Sunday, July 27, 2008

Law & Order Criminal Intent August Episodes

The episode titles, and limited information on some episodes, have been released for Law & Order Criminal Intent for August. I will update the episode information as it becomes available.

“Legacy” Air Date August 3, 2008
A student's death leads the detectives to uncover a private school's online culture, obsession with grades and secretive nature.

My recap and review of Law & Order Criminal Intent “ Legacy “ can be found here.

“Neighborhood Watch” Air Date August 10, 2008
The case of a mutilated body found in a creek produces a whole neighborhood of suspects when the investigation reveals the man was not welcome in the community.

“Last Rites” Air Date August 17, 2008
(This is scheduled to be Chris Noth’s final episode. Logan questions the system after reopening a 16-year-old homicide case at the request of a priest (Denis O'Hare).

My recap and review of “Last Rites “ can be found here.

“Frame” Air Date August 24, 2008
Season 7 ends as Goren finds a picture at his mother's grave, leading him to suspect his nemesis Nicole Wallace has returned. Starring Vincent D’Onofrion Kathryn Erbe and Tony Goldwyn.

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Anonymous said...

Awesome site! I'm your new biggest fan. I posted your YouTube sound effect on my website, - classic!

samfan said...

Hey ATL&O thanks for the update!
Gina good to have a new L&O fan find this site. I must say it is the best of the best. I have been reading since the blog was started and it rocks! I might be the oldest biggest fan:) Great post as always!!! Plus I loved the Christmas video,put those up anytime-even if it isn't Christmas!

All Things Law & Order said...

Samfan, I'd have to say that you've been here longer than anyone else I know and I certainly think you're the biggest fan. It is great, though, to have more and more big fans come here too! It never ceases to amaze me the fan base that the franchise and its actors have.

All Things Law & Order said...

PS - Gina, it's great to have you here!

gina said...

Thanks, guys! Glad to be here - great stuff!

John K. said...

Yep. Tis awesome.

Anyway, Nicole Wallace back, eh? I don't mind her, but I think she has worn out her welcome since Great Barrier. Or I hope they don't return her in an over-the-top manner, like Barrier and Grow did. Either way, with her and Frank, it will be depressing.

As for Logan, we'll see what happens! Heh.