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Law & Order SVU “Father’s Shadow” Recap & Review

Law & Order SVU “Father’s Shadow” was an excellent episode that was firing on all cylinders -  great acting and a solid story written exceptionally well. It also opened different than the traditional episodes by starting 5 days ahead of the lead story. While this is a technique that is overused in other television shows, I am hard pressed to think of an episode in the entire Law & Order universe that has started this way. It helped to set the tone for this very dramatic and unsettling episode.

The case first began as a story about the stereotypical casting couch, but soon twisted into a hostage situation. Interspersed within the story was a glimpse into the progression of Benson’s relationship with EADA Haden. The writers are doing a fine job in giving Benson’s personal life a little exposure without it feeling forced. A question, though: Benson was reluctant to go to dinner at a bistro with Haden - citing it as a possible conflict of interest – but didn’t she have dinner alone with him in the previous episode? Did the conflict have to do with the fact that his apartment was close by and that there was a presumption that this is where he planned the evening to end? Based on what we know of upcoming episodes, Benson clearly doesn’t hold on to the conflict of interest excuse for long.

It was obvious that Amaro’s tactic of saying he heard someone call for help in the casting office was not going to fly. I was surprised that he even tried it. But at least it gave an excuse to bring in Michael Cutter, even if it was for short scenes.

“Father’s Shadow” is one of the best episodes of the season, and a wonderful feature for Mariska. She really delivered the drama.

Here is the recap:

Mariska Hargitay – Detective Olivia Benson
Ice-T – Detective Odafin “Fin” Tutuola
Richard Belzer – Sergeant John Munch
Dann Florek – Captain Don Cragen
Kelli Giddish - Detective Amanda Rollins
Danny Pino - Detective Nick Amaro

Guest stars:
Linus Roache - Bureau Chief Michael Cutter
Harry Connick, Jr. - Executive A.D.A. David Haden
Miranda Lambert - Lacey Ford
Michael McKean – Burt Sandow
Robert Klein – Dwight Stannich
Cameron Monaghan- Eddie Sandow
Kelly Karbacz - Jess
Emma Rayne Lyle - Lily Whitley
David Warshofsky – Chief Duggan
Chris Butler – Sergeant Mullin
Michael Mastro – Judge Serani
Ilene Kristen – Eddie’s mother
Karen Tsen Lee – Medical Examiner
Charlotte Graham – Mallory Jenner
Robin DeJesus – Jose Silva
Katie Flahive – Alicia Sandow

Detectives Benson and Amaro, along with Captain Cragen, arrive at a scene where police and a hostage negotiating team are present. Chief Duggan introduces Sergeant Mullin from HNT who tells Benson the gunman asked for her.

Five days earlier, Benson is giving a lecture, speaking about drug facilitated sexual assault, and she sees EADA David Haden arrive.

Elsewhere, Jess introduces Mallory Jenner to Mr. Sandow, announcing it is his 5:00 audition. He laughs when Mallory shakes his hand, and then explains she is competing for a leading role in a Broadway musical and the audience needs to see her passion. She then gives him a huge hug, all while being recorded on video by Eddie.

Back at the lecture, Benson tells the audience that with awareness comes action, and then leaves the stage to much applause.  Haden walks up to greet her, saying it was a terrific speech, adding that it was engaging and funny, considering the topic. Benson says she would rather be locked in a box with a perp. As the moderator begins to announce Haden, Benson wisecracks to him that they will let anyone speak here. He asks if she is staying, adding it is about international sex trafficking, and he cut the speech down to three hours.

Back at the audition, Mallory Jenner says this would be her dream come true. Sandow tells her to go again, and to show him she will do whatever it takes to get this part. He looks at this watch and then tells Jess that they are running late and to go home to Lily, and she leaves. Mallory continues with the audition, and then Sandow tells Eddie he will try a couple without the camera, so Eddie exits the room. Sandow reaches for a large crystal trophy and hands it to Mallory, saying it is his Documentas award which he won in 1992 for a documentary, “Hard Labor”. He takes the glass of champagne out of her hand and tells her to seduce the audience and to let them know she wants this. As he says “action” things start to look fuzzy.

After the lecture, Benson and Haden are leaving together, Haden commenting “Sri Lanka, in a heartbeat.” Benson says she would like to visit Paris someday. He seems surprised that she hasn’t already, adding that is a crime. She says it is something to look forward to. He goes on to say he lives a couple blocks uptown and there is a bistro and he is a regular, usually eating by himself. She asks if he is one of those guys. As they walk out the door, Haden comments about a Stanley Elkin quote, “The peculiar dignity of men seen eating alone...” and then proceeds to ask her to dinner. She smiles and says she is actually still on duty, adding she is a cop and he is the DA, asking isn't that a conflict of interest waiting to happen? He says she is right, he gets it. As he walks off, he tells her not to wait too long to see Paris.

