Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Law & Order SVU “Hunting Ground” Behind The Scenes Video

From the Huffington Post, here’s a behind the scenes look at Law & Order SVU “Hunting Ground” featuring Mariska Hargitay and Harry Connick, Jr. The episode airs tonight at 10PM ET on NBC.

Also, check out this feature article from the Huffington Post:
'Law And Order: SVU': Harry Connick Jr. Talks David And Olivia Romance, Plus Exclusive Video

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janethyland said...

Ugh! That david character is a bit boring and pedantic, no sparkle.

Queue in Icy with a positive comment...

OhSusannah said...

I liked this episode for a number of reasons. Finally Liv has an actual personal intimate life outside of that grim job!Very believable that they'd be attracted to each other.I noticed they changed a couple of lines in this clip. He never says the line to her about what do Cabot and Novak think about the case and at the end when she leaves, she touches his face.Very nice little interchange between them. I know they do this for time constraints in editing.Would've been nice to see that little gesture now that they're actually lovers and not just dating/flirting.

Icy said...

@Ohsusannah- David and Olivia are lovers while dating It's the samething basically.