Tuesday, July 15, 2008

NBC Introduces SVU’s Michaela McManus

Here’s a release from NBC which gives a few tidbits about Law & Order SVU’s new addition, Michaela McManus. She’ll be playing the new ADA Kim Grayleck.

Introducing Michaela McManus

As promised, we wanted to give our Blog fans first dibs at our new cast member: Michaela McManus.

Michaela comes to us from the TV series "One Tree Hill" and we couldn't be happier to have her! She is originally from Rhode Island but went to Fordham University for undergrad and NYU for grad school, so we consider her a NY native.

Her character: ADA Kim Grayleck has a great back-story. She is a hot-shot young DC up-and-coming lawyer who has recently separated from her husband, also a government lawyer. Her marriage is at an end because Grayleck used information her husband gave her in confidence to blow the whistle on a Congressman involved in a sexual harassment case. She had been dealing with the policy-making side of sex crimes for years and worked for the Federal Office of Violence Against Women. So she works hard to keep things like what her husband leaked about the congressman from happening.

After losing her husband and many friends, too many people in DC developed a negative opinion about her biting the hand that feeds you. This sends Grayleck spinning. She reexamines her life and career and comes to the realization that it's the victims she wants to help. So she jumps ship to NYC and makes a lateral move into the Manhattan DA's office (she's no baby ADA, she's a proven trial attorney).

She's a crusader, she's a newly single woman not interested in dating, and she's going to pour all of her energy into her work. ADA Kim Grayleck is going to take on all comers!

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John K. said...

"Grayleck"? How am I supposed to take that seriously?

Anyway, that backstory seems incredibly complicated for a by-the-numbers series. In contrast to Cabot and Novak, who arrived with virtually no backstory (and Cabot barely had any, overall).

And honestly, it sounds a little too wanky, but I can't quite put my finger on it, yet.

At least, I'll be prepared. Thanks for posting.

John K. said...

Edit: OMG, it's as if Jamie and Abbie had a baby: Jamie's backstory with her rocky marriage with Abbie's experience. Oh, boy.

samfan said...

I thought it sounded like a mix of Jamie & Abbie but maybe SVU needs that kind of ADA. She might be a good fit-at least I hope so!

Marie said...

Why give us such an elaborate backstory with this one when the others barely had any, I wonder.