Elsewhere in the park, a man walks up to a woman – it’s Mallory - who is laying on a park bench. He asks if she is OK and when she doesn’t move, he looks around. Another man walking his dog comes upon them and it appears the man is raping the girl on the bench. The dog walker shouts out to the rapist and then runs after him, tackling him.

Later, with EMT on the scene taking Mallory to the ambulance, the EMT tells Rollins that the girl was unconscious when they found her, and she had vomit on her clothes and says it was alcohol and probably drugs. She had no purse and no wallet. Rollins also comments that the girl was wearing no stockings and her shoes were on the wrong feet. She tells them to make sure they bag her coat and to call her if she comes to. Fin pulls aside the guy who was raping her who says they have to believe him, he thought she was dead, and that she was laying there and not moving. Fin says, “Let’s go, creep boy.”

At SVU with creep boy in interrogation, Benson and Munch are looking at him through the observation window and Munch is incredulous that the rapist thought the girl was dead, adding, “30 years in, that’s a new one.” Cragen, Fin, Rollins and Amaro are also there. Rollins says the rapist’s name is Jose Silva, 20, and that 4 vics have already picked him out and ten are on the way. Cragen says the other girls were on subways – calling them a grind and go – but this one is attempted rape. Benson believes he is escalating and Fin ads it was an easy target. Benson says the Jane Doe is still unconscious at Mercy Hospital and there is no match with missing persons. Cragen tells Benson and Amaro to check on the status of the rape kit, and tells Fin and Rollins to get Silva’s confession to move this off their plate.

Fin walks into interrogation and tells Silva that they spoke to the DA and that thinking someone is dead is not a defense for rape. When Silva says he is no rapist, Rollins asks if that’s just because he got caught. She explains he is still going down for the attempt. Fin adds for the grinds, they have DNA evidence off of the other women’s clothes. Silva says he is not saying he hasn’t done things; when he sees a woman who is wearing something soft or furry he can’t help himself but no rape. Rollins doesn’t buy it, saying the girl’s underwear and stockings were gone and he was that close. Silva replies he doesn’t know nothing about no panties and wonder if someone else messed her up, he just likes shearling, telling them to check her coat.

At the ME’s office, the medical examiner tells Benson and Amaro that the Jane Doe had a rough night. The prelim tox screen showed alcohol and Benadryl and Quaaludes and that combo would knock anyone on their ass. Amaro says ‘ludes are old school for someone her age. Benson asks if there was any sign of sexual assault. The ME says there were gray public hairs and semen on her breasts. Amaro get a message as Benson comments about the gray hairs, adding the suspect is 20. Amaro says the suspect claims he only worked her coat. The ME found semen there too and found one sample was from a secretor and one was not, Benson explaining that there are two donors. She thinks the grinder was just an opportunist, whoever gave her the Quaaludes assaulted her first.

At Mercy Hospital, Benson and Amaro speak with the victim, who says her name is Mallory Jenner. Amaro explains she may have been drugged and was drinking and says that is a bad combo. Benson explains they found her in Central Park and asks if she remembers how she got there. Mallory doesn’t and she asks what she was wearing. Benson explains her attire, and Mallory says that is her lucky audition outfit, she is an actress. When Amaro asks what the audition was for, Mallory looks fuzzy and asks if something bad happened to her. Benson explains her attack in the park. Mallory says she threw up in the cab and that made her get out, the driver drove off with her purse.

Later, Fin and Rollins speak with the cabbie, who takes Mallory's purse out of the trunk. He says Mallory vomited all over. He says he had to clean up and told the garage he had her purse. He picked her up at 57th and 11th and a young guy gave him $50 to take her home. Rollins is looking in her purse and finds her phone, and tells Fin Mallory had an audition yesterday for a showgirls project at Sandow Films. Fin says it is a new reality show, singers will do whatever it takes to get their big break.

At Sandow Films, Jess announces Lacey, his 5:00. Eddie is already in the room filming. Lacey looks at his awards, especially his Documentas. Sandow asks her if she wants to hold it and she does. Sandow tells Jess she can take off, and tells Eddie to give them a few minutes without the camera. He then tells Lacey to make herself at home and tells her to sit.

