Thursday, February 2, 2012

Mariska Hargitay Relays SVU “Blood Brothers” Special Message

Here is a special message from Mariska Hargitay which aired last night before the re-airing of Law & Order SVU "Blood Brothers".

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janethyland said...

Look at this. SVU won the 10pm hour of repeats on NBC this wednesday.

SVU 1.6 key demo (5.82million)
CSI 1.5 key demo (7.4 million)
Revenge 0.9 key demo (3.2 million)

whats going on? What episode was it?SVU beat that a sign of times to come!

Icy said...

@janethyland- That doesn't mean anything, this show is still going to be renewed.

A lot of people thought there would be a commentary like NBC orignally said there would be, or that they thought last night was new episode

janethyland said...

So was it "Blood Brothers"?
Lots of discussion about it on ratings sites...

Nice to see it win, even if it was a repeat.

Icy said...

Yes it was Blood Brothers