Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Law & Order SVU Season Premier News

Super scooper Michael Ausiello of Entertainment Weekly says that Luke Perry, Sara Gilbert, and Julie Bowen will be in the Law & Order SVU season premier. But, he also reported a few weeks ago (link on my blog, here) that James Brolin and Chris Elliot were going to be in the premier. Either one of his stories is wrong or this season premier will be loaded with guest stars and have multiple story arcs. Here’s his latest news on SVU:

Exclusive: Perry, Bowen, Gilbert Summoned to 'SVU'

You know what they say: Where there's smoke, there's usually a red-hot casting scoop.

There I was, enjoying a late-night dinner Sunday on New York's Upper West Side when who, pray tell, should walk by but Dylan McKay himself — Luke Perry! I quickly asked myself, "Self: What's Luke Perry doing in the Big Apple?"

A few phone calls, two picked locks and one well-placed bribe later, I got my answer: He's in town shooting an episode of Law & Order: SVU. And not just any episode: Perry's appearing in the hit procedural's Sept. 23 season premiere, an hour that also features guest turns by Sara Gilbert (Roseanne, ER) and Julie Bowen (Lost, Boston Legal, Ed).

According to sources, the plot revolves around a couple (Perry and Bowen) that stands accused of abusing their foster child. Gilbert plays the boy's biological mother.

The episode also marks the debut of SVU's new ADA, played by One Tree Hill knockout Michaela McManus, and deals with the repercussions of Benson's attempted rape, and answers some lingering questions surrounding the possible transfer of Ice-T's Fin.

Bottom line: This episode is going to be smokin'!

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samfan said...

Well now I will be curious until September to see what one is right or if there is just going to be the best group of guest stars ever on a tv show!

John K. said...

I dunno about 5 headliners for an episode. "Choreographed" bugged me because it also had 5. Granted, they compensated as the actors were well-cast, but can SVU's current writing can carry all that this time? Then again, if they're going to actually address Liv's "Undercover" shenanigans and recent continuity, I shouldn't complain.

And I'll still maintain that Fin's transfer is a sham. Based on your recent pictures and Cragen's short-term exile. Curse the love for status quo.