Benson and Amaro are at Sandow Films talking to Jess about Mallory, the sign on Sandow’s office is posted as “In Session.” When Amaro asks how she was after the audition, Jess explains she had already left and the next morning Mr. Sandow told her Mallory was sick. As Amaro says they will need to speak with Sandow, Eddie walks in and asks if everyone is all right. Jesse says it is about Mallory, and introduces Eddie Sandow as their producer. Amaro asks if he put Mallory in the cab last night, and Eddie pauses and then says yes, adding that she was a mess, speculating that she drank before she came to the audition. Benson says they will have to speak with Mr. Sandow and asks if he is related to him. Eddie say he is his dad, and his dad is in an audition and says they can’t go in there. Amaro asks Benson if she hears someone shouting for help, and then he opens the door. Jesse says he can’t do that. Amaro tells Sandow to stop, announcing he is the police, and Sandow pulls himself up off Lacey who is laying on the couch and tells Amaro he is in the middle of an audition. Amaro pulls him away as Eddie says he told them not to come in there. Benson checks on Lacey, and she seems out of it. Benson asks her if she wanted this to happen, and she says no, adding she is so dizzy. Benson yells out to call an ambulance. Amaro tells Sandow he is under arrest, as Benson looks over to the two almost empty glasses of champagne. Sandow says they were improvising. When Eddie says they can’t do this and don’t they know who he is, Sandow tells him not to get hysterical and to call Stannich, he will know what to do. But Eddie lunges towards Amaro and pulls at him, telling him to stop. Benson pushes Eddie up against the wall, and as she cuffs him, says his dad is in trouble…and so is he.

In interrogation with his attorney Dwight Stannich and Fin and Rollins, Sandow says reality TV pushes the envelope, audiences expect sexual titillation. Rollins comments by which Sandow means rape. Stannich says his client was rehearsing and the detective jumped to conclusions. Fin says the woman was physically helpless. Sandow argues that she was acting helpless and that she was in complete control of herself and of him. Rollins asks how about Mallory Jenner, who couldn’t even leave his place standing up. Sandow says she was drunk when she arrived. Fin argues that Sandow did not stop the audition. Sandow says he is a producer, not a sober coach. Rollins sarcastically says why not offer her more champagne. Sandow says his assistant offered her one glass. Rollins says Mallory had Quaaludes in her system and she’s thinking that the lab will probably find traces in the champagne glass. Stannich argues that could have been put there by her, and he asks Sandow if Mallory by any chance went to the rest room with her bag. Sandow says yes she did. He adds when he realized she was in no shape to continue, he had his son hail her a cab. Fin asks if Sandow always has his son clean up his mess. He says his son is his producer and he knows he did not rape those girls. He adds why would he have to, they would do anything to get on stage.

Benson, watching from the observation area, get a message and quickly walks to the interview room. She walks into the room where Amaro is there with Lacey. and tells Lacey that the counselor from the hospital said she refused the rape kit. Lacey insists she was not raped and that Sandow didn’t do anything. Amaro says when they came in, her dress was open and Sandow was on top of her, and asks if she is saying she wanted that to happen. Benson tells Lacey that Sandow assaulted her, and he assaulted another woman last night. Benson pleads for her help to stop him. Lacey asks if he goes to prison, what happens to the show? She says she really wants this part. Benson looks at her with disbelief.

Later, with Eddie in interrogation, he insists to Benson and Amaro that Mallory must have been on something. He asked her if she wanted to go to the hospital and she swore at him. He says he was never alone with Mallory but admits his father was but just so he could work with her as it is reality but his father takes it seriously. He says people say bad things about his dad but that is no who he is, explaining he is a famous filmmaker who won the Documentas in 1992. When Benson comments that was a few years ago, Eddie says he gave up his career to take care of him, there is no money in documentaries. He says his mother walked out on them with her ssister when he was 10, saying they are better off without that bitch. When Amaro asks if that is what his father told him, Eddie says they don’t know anything about his dad. He says he is awesome, saying his father bought him his own apartment when he was 16. He could have girls, parties, and anything he wanted, his dad knows how people are. When Benson asks him how they are, Eddie says everybody always wants something and all these girls just want his dad to make them a star and they only care about themselves,

Afterwards, in Cragen’s office Rollins is shocked there will be no charges, telling Bureau Chief Michael Cutter that Malloy ID’d Sandow’s photo. Cutter reminds her that Mallory can’t remember what happened and that Lacey Ford says nothing happened. Benson says that was not her story at the scene and this was a good arrest. Cutter says, right, which one of them heard the screams through the soundproofed door? Amaro pauses and then asks if Cutter is saying the next time they should wait until after the rape before the intervene? Cutter smiles and does not answer. Fin comments that if he hit on two girls in two days, there has to be more, and suggests they go through Sandow’s talent list , Cragen asks if there is any chance the assistant or the son will cooperate and Benson replies not the son, he idolizes the father. Amaro adds Eddie thinks Sandow is father of the year because he pimped girls for him. Cragen suggests they talk to the assistant away from the office. Rollins gets a message and says this may help. The lab just found traces of Quaaludes in one of the champagne glasses. Cutter says that will get them a search warrant, adding to Amaro unless he wants to bust in again without one.

