Friday, July 11, 2008

Law & Order SVU: James Brolin to Guest Star

Michael Ausiello, formerly of TV Guide and now at Entertainment Weekly, reports that James Brolin, husband of Barbara Streisand, will be appearing in Law & Order SVU’s season premier episode. He’ll be playing “an ex-military man with a connection to Chris Meloni’s Stabler… “ The episode will also feature Chris Elliott, who is accused of being a stalker

Hmmm. Since Stabler was in the military, could Brolin be a former commanding officer? Or, maybe Stabler comes from a military family and Brolin’s character is his dad? It’s anybody’s guess.

Brolin is no stranger to television. He was very popular in the 1960s TV series “Marcus Welby, M.D." where he played handsome Dr. Steven Kiley. More recently, he had a memorable role on “The West Wing” playing the annoying Florida Governor Robert Ritchie. Of course, Law & Order fans remember him as an astronaut, alongside Sam Waterston, in the sci-fi movie “Capricorn One.”

Ausiello Casting Scoop on Brolin

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Cam said...

Help! I fell asleep during an episode of Law and Order on TNT last night and I'd really like to find out what happened, if anyone knows. The episode was from season 14 and was titled "Nowhere man." It's about an assistant district attorney who was calling himself Daniel Tenofsky, but it turns out that wasn't his real name. If anyone can fill me in on the show's outcome, I'd appreciate it. You can e-mail me at Thanks!

All Things Law & Order said...

It's been a while since I've seen that one. If I recall correctly, Tenofsky kept something in his file that was a bit of a clue to where a body was located, buried in concerte. They dig it up. I forget who the eventually arrested for the murder.

samfan said...

I remember it was a really good episode:) I can't wait for James Brolin to guest star. That should be a great episde. Is it on again this afternoon?

John K. said...

Cam: Tenofsky's real name was revealed as Jacob Deiter.

And as for "Brolin being Elliot's dad," actually, no. In "Ripped," Elliot revealed that his father was a cop and later committed suicide. Oops.

But, hey, who's to say it isn't possible? Heh.

John K. said...

Oh, here's linkage, should you need it.

All Things Law & Order said...

Thanks for the info, John. I couldn't remember anything about Elliot's parents!