munch and most likely Benson when Munch departed. Benson doesn't have a 'right hand man'. Fin is probably helping as best he can but I don't see him as taking on much of an admin role.

Benson is carrying a lot more on her shoulders at the moment than Cragen ever had to and probably for a lot less pay. She is really an 'acting Captain'. That would make anybody a bit testy and like it or not it is still a fact that women in roles of power do have to ramp up the toughness aspect to be taken seriously. When they do however, they are viewed as bitches but men in the same situation are seen as strong. It is the age old double standard.

As for Nick & Amanda behaving like teenagers I don't see that myself. I see two flawed human beings. One dealing with a serious addiction and the other a mental health disorder. The difference being Amanda knows she has a problem but Nick is yet to realise it. Amanda is now in the better position of the two. She can start doing something about her issues if she so chooses and I think she will.

Nick's issues are more subtle and not readily apparent to those around him because on the surface he seems fine. It is going to take someone else to realise he has a serious problem because he's not going to see it in himself. So far Maria seems to be the only one 'worried' about him although I suspect Olivia is beginning to sense something isn't right.

LlamaJ said...

I didn't take Amaro's actions to be stalkerish. Watching this episode and not knowing that Rollins was UC, I was happy that SOMEONE was picking up on her fishy behavior. Benson seemed clueless (of course we find out later why, assuming she know about the UC from early on). Rollins' gambling issues have been a problem in the past, so I think it would be normal for the other detectives to be vigilant about her behavior that might seem odd.

Lisa said...

Sorry to all you olivia lovers she is being a bitch plain in simple and she is mean and childish like that snarky comment abot rollins and aaro getting a room would she have liked that said about her and elliot. its like she has forgetten (as has also her fans)that she has done some pretty awful unethical things to include making sure 2 innocent men went to jail and committing perjury , so before people say rollins should befired then oliva should have yrs ago. imo a gambling debt is nothing compared to distroying the lives of 2 innocent men and letting a teenage murder walk free.

i just hope next season a fairer swweeter compassionate benson returns and this bitch one leaves and dosnt come back.

Unknown said...

Omg i just watched th episode 3 times and my legs are still shaking. I was so damn excited for this episode(because rollins is my favourite character and kellis acting is truly amazing.)
Where should i begin? I believe that this was the best episode of this season,seriously. And i'm not the only one so good and gappy feedback from the fans and even the people who were'nt such a fan of svu had to admit that this one was really well written. Of course,kelli was outstanding again! I totally don't get or understand tge amanda hate-at all!
But there was one think i disliked on this episode and that was when rollins got even down on her knees,to keep her job. And that wasn't the first time she did that. Remember the episode before with nate? I really don't like that they still sell the image that if it gets really hard a woman can still use her body as a "solution". And that really disgusts me. You better die with honor than live like that.
Well,and other than that i loved to see how much amoro was concerned about rollins despite it was a little bit of stalkerish. It seemed like that with maria didn't work out and i don't mind that at all. Cause when amoro hits the guy at the car,can't remember his name, and he asks him if he was rollins' boyfriend he looks like if he desperetly wanted to say im actually looking forward to them as a great couple. There were also obvioussly also allusions made about it. So i would kiss warren's half bald head if he would make that happen

CLA said...

@ Lisa

You compare the behavior of Olivia with Amanda is redículo. Olivia. if ever erred, the error corrected. Olivia is fair, balanced and competent. Amanda is an unbalanced, which deserved to be fired. Olivia is an award-winning police. Olivia reasons that have to be jealous of Amanda? Nothing, absolutely nothing.

To arrive at the feet of Olivia Benson, Amanda still have to walk very, very much. She is a perfect idiot.

MorbidPet said...

There's too much hate going around. I loved this episode so very very much.

B said...

Wow. I just loved this episode, despite a few unrealistic issues. I thought Rollins was done. I just figured her contract was up and she was leaving the show. Did not see that coming at all.

As a long time SVU fan I'll admit I was not expecting much from the show was Elliot was gone. In fact, it took me a while to catch up on the past seasons and I did most of it on USA syndicated episodes. But once I gave it a chance, I was glad I did. I'm now keeping up in real time.

Barba is by FAR my favorite new character. I really wish he was more prominent and was happy to finally see him in the opening credits. Esparza is an incredible actor and adds so much to each episode he's in. I like Rollins a lot, Giddish holds her own. Not a huge fan of Amara so far but giving him a chance. Fin has always been one of my favorite characters (seems like he's getting a little soft recently but I still love him).

Benson's new rule I'm not liking. I hope she can get the assistance she needs with the department and her hard edges smooth out a bit. Mariska is doing a great job (as her role is written) but I do miss old Olivia and it was just such an overnight change in personality that it's a bit hard to take.

Anyway, sorry I'm kind of wordy but the episode blew me away and I just had to come here and read the comments I enjoyed all of the perspectives!

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said...

Well, I am going to be honest here...I lost a whole lot of respect for this show with this particular episode. Note that this is coming from someone who absolutely loves Benson (as well as Stabler before he left) and has been a fan for a pretty long time.

I've enjoyed this season much more than the past two, in fact most of them seemed to recall the older days of SVU, particularly with "Internal Affairs", "October Surprise", "Military Justice", "Jersey Breakdown" and "Betrayal's Climax". I'd like to see more of those in the future.

The past few episodes, particularly this one, haven't really settled with me well enough. I had to ask myself after the intro (which has been lengthy lately) what the heck I just saw. I thought the writers were finally starting to make the show look like I remembered it, but this one really made me feel like they sold out and I'm partially tempted to skip the rest of this season after this particular episode.