At Sandow’s office, the search is underway and Amaro finds guns. Munch comments it is too bad, Sandow did have a legitimate career. Amaro says his last movie was 20 years ago, adding Sandow is living off fumes of former glory. Munch says it happens to the best of them. Amaro finds Quaaludes and erection meds. Munch says Sandow needed help with the artistic process.

At Jess’s apartment, Fin and Rollins speaks with her and she says this is Eddie’s apartment, and they have been together for a year and he treats her daughter like his own and he is in the park with Lily now. Rollins says she knows Jess does not want to mess with her nice life but says she is in trouble. Fin adds that her boss is being prosecuted for sexual assault. Rollins says they have his DNA and traces of Quaaludes on a champagne glass, champagne that she poured. Jess says she did not put that in there, but Rollins says she is an accomplice and they will come here and take her daughter to foster care. This rattles Jess, who then explains that when Sandow books a 5:00 audition she just has to stay and greet. Fin says they will need a list of all Sandow’s 5:00 appointments. Jess says Eddie will be upset, but Fin counters that he doesn’t have to know. Rollins tells her that if her boss is a good guy, they won’t find anything. Jess says they will. She takes something out of her purse and tells them that they next morning when Sandow said Mallory went home sick, she came in early to straighten up the office and she found something under the couch cushions. She hands Rollins the underwear and stockings in a plastic bag. Jess says she will text them the names. Eddie walks in the door and then Fin fakes that Jess won’t tell them anything. She then tells Eddie the detectives were just leaving. After they leave, Eddie asks what they were asking about, and Jess said she told them they were crazy. She tells Eddie he sounds cranky and must be hungry and offers to make him pizza rolls for dinner.

At arraignment court, Cutter suggest remand for Sandow and Stannich argues that Sandow is the custodial parent of a teenage son. Cutter counters that Eddie does not live at home, adding Sandow is a long term serial predator. The judge denies bail and remands Sandow to Rikers. As they take Sandow away, Eddie tell him he will get him out. Sandow angrily says after all he’s done for him, he and his girlfriend turned against him. Eddie seems shocked and as he moves to his father and says he would never, an officer holds him back. Sandow shouts back that somebody talked to those cops.

At SVU, Eddie gets in Benson’s face and says they tricked Jess. Benson tries to calm him and Amaro comes in to help. Benson says she will handle it as Eddie continues to rant. Eddie says they can’t trust those girls and that his father says it is a shakedown. She tells him his father can take care of himself, she is worried about Eddie. When she asks if he has someone to talk to, he goes off on her, saying it is all her fault. Amaro pulls him away as Eddie threatens that if anything happens to his dad, they will be sorry.

When Jess arrives home, she finds Eddie sitting on a chair with her daughter Lily in his lap and he has a gun. He tersely says she told him she didn’t say anything to the police and that she lied to him. He holds her daughter’s head with his hand that has the gun in it.

Detectives Benson and Amaro, along with Captain Cragen, arrive at a scene outside Eddie’s apartment where police and a hostage negotiating team are on the scene. Chief Duggan introduces Sergeant Mullin from HNT who tells Benson the gunman asked for her. She says Eddie Sandow is angry and Amaro explains the case. Mullin explained that the boy upstairs that walks to school with Lilly knocked on the door and opened t to find Eddie holding a gun on her and said Lilly was not going today. Eddie won’t talk about Jess, he just put a piece of paper under the door with Benson’s name. Duggan asks Benson if she is being set up, and she says she hopes not and tells them to lead the way.

Benson gets to the apartment along with the police and she announces herself. She asks if everyone is OK and he says no. She asks if someone is hurt and he says they don’t care. She counters that is not true, they want everyone to be OK. He asks even her dad, because he is in Rikers because of her. Benson asks again if everyone is alright and asks if Jess and Lilly are with him, and he doesn’t answer right away and then says they are here. She asks if she can talk to them and Eddie hesitates but then tells Jess to says she is OK. She says she is here and is fine. Eddie lets Lilly says something and she says she is hungry. Eddie tells her that is great. Benson says this means this can all work out, and he says it can if they just let his dad go. Benson says they can talk about that but she is just a detective and this is not her call. Eddie tells them to get a DA here. Benson says to let Lilly go and they will talk to a DA. He isn’t buying it, and says why doesn’t he give her his gun and come out with his hands up and a target on his forehead. He wants to know how his dad is and to bring him here. Benson says she will see what she can do, and he screams just to bring him here, he is done talking.

Away from the door, Mullin tells Benson that is bad precedent. Benson tells him Eddie has no impulse control and his father is his whole world. Amaro asks if he has a better idea. Benson explains that Eddie already feels his girlfriend betrayed him, and if they jerk him around he will turn on her too.

