Saturday, January 30, 2010

Law & Order Criminal Intent Season 9 Premieres March 30, 2010

The home page for USA Network’s Law & Order Criminal Intent indicates that, as of this writing, the series will be premiering its 9th season on Tuesday, March 30 at 10:00 PM ET/9:00 C on the USA Network. An unofficial list of episodes, based on information from casting calls, is listed below:

Puntland (Part 1)
Puntland (Part 2)
Love Sick
Abel and Willing
Love on Ice
Lost Children of the Blood
Inhumane Society
De Mortuis Nil Nisi Bonum

More details will be published here as they are made available.

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LOCI Grow-Renewal Fan said...



John Stodder said...

Just 9 episodes?

Calvin said...

To LOCI Grow-Renewal Fan:

I agree, NBC would be a better host for LOCI and D'Onofrio and Erbe would probably still be with the program.

To John Stodder:

They have not finished taping all of the episodes yet... I wish they would though. I wish by the 9th season finale D'Onofrio and Erbe will be back with the series.

All Things Law and Order said...

John, this is an unofficial list of the 9 episodes they have the pipeline right now as far as casting calls. There likely will be more episodes but USA hasn't officially published any list or indicated how many episodes there will be for the season.

Anonymous said...

All Things: USA's LOCI Twitter page said 16 episodes.

Calvin: LOCI should have never left NBC, that was a bad decision... look at the outcome. People in the LOCI and SVU fanbase think if LOCI blows this season (which I'm pretty sure after Puntland it will) that the series may move back to the more colorful network and VDO/KE will get reinstated contracts.

John Stodder: USA films episodes longer than NBC does... say now they are up to 9... NBC would have been to 12 by now because they have more episodes ordered for drama series than USA does. Faster taping for more episodes. That's why SVU/the Mothership start filiming in June/July instead of August/Sept. closer to the premieres.

Taffy said...

I've heard that one of the characters leaving after puntland is going to die...

Kelly said...

Yeah probably Ross.

It was said Sunday that Neal Baer (SVU showrunner) wants to help Rene Balcer/Dick Wolf get LOCI back online at NBC itself instead of being under the thumbs of NBCU execs.

Other people know LOCI's been wronged but USA Network/Wolf obviously don't care.

Shelly said...

I'm as unhappy as anyone about the changes we're about to see on Criminal Intent, but I am willing to give it a chance. I think about all the changes over the years on the Mothership, and several of those have really ticked me off, but I ended up liking the new characters - well, most of the time anyway. And I know Criminal Intent is a more character driven show than the Mothership, but I'm still going to at least start to watch this latest season, and if I don't care for it, then I'll change the channel.

And is there truly a real chance this could end up back on NBC? That would be great...

Carmen M. said...

I heard that too, that Ms. Bromstad wants the series back, Neal Bear is offering to help, LaOS wants people to e-mail Jeff Zucker, Rene Balcer wants more control again... LOCI is in a bad train wreck.

LOCI has always been VDO/KE whether it was character driven or not. Season 1-3 wasn't as character driven and they had some very high ratings so did 4. 5-6 were the best seasons of the series to me.

Season 7 the show started going down hill to me. Warren Leight/Balcer left the writing team afterwards and as well did Chris Noth leave again. Julianne's already gone and now D'Onofrio, Erbe, and Bogosian.

I think the series would survive wo/ Bogosain but the series will fall without Goren/Eames and with the new writing team coming in too for JG/SB episodes the series is sure to flunk in the ratings.

If NBC was still in charge:
1.) VDO/KE & EB would still be working.

2.) Chris Noth may not have left before. (He really didn't want to leave LOCI as some people think he did. During a 6th season interview he was said to have enjoyed coming back into the L&O franchise and reviving his long time character Mike Logan.)

3.) Warren Lieght/Rene Balcer wouldn't have left.

It's all about money, which USA doesn't have to support like NBC does.

I'm all for the series moving back to NBC, even if we have JG/SB episodes (but VDO/KE would proabably be hired back by NBC because they know.). USA Network has a different style of the word 'drama' than NBC does.

The motherships/SVUs ratings are higher than LOCIs. The highest rated episode of LOCI on USA Network was "Frame".

A poll came out a couple of weeks ago about moving the series, it's got over 2,000 votes... like the Keep VDO/KE petition had signatures.

I wish Neal Baer could help LOCI too and be showrunner. It reminds me of NBC Tuesdays back during the 2006-2007 TV season. New CI then New SVU. I miss the old days!

Goren & Eames FOREVER!

Anonymous said...

I would be suprised if CI ever came back to NBC, and even more shocked if Rene Balcer came back to stay. If that happened, it would probably be disapointing, like when Bryan Fuller came back to (and then subsequently left) Heroes.

I'm definitely not into a Goren and Eames-less CI. Maybe it would have been better if they had gradually phased them out, say 5 years ago, but not now. They're pretty much gutting the whole cast too drastically for my taste. I got too invested in their characters, especially after it got all ~*personal*~ during seasons 6 and 7.

So yeah, this show is dead to me now. It's pretty much going to be the Law and Order version of Saved by the Bell: The New Class, with Jeff Goldblum being the Screech/Mr. Belding-like holdover.