Regarding the aftermath of the squad discovering what Rollins was doing towards the end, I think Benson should've swallowed her pride and let her go.

I just don't know what else to say. I never had high expectations for this episode, but they didn't even live up to that. God help me..

P.S. Not sure if anyone else noticed but Sherri Saum's character reminded me a whole lot of one of the stone-cold women from Law & Order: CI's "Gods and Insects", I believe.

Lisa said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said...

I really liked this episode and it's the first in a while to have me on the edge of my couch. But did anyone else feel like there was little compassion if any at all to the woman who got raped? It just seemed like an afterthought to all the characters which is usually so unlike them! I would have expected more dialogue surrounding ther regret (of all who knew--Declan, benson, and Rollins) than the measly one liners "I'm sick to my stomach(Rollins)", "this will be with me forever(Declan)", "a woman was raped (benson)"

Unknown said...

I think this was one of the better episodes I've seen all season. Of course, the premiere was awesome, but after that, there wasn't as much suspense as I'd like to see. This show was spectacular. Love, love, love Rollin's character. Even with all of her serious flaws, and the fact that she has finally hit rock bottom, it allows for her to only go up, and I'm looking forward to watching this transition. I may be the only who thinks this, but I like the Amaro/Rollins "will they or won't they" hook up idea. And I like that Fin is given more air time. He's such a great mystery but whenever he gets more airtime, it's always fun to watch. I hope they find a new leader so Benson can come back to the job she does best, which is hunting down the bad guys. I don't like her as the stand in for Cragen. She's too stressed and too mean now a days....

And to all of you who complain about this not being realistic... it's a TV show. It's a great one too. Reality is boring. This is why we watch TV...

Cath T said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Cath T said...

@Lynn C - You're not alone in liking the idea of Amaro and Rollins hooking up. I thought I was the only one that considered them as a possible pairing.

I doubt it will happen though otherwise you've just got another Stabler/Benson scenario all over again.

Only a few episodes to go in this season so it will be interesting to see what threads get closure. Rollins issues seem to have more or less been dealt with (surely she will get her act together now)and it looks as though Benson will get her chance to face off with Lewis for the final time.

Will Amaro's storyline get wrapped up before the season ends though? Let's hope there will be another season.

Unknown said...

@Lynn C,@Cath t: oh hell yeah finally other fans who love the idea of amoro and rollins getting together. And it's not so unrealistic cause it seems like amoro don't have luck in "bringing back the pieces" between him and maria. And in this episode you could see how conserned amoro eas about what's up with rollins. I also don't believe that warren leight would write this scenes between them only to let us hope for nothing.
Other than that thete is actualy no happy realationship on the show anymore if these two would just hook would bring so much freshness and storylines to the show.

Unknown said...

Great seeing the actor who played the art dealer. Seen him at least 2x before in the L&O franchise; once as the home care nurse who needed a letter of recommendation from kid from crazy oil' panic room employer. Another episode too.

SomeoneSensible said...

Have to agree with Sara - I Love Kelli Giddish & cant understand why she gets any hate at all. She is a fantastic performer & she has proved it time & again - her range of emotions are amazing.
I do like Mariska too, but I agree that sometimes her expressions do seem limited to the 'compassionate for the victim' & 'cop who can talk tough' range.
Having said that I'm liking Sergeant Benson so far - she HAS to be strict - just look at the way everyone around is behaving!
If they had showed the deleted scene that CZ posted with Benson & Claire, Benson's old character (of being sensitive & compassionate) would have come across.

& I so did not interpret the "need to get a room" comment as bitchy at all. The way I see it Rollins & Amaro have been bickering with each other for the past few episodes. Even Cragen had asked them to bury their differences. In this episode too Amaro was kinda nagging (though in a good way) & Rollins got a bit annoyed with him. Benson's comment of "Get a room" came across to me as being sarcastic in that those 2 really need to bury the hatchet now.
The only hint towards Amaro possibly having a thing for Rollins came from Fin in the restroom. Personally although I dont see it happening yet, I think Amaro & Rollins would be good together.

The other thing I dont get- people saying that pulling the gun on a pregnant woman is wrong - hello did people watch the episode? This was a woman who ordered a revenge rape on another woman. Personally I dont think such people deserve any compassion at all. The problem with the world is that all the "good guys" hang on to their principles & morals even when it comes to fighting with the "bad guys" & that becomes their biggest undoing. I would only show compassion to a person ho deserves it. & I have to agree that sometimes the ends do justify the means - especially in this case.

Overall a good episode even though Rollins getting to keep her job despite the big mess was quite unbelievable - but hey - its a TV show.

SomeoneSensible said...

Also would like to request ATLAO to please change the background colour of the site- white font on a jet black background is very strenuous on the eyes (studies have proved this)

Something with less of a contrast would be appreciated.

Keep up the great work!

Mlvlatina said...

Excellent summary. This is one of the best SVU episodes in my opinion. Rollins is flawed and I love it.

Freshbrood said...


Did Declan sexually molest Rollins and maker her give him head?

Please explain what the part about forcing her to her knees in front of his crotch while being recorded was??

Chris Zimmer said...

Freshbrood, either you didn't see the whole episode or didn't read the whole recap. He took a video of their encounter in order to show IAB that nothing happened and he used that time alone in the room to explain to Rollins he was undercover. The details are toward the end of my recap.