At the Rikers interview room. Sandow asks if Fin and Rollins want him to talk Eddie off the ledge, what are they going to do for him. He says everyone has a price. Fin says this is his son they are talking about, but Sandow says they don’t want to lose that little girl. He says his son’s blood is on their hands. Rollins reminds them of all the guns they found in Sandow’s place, but he says he doesn’t know about any guns. Sandow says if they want his help they pay his price – all charges dropped, full immunity, and a public apology. Fin replies that they couldn’t do that if they wanted to. Sandow argues that they made these charges up, they can make them disappear. Rollins suggests if he comes with them and talks to his son, they will talk to the DA. Sandow says it is the other way around. When his lawyer signs off, then he will help them. He adds that they shouldn’t wait too long with Eddie, he has blood sugar problems and his moods can really swing. Sandow leaves the room.

Back at Eddie’s he asks if his dad is there and Benson says they are working on that. He says to just get him here. Benson then finds that Sandow is not coming. She tells Mullin she wants to talk to his boss. Amaro says Sandow will not cooperate unless they drop the charges. Benson is stunned. Mullin asks if there is anyone else in Eddie’s life, and Amaro says Fin and Rollins are trying to contact his mother and sister. Benson says his mother is not going to be any help, he hates her. Benson asks if she has to go there and say his father is not coming, and Mullin says if she tells him the truth Eddie could lose it. Benson warns that if Eddie sense she is lying, it is over. She says if he asks him she is going to tell him the truth. The door opens and Eddie is there with Lilly with a gun to hear head. He calls to Benson and he was worried that she left. He knows they have guys in the roof with rifles pointed at him. She says she will see if she can do something about it. He asks if his dad is there yet and Mullin says they are working on it. But Benson says his father is not coming. She says she tried but he didn’t think it was good idea. He says she lied to him and he slams the door on them while Benson pleads for him to listen to her. Eddie says if anything happens to his dad he will shoot all of them. Mullins radios and asks them to let him know if they have a clear sight. Benson pleads for him to stop, and he tells her to step aside and they will take it from here . She continues to plead not to shoot him and he says that is enough and tells the other officers to get Benson and Amaro out of there.

Benson walks out and tells Duggan that Eddie sees the snipers and wants them to pull back. Duggan says they let her play social worker, now let them do their job. As Haden walks up, Cragen defends Benson’s actions, saying she has a relationship with Eddie. Duggan says they can’t risk the hostages. Haden asks Duggan how they are doing. Duggan says the punk wants a deal for the father. Haden says they can’t do that, and Duggan says if they need his help they will let him know. Cragen gets a phone call and says Fin and Rollins talked to the mother and sister and they are flying down. Benson thinks this will add fuel to the fire. Benson tells Haden they are going to blow this. Haden says he knows she thinks she has a connection with the kid but the chief does not see him as a special victim. She tersely responds, “You too?” She says Eddie is a scared boy and these guys would be happy to carry him out in a body bag. As she storms off, Haden says, “Better him than you.”

Later, Benson begs Mullin to let he go in, and he says the mother and sister are almost there. Benson reminds them they haven’t spoken in 3 years. Mullin says it is another hail mary but they are running out of options.

Fin and Rollins arrive with Eddie’s sister and mother, who says she wants to talk to him. She blames Eddie’s father. Mullin says he will let Eddie know they are here. Rollins tells Benson that the mother did not stop talking all the way in and she has a feeling that Eddie’s sister has something to say. Benson takes her aside and Eddie’s sister ask if she is the one who arrested her father. Benson admits she is. Eddie’s sister says she did the right thing, it is not her brother’s fault. All the years alone with his dad – because of her.

Back outside Eddie’s apartment, Mullin calls to Eddie and tells him his family is here, and that it his is mother. Eddie calls him and idiot, that he doesn’t have a mother and his mother is dead to her. Lilly says something to her mother and then Jess gets up and says Lily has to pee. Eddie orders them to sit down and Jess does not. He orders he to stop it and Jess says she does not want to do this anymore. They begin to shout at each other and struggle. Eddie pulls Lily away from Jess and holds the gun out at her, ordering her to stay back.

On the street, while Eddie’s mother and sister wait with Benson, a gunshot is heard. As Fin tries to move Eddie’s mother and sister away and Benson and Amaro race into the building, Eddie’s mother thinks they shot him.