Anonymous said...

The show died when it moved to USA and it got into too much Goren angst. It became tiresome. Then D'Onofrio got huge - sorry but it's the truth - and frankly his performances went from artful to looking like a chore for him to even move. It will not be the same show without him and Erbe, but I think it's time that at least D'Onofrio moved on. Erbe and Goldblum, though, made a fantastic pair and they should have kept her.

NBC won't want LOCI back, they are already going forward with L&O LA. Their attention will be focused there, not on a dying LOCI.

Kyle said...

I agree with Carmen and Whitters but I agree only 50% with the commenter about mine.

NBC probably would take it back because like you said, it was their series originally and if they think on it hard enough, they may realize LOCI and the fans were treated wrong by USA Network.

Rene Bacler and Neal Baer may wind up working together... because today Chris Meloni said he was leaving SVU next year. So Neal may try to help out LOCI now, especially if SVU winds up in LOCI's position with both Meloni and Hargitay leaving.

But I'm going to tell you now, if Munch/Fin don't take over and Benson/Stabler are replaced, I'm NOT watching SVU. I'm going to the mothership full time then.

But back to LOCI - Seasons 5 & 6 were okay to me, season 6 ratings fell on TV but on iTunes it had some of the highest rated episodes of season 6 to be watched. NBC should take the show back and think seasons 3 & 5.

Good writing & alternating cast. USA Network made LOCI like SVU is now... to dramatic character wise and then in the 8th season shattered the series by hiring now writers and old mothership writers who have lost their luster. Next season will probably tank and either VDO and KE will be asked back or the series will be canceled or shipped back to NBC.

IMO, I think NBC should take the series regardless, I'd watch with Goldblum/Burrows; if it was like LOCI was in seasons 2 & 3. But USA they want Goldblum's character to be like Monk and take over the Major Case Squad.

Why other people like NBC execs like Angela Bromstad, and showrunners Rene Balcer and Neal Baer know that LOCI was wronged but USA Network and Dick Wolf are gonna continue the 9th season like nothing happened... Dick really didn't even release a statement about LOCI.

But more or less after Puntland I'm done with LOCI and after SVU's 12th season (if Belzer/Ice-T aren't the lead detectives) I'm done with SVU too.

Somehow I feel the motherships ratings will fly up again after 2011.

Anonymous said...

Kyle, I would totally watch a Munch and Fin SVU. Or at least and episode or two.

I think it will interesting to see how CI does after Erbe and D'Onofrio leave. I can think of two likely scenarios:

It will continue on as before, with mediocre ratings, much like Law and Order: Original Recipe.


It will end up failing like Dick Wolf's two other shows that had drastic cast changes, Homicide Life on the Street and New York Undercover.

Unless the writing starts becoming AMAZING and ratings fly through the roof with people clamoring for more Saffron Burrows, I honestly think it will be the latter. The fact that SVU and CI had gotten so character driven, much like Homicide and New York Undercover just reaffirms this theory.

Anonymous said...

I think LOCI is gonna wind up back on NBC due to low ratings and they are gonna hire back Vincent and Katy and Rene Balcer.

Though I've read other peoples Facebooks and Twitters saying Neal Baer is gonna showrun both SVU and CI. I wish Neal would tweet us or give us some insight.

Dick Wolf needs to write episodes of CI and SVU because those shows are basically SOAP OPERAS (or CI was until it turned into an hour worth of crap)!

I remember seasons 2/3 of CI and SVU they both had high ratings, the writing/directing was fair... the casting was great and like David Letterman has previously sad on his show, "You would stare at your TV for day" (towards NBC dramas). Which in retrospect it would leave you wanting to see the next episode!

Now, the shows suck due to the "NEW" writers and their styles. For both CI and SVU. I think in 2006 after CI/SVU went to Tuesday nights on NBC the shows sucked together.

Like someone said above: the mother ship's ratings are going up again and will go back up more if CI/SVU stay like they are now.

That's why it's been on 20+years and it needs to be on 20 more years! Go Law & Order!

Anonymous said...

^I highly doubt the showrunners/producers would hire them back. It would be admitting they made a mistake. Also, I doubt Erbe or D'Onofrio would even agree to come back to CI (especially Erbe, judging by her 'no comment' comment when asked about leaving the show).

The last season of CI, I think the writers actually tried to turn it back into a standalone procedural, but it ended up being the weakest season of the show, ever. Of course, that's mostly because the casefiles sucked it, they were needlessly complicated and almost incoherent.

Anonymous said...

Uh... if the show was on NBC Balcer would still be in charge? Are you retarded? The show was ON NBC when Balcer left over budgetary reasons.

This Neal Baer stuff would be interesting if true but I don't believe it. Would seem a little late for him to take up showrunning for a season that's already ten episodes into production.

Ben said...

What I don't understand, is why you all seem to act like VDO and KE were fired or something.

They left because they've been on this show for 8 years and they wanted to do something different, especially VDO because the reason they started two CI teams in the first place was because he wanted a better schedule and complained he was getting exhausted. If you want to blame somebody, blame the actors.