Saturday, July 19, 2008

Waterston, Goldblum: Green in Orange County

The Orange County Register reports that long time Law & Order star Sam Waterston and Law & Order franchise “newbie” Jeff Goldblum appeared at a “soiree” to benefit Oceana. Sam Waterston serves on the board of Oceana. The article and related photos on Sam and Jeff are below.

My only editorial comment on this issue is that it doesn’t seem very “green” to bring in the celebrities by helicopter, even if carbon offsets are purchased for carbon offsets. I guess I have an issue with carbon offsets...but I saved that rant for my editorial blog, here.

Stars come to O.C. to raise green for green cause
Friday, July 18, 2008
The Orange County Register

LAGUNA BEACH Harrison Ford, the actor best known for playing an archeologist, was honored for his work as an environmentalist at a soiree here that raised more than $1 million for the celebrity-supported environmental group, Oceana.

The SeaChange Summer Party, which charged a minimum $500 for tickets, drew 450 of Orange County's wealthiest dolphin lovers and tortoise protectors, to the Cahill Estate, a sprawling estate modeled after 15th-century Tuscan palazzos.

In addition to Ford, other celebrities – some of whom were helicoptered to the party from Los Angeles - included Ted Danson, Diane Lane, Diane Keaton, Jeff Goldblum, Beau Bridges and Sam Waterston.

Jim Simon, president of Oceana, said the group paid $1,000 to buy carbon offsets to compensate for the global warming gases produced by the party, money used to reduce methane and develop wind energy.

Ford, 66, who most recently starred in "Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull," was recognized for serving on boards of several green organizations and donating 389 acres for a conservation easement to the Jackson Hole Land Trust in Wyoming. In early 2008, Ford had his chest waxed to showcase the pain involved in deforestation.

"Did it hurt?" asked Terri Seymour, a correspondent for Extra, the entertainment show.

"No," Ford said, totally unflappable.

"What? Bikini waxing hurts!" Seymour said.

"Keep it to yourself," Ford said.

Also honored were John Picard, a Corona del Mar advocate of environmentally-sustainable architecture, and actor Sam Waterston, star of TV's "Law and Order."

Waterston said there's nothing wrong with people coming to see celebrities for a good cause.

"It's a great thing to be semi-famous to be able to help with this," he said.

WATERSTON: Sam Waterston talks with cameras at the SeaChange Summer Party held at the Cahill Estate, in Laguna Beach, to benefit Oceana and honor Harrison Ford, Sam Waterston and John Picard for the work that they have done to help preserve the planet and our oceans.
Photo: Ken Steinhardt The Orange County Register

GOLDBLUM: Jeff Goldblum poses in slow-motion for photographers at the SeaChange Summer Party.
Photo: Ken Steinhardt The Orange County Register

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samfan said...

I agree with you that does seem kind of silly. Just drive the limo or the benz! But at least you get to see Sam. I wonder how long he is going to keep the beard?

John K. said...

Shouldn't this belong in the "These Are Their Stories" blog? Just a thought.

And I agree about the green nonsense. I'm going to cross my fingers that NBC won't do another "Green Is Universal" week. Sighs.

All Things Law & Order said...

Funny you mention that, John. I was originally going to put it in "These Are There Stories", but since L&O news seemed a little sparse lately, I changed my mind and put it here instead just to spice things up!

samfan said...

I like it in this blog, especially since there hasn't been much L&O news lately, (tears & depression). I don't care where you post it, I am just glad you did! We need some kind of L&O news nowadays! Does anybody know what Goldblum's character's name is going to be? Since they released the info on the new SVU ADA, I was wondering.

All Things Law & Order said...

No word i=on Goldblum's character name. USA just seems a lot slower than NBC with the information!