When Benson arrives outside the doorway, they are ready to take the door but she tells them to wait. She says not to do this. Amaro says if they bust in now he will kill the girl. Benson begs them and Duggan agrees, but says one raised voice and they are coming in. Benson calls out to Eddie and apologizes hat she could not talk before but she is there now. She asks what is going on and he says there is a lot of blood. He says Jess is hurt and she wouldn’t stop and would not shut up and he didn’t mean to. Benson says they can’t leave a wounded person in there, and they have to come in. She asks if he will let them help her. He doesn’t want anyone in. She says she knows he is scared right now but it is going to be OK if he trusts her. She begs to let her come in there and help Jess. He agrees to let her come in my herself. She removes her gun and hands it to Amaro. He asks if she is sure and she says she is. She asks Eddie to open the door and he does, and he has the gun pointed at Lilly head. She says this is not a trick. He slams the door and then frisks her. She goes to help Jess who is shaking on the floor, lots of blood underneath her. Benson ties off her leg to stop the bleeding. She tells Eddie that she is going to call outside to take Jess out, that they cannot leave her here. She says he can put the gun on her and her partner can come in and will not let him get shot. He lets Lilly go. She calls out to Amaro saying that Eddie says it is OK to come in and take Jess out. Amaro confirms it will be just him coming in, and takes off his gun and says he is unarmed. Benson opens the door and Amaro walks in. Amaro goes to help Jess and helps to carry her out as she creams in pain. Lilly runs to be with her mother, and Eddie says not to moved. Benson tries to calm her, and Eddie tells Amaro to just go. Benson announces Amaro is coming out with Jess.

On the street, as Jess is being taken away, Cragen asks Amaro how is Benson. Amaro says Eddie has a gun pointed at her. Rollins asks can’t they get him through the window? Amaro says they don’t want to take that chance,

In the apartment, Lily is laying down and Benson tries to talk Eddie into Eddie letting Amaro in and Eddie says Lilly is his girl. He says they can’t believe they got his mother there, she was a beauty queen and he bets she heard there were cameras here. Benson says his mother cares about him, but he says she left him. Benson says she didn’t want to, but Eddie yells at Benson not to mother him, he had a mother and she is a liar. Benson mentions his sister, and that she wrote to him and Facebooked him but he did not respond. Eddie says she missed him so much she could have visited, she never came back. Benson says his father told them if they ever visited he would cut them off – and him. Eddie does not believe her, but she tells him he didn’t want his sister to tell them the truth about why they left. Benson asks if he remembers how old he was when his sister left, and he says she was 15. Benson said she was just starting to become a woman and his dad noticed that. She asked if his sister told them about the game they used to play, monster under the covers, and he says they stopped playing it when he was 8, but Benson says he continued to play it with his sister when she was 15. Eddie seems shocked, and Benson says her mother had to get Alicia away from him to protect her, and she could not save both of them. Benson says his mother and sister love him and his sister was outside crying about her little brother and that he did not want to leave him behind with his father. Eddie cries and asks if they tried to get his father here, and she says he was more concerned about himself than of Eddie. He asks Benson if she really believe his father is a bad person, and she tells Eddie she sees people with two sides. He asks if something is wrong with him, and she says she thinks so, yes. Eddie says he is his son, and Benson says that does not mean he is anything like him. Eddie gets irate and stands up, saying no, he shot Jess and he held a gun to Lilly’s head and there is something wrong with him. Benson says he can make this right and let Lilly go. He says again to let Lily go right now. He looks at a sleeping Lily.

The door opened up to Eddie’s apartment and Amaro is walking Lily out, while Eddie holds a gun to Benson. He closes the door behind him and they take Lilly to safety. Inside the room, Benson says he made the right choice; Jess is going to be OK and so is Lily, and she and Eddie can walk out the door right now. Eddie holds the gun to his head and says he is just like him, and that she will say anything now, but she says she won’t, he is not a monster. She asks him to put the gun down, and he says he is right, to let them do it. He is standing at the window and the over the radio, someone says they have a shot as Benson tells Eddie no. She runs at him and tells him not to do this, and grabs him. Someone radios to the snipers to hold their fire. Eddie asks why is she doing this and she says she knows what he is feeling. She tell him her father did terrible things to women and her own mother. He says he is making this up. She tells him he has a choice, she is nothing like her father and he does not have to be like his. She asks for him to give her the gun and she holds out her hand. He hands her the gun and he holds up he hands. Benson announces that they are coming out, she has his weapon and he is unarmed. She opens the door and tells them to put their weapons down. She tosses them the gun and they push Eddie to the ground to cuff him. Benson tells them to stop. It is over.

Outside, Amaro puts Eddie into a squad car. Benson walks out of the building and asks Amaro how is Jess. He says she is going to make it. As Eddie is being driven off, Benson asks about Lily and Cragen says she is shaken but OK, her aunt came in from Ohio. Mullin tells Benson she did a nice job. Haden walks up to her and says they had a clear shot, but she stepped into the line of fire. As Amaro and Cragen walk off, Benson tells Haden that Eddie did not have to die. Haden says he didn’t, thanks to her. Haden says they said she got through to the kid, and asks what she told him. She said the truth. He says, “Let me get you out of here.” As she walks off with him, we fade to black.

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Icy said...

Great episode, this one really made Mariska shine.

