Monday, June 2, 2008

Joan Jett Has Role on Criminal Intent

Rocker Joan Jett will be making an appearance on an upcoming episode of Law & Order Criminal Intent, playing a "boss from hell" who is murdered, with her personal assistant the prime suspect. But the New York Post has the real scoop – a picture from the filming of the episode. Here’s the link and the article from the NY Post:

Post Staff Writer
June 2, 2008 --

'LAW & Order: Criminal Intent" is taking on the case of Linda Stein, the ex-Ramones manager turned realtor to the stars who was murdered last October - complete with some rock star casting.

Here's the first look at rocker Joan Jett playing (or playing dead) a former music-biz bigwig with Chris Noth - as Det. Mike Logan - at the scene. (Noth, who stars in the box-office smash "Sex & the City" movie, is keeping his day job and was working on the "L&O" series last week.)
In the show - as in real life - the dead woman's assistant is the leading suspect in the murder.

The episode is set to air next month on USA network.

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samfan said...

I'm glad that we are going to have some new episodes of one of the L&O's. When will SVU and The Original be back on, or start filming?