Sunday, January 10, 2010

Law & Order Los Angeles In Development

Several sources are reporting that at today’s TCA (Television Critics Association) Press Tour, NBC Primetime Entertainment President Angela Bromstad said that a Los Angeles version of Law & Order is in the early stages of development. Jeff Gaspin, NBC Television Entertainment Chairman had said “We officially call that LOLA. ”

It was also reiterated that NBC plans that Law & Order will return for a 21st season, but nothing is set in stone as yet. No word yet on what date or time this would air, but with the Jay Leno show out of the picture at 10 PM, there are a few more options to move Law & Order, SVU, or this new series to 10 PM where these shows historically commanded higher viewership.

NBC also confirmed that Law & Order added four more episodes for this season, bringing the total to 20 episodes.

Stay tuned!

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Anonymous said...

Huh...should be interesting since Law and Order has always been a New York based television show. I would definately give it a chance and watch it. Law and Order UK is pretty good as well so I guess they can branch off into other places than New York.

Anonymous said...

Expect a lot more cleavage and silicone!

Adriano_CSI said...

It's a great news. I really like L&O, I'd love to watch a new franchise.

Anonymous said...

Can't be worse than L&O: UK.

Anonymous said...

I've heard L&O UK is a great show. Wish it was on here in the US.

I've always thought they should make Law & Order in different cities. Any notion of killing the franchise is insane, too, as it is NBC's answer to CSI and NCIS.

My idea for a series though?

Law & Order: Federal Investigation

Focus on a US Attorneys office. Do crossovers with the others. Frankly, I was hoping they'd do this when Arthur Branch left...they never explained him leaving -- one idea I had was to make him a US Attorney.

But, given the episode this year, its clear he's just in retirement.

Anonymous said...

By the way, who wishes that NBC would actually set something in stone with the Law & Order franchise, given it's 20 year proven record of success?

- Law & Order has gone on 20, now 21 years.

- SVU has gone on what, 12 now?

- CI is on #9

That's impressive. I also thought TBJ was better than CI and they dropped it too quick -- Wolf could have licensed it to TNT and it would have been a huge success there. Conviction was also a quality show for those who like charactercedurals.

Point is here that I know it is the way it is done now with most shows on most networks, but I get tired of the annual 'will it come back' stuff. I'd wish they would simply announce a 5 year contract for each show -- saying the show will go on, regardless of cast.

After all -- and I know some disagree with this notion in regard to SVU and CI -- but I think all three shows, if they continue to focus on good writing and plots -- can go on regardless of cast. One thing I actually love is the changes between shows and how one set of characters transition into another, like they did with Green and Bernard.

Finally, one thing NBC really needs to do is GO BACK TO CROSSOVER appearances between characters. The last one was a brief deal with McCoy on SVU in November of 2007, and that hasn't happened since, when Branch used to be on SVU all the time. TBJ DVD set is great because it has like 4 crossovers on it! One has a triple cross with SVU and the mothership! Not to mention the ones in the late 90's with Homicide.

This week, when there was a lawsuit threat against the DA, it made no sense for McCoy not to have at least a scene.

It drives me nuts -- when you have a FRANCHISE, USE IT.

Joshua said...

Rumors flew around about this Summer of 2009 too! Dick was thinking about it then!!!!

Anonymous said...


More L&O is good.

I'm all for moving L&O back to Wednesday's at 10pm following SVU to counter CBS at the 10pm spot, plus that creates an awesome L&O block.

Plus if LOLA was ready for say the fall just make L&O the Wednesday night prime time block.

I'm also all for more crossover. between the series. However, NBC would probably have to renegotiate some of the actors contracts because I think it costs them $X for every epesode that person appears in.

Shelly said...

Here's hoping that NBC rearranges things and puts the L&Os back on at 10 p.m., or as someone suggested, put one on at 9 and the other at 10 on the same night...

L&O UK started off kind of slowly, IMHO, but really improved after the first few eps, and was really good after the first 13 (or however many aired so far) or so. I'm not sure how well it would do airing here, but I'd love to see it on TV here... maybe someday?

Good news, btw, about them upping the mothership episode number to 20... thanks for all the updates All Things..

Mick said...

Agree's with the commentor who posted on January 10, 2010 10:25 PM

If L&O franchise wise would... TOUCH ALL THE BASES... SVU, CI, LA (even TBJ) could have/will last as long as L&O did. Over the years L&O has not made personal episodes until season premieres/midseason breaks/finales! All other eps it's about the crime... not the person solving the crime!

Which is how CI and SVU used to be until the 2005-present seasons! TBJ was too personal with Jerry Orbach's character too... that's why when he died ratings fell on TBJ (AND THE WHOLE FRANCHISE)

InfoBee-yotch said...

Sorry, but to me, L&O is a New York show....I'll always thinks of Jerry Orbach and the many great cast members. I have no interest in seeing the LA version!

Ol Cranky said...

I, personally, am holding out for L&O: small claims court

Anonymous said...

I heard that LOCI was given a season ten!

USA sucks... that shows needs to go to TNT or NBC and bring back Vincent, Kathryn, and Eric!!!!!!

All Things Law and Order said...

Ol Cranky, the way they are going, that may happen sooner than you think!

To the anonymous poster about LOCI, I've seen nothing on this anywhere, I even checked my USA Network and NBCU sources. Did you get this from an official source?

Rachel M. said...

I heard about LOCI s10 rumors too today... my sister told me!

It's a freakin' shame how LOCI is going down!

Anonymous said...

Law & Order shows are ok... but SVU wise... the cases change from a girl getting raped to something that has to do with AIDS, but I give it this... the episode had SVU form (Quickie).

Or (Anchor) when 3 kids of different disent are murdered (SVU) yet the media made a guy kill them (L&O)? Anchor should have been a crossover episode.

If SVU would stick to its original story... I'd enjoy it.

CI - Well we all know what's going on with LOCI now.

L&O: It's ok this season... it's better than last season... esp. "Fed" with Bratt guest starring!

Lady Blacktronika said...

With LnO UK I knew it was only a matter of time before we saw LnO in other cities. Or at least I hoped.

Mike Allen said...

I'll wait until I see it to judge. It sounds interesting.

Anonymous said...

Rey Curtis is in California, I say bring back Ben Bratt for LOLA!