As for the relationship between David and Olivia, I'm glad the writers aren't rushing it. They are taking it slow..

Neither one wants to rush into things, which is actually a good thing.

I'm sure when david said " Lets get you out of here," it meant that nothing romantic.

I'm sure they ended up back at the station, knowing Olivia's dedication to her job.

Icy said...
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janethyland said...

Great ratings this week.

SVU went up to 2.26 key demo and 6.74 million total.

Lots to consider...

sunshinez1975 said...

I'm glad the ratings went up but SVU is still in last place. I think a few of CSI fans watched SVU this week due to the fact Catherine is no longer on the show.

I liked the episode. It wasn't the best episode of the season so far but it was fair. I'm really starting to like Fin and Rollins, they work well together. It was refreshing to see Munch again. Im still not sure about Benson and Amaro. They seem to be on two different levels. Benson and David's thing will soon fade, she loves her job and he's a bore. There's no chemistry between them at all. WL don't have to worry about rushing things with them because that "thing" between them will fade away soon.

Icy said...

@Sunshinez1975- If they didn't have any chemistry, neither of them wouldn't be attracted to each other.

I get you don't see anything and think he's a bore, but give this a chance. Olivia hasn't had a love interest in a long time. She deserves a little bit of love.

You don't how this will even play out.

This episode was very intense, and brought out Mariska's terrific acting abilities. This is exactly what the show needed

nygma619 said...

1 thing confused me about this otherwise excellent episode. Wasn't it Fin and Rollins that got Lilly to spill on Eddie's father, shouldn't his beef have been with one of them (or both)?
I'm glad they addressed this hostage situation as something SVU doesn't get involved with. But Eddie wanting Olivia there made it feel less forced.

Also Olivia mentioned facebook on here. What? Did "FaceUnion" get shut down.
HCJr. is still not great in this role. But he was a little better in this episode than the last (mainly the opening scene).

Anyways the sisters story about how she was raped by her father, and the son not knowing kind of hit a little close to home for me.
I have a co-worker that I’ve grown pretty close to in the last year or so. 6 months ago I learned that she had been repeatedly molested by her step-father since she was 16 (she’s 21 now). It took her a year to find the courage to tell her mother about her experiences (part of it was due to her wanting her mother to be happy) and tell the police. She had to testify against him, and now he’s in jail for 15 years.
All that time, her little sister (who was 8 at the time I think) didn’t know the details of why her step-father was sent to jail. All she knew was that her bigger sister had something to do with it, and she resented her for it. She and her mother waited till last year when she turned 12 to finally tell her younger sister the truth about what happened between them. Then she finally understood.
Since then she’s had counseling and it’s convinced her to be more open about her experience. She’s told a couple other co-workers, but I’m the only guy she’s told this to at this time. So it meant alot to me, for her to tell me this.

But I digress, I just thought I’d comment on how the son not knowing what his father did to his sister and the gap it created between him and his mother & sister was pretty accurate. At least from the experience I was told about.

Whew... that was alot to type in this post. Sorry about that.

chillicothe20 said...

I am surprised at the positive reaction to the episode from everyone. I felt the whole episode felt contrived and forced. I would really consider it one of the worst of the season. I will admit I usually like the ones others dislike, at least to a point. The Olivia/HCJ thing is really what feels forced. He seemingly contributes nothing and given he only has two eps left, I do not foresee much. I liked him on Will and Grace, but this role just isn't working. I still love SVU as I have for years. Next week's episode looks promising. We shall see.

Icy said...

@nygma619- No you misheard, Eddie's sister tried facebooking him. That's all nothing about it being shut down. Eddie shot down any form of communication with his sister on there.

It wasn't Lilly it was Jessie Eddie's girlfriend who flipped. Lilly was Jessie's daughter.

No Olivia and David's relationship isn't being forced. He was just flirting with her, there are people who have bad relationships in the past that want to have one but aren't quite ready.

They both like each other..

@chillicothe20- You maybe just be surprised. I already read spoilers.

nygma619 said...

@ Icy: I was being sarcastic about the facebook/FaceUnion comment. I guess that didn't come across that well.

@ chillicothe: what exactly felt contrived and/or forced about the story?

OhSusannah said...

I agree with you,Chris, that the fact that Liv went for drinks and even kissed EADA David Haden previously made it kind of odd that she'd refuse another dinner date with him. In her defense, she has rebuffed other men with the "conflict of interest" reason( Erik Webber in S12 comes to mind).That being said, she is all about the job, so any perceived conflict of interest with dating an ADA seems plausible. We know its short-lived, essentially a throw-away relationship. Nonetheless, this episode was very good for other reasons. MH always brings it in these dramatic performances, and she does so wonderfully. The actor who played Eddie ,Cameron Monaghan was just exceptional as this troubled young man. I thought it was heart-wrenching when Benson finally confides to him that his father won't be coming to resolve the hostage situation, that he just doesn't care enough.Very powerful. Of course, Benson's maternal instinct made this scenario very plausible as well.I thought the writers tapped into that wonderfully when Eddie had shot his g/f, then turned the gun on Liv, screaming at her,"You're not my mother!" It was really gripping. The whole episode was well done from performances, to writing to filming.The reason he asked for Benson in the first place was because he confronted her in the squadroom about the arrest of his father and vowed to get even with her personally if anything happened to his father. It made me wonder why then a SWAT team would let her in such a volatile situation, but there would have been no storyline otherwise.

chillicothe20 said...

@nygma: The main thing that felt forced was the whole hostage situation. It feels like something we have seen half a dozen times before. Especially the end. When the kid had the gun to his own head, I kept thinking "if he shoots himself, that seems so cliche, but if she talks him down, it is almost more cliche." I felt like by that point, the writers had put themselves in a no-win situation.

nygma619 said...

@chillicothe: that doesn't make something contrived or forced, just because you've seen it before.

CLA said...

Episode sensational, wonderful. Mariska Hargitay showed, once again, because it won two awards and many nominations. The story was perfect, exciting, touching. The best episode of the season. Mariska ... Who has got a lot. She is fabulous.

Joanne said...

Great episode and well acted...except that Harry Connick Jr is still very wooden. Or is it the character who is supposed to be calm like that? I'm not sure. I'm liking Amaro more with every episode and I'm glad there wasn't too much Rollins.

sunshinez1975 said...

@Joanne- It's HCJ, he needs acting lessons.

Laura said...

Am I the only one who noticed that instead of ripping from the headlines they ripped the beginning of the episode from the premise of NBC’s “Smash” and added a SVU twist to it? Maybe it’s for a little in-network promotion of their newest show that coincidentally premiered just two days before this episode?

Chris Zimmer said...

Laura - I thought I was the only one who thought that! It's nice to know it wasn't just me. I thought maybe they should have called the episode "Law & Order SVU - "Smash Victims Unit"!

ConnorBehan said...

For the record, Execution way back in SVU season 3 started "in media res" as well. The opening scene takes place closer to the end of the episode chronologically.

Laura said...

@Chris - LOL it's good to know I'm not alone there.

b said...

Oh yes I had the exact same reaction when I heard Facebook - "What happened to "FaceUnion"???"

b said...

Reposting comment that disappeared:

Chilli, you're not alone. I am absolutely shocked at the positive reviews. I kept thinking that there had to be something more: e.g. the "sister" was actually his mother and/or the son was actually the one assaulting the women, or that the girlfriend Jess was actually setting up Father & son for the fall etc etc Nope... the cliche hostage situation just dragged on & on.

Also how did it make sense that the evidence found on the Mallory woman wasn't enough & that theycouldn't prosecute since she didn't remember. Tests had shown that she was drunk/intoxicated and the suspect admitted that she had seemed drunk, so how could she have CONSENTED?!!!!

In the old SVU/Mothership.... these issues could have been spun into a nice cerebral episode.... That's where I thought they were going to go with this.... maybe some blowback from the network not wanting the bad press from multiple assaults.... Could have been interesting...

The pacing was SO SLOW.... storyline SO PREDICTABLE. No real investigation to speak of, no legal conundrums

Also anyone else notice that even on the not so bad/better episodes this season the pacing has been "totally off". It's as if the producers cut the scriot budget to a fraction of what it was before & now the writers write about 30-50% of the equivalent of a classic L&O script. The rest of the script is filled the rest with long looks, extra dramatic pauses & angst and that cliche dramatic music.... What happened to the writers they were using? Seems as if all the pacing from this show jumped ship for the Good Wife - there you have the multiple storylines, legal issues etc etc all jam packed into 45min. Revenge is another series that just has excelelnt writing & pacing.I prefer to see a standard story written and produced well (e.g. Revenge) than the other way round.

I guess I'm late to comment.... I just mustered the courage to watch last weeks episode on Hulu & was disappointed for my trouble. I follow more out of loyalty than anything else. If I was just starting the series & this was the first episode I'd seen I would probably not watch again. At this point a typical NCIS or CSI episode is way better & more intelligent.... Never thought I'd see that day.


Also thought the same thing about Smash show.... new cross promotion. Interesting.


This Episode Was On TV Last Night And I Scene This Episode Like I Have Every Other And I Had To Read Your Recall On It. I Am Glad You Liked It Like I Did. Now To Answer Your Question About An Episode Starting 5 Days Before Light This One In Season 3 The Episode Excececution Started Like 3 Days Earlier When Nick Chiclund Attacked Elliott And Wong.

Marz Barz said...

Realized this show is loosely based on Joseph Brooks and Nicholas Brooks