Thursday, July 14, 2011

Mariska Hargitay Nominated for Best Actress Emmy

Hand it over!

Congratulations to Mariska Hargitay, who has been nominated for an Emmy for best actress in a drama for her role on Law & Order SVU. The 63rd Primetime Emmy® Awards will be airing Sunday, September 18, on FOX.

The competition:

Connie Britton - "Friday Night Lights"
Kathy Bates - "Harry's Law"
Julianna Margulies - "The Good Wife"
Mireille Enos - "The Killing"
Elizabeth Moss - "Mad Man"

Best of luck to Mariska!

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nygma619 said...

Nice to see her get a nomination, but she has no chance IMO.

@Mariskamylife said...

no matter what happens meaning wether or not she wins her fans will always support her and we all know that she truely is the best actress and PERSON

gahks said...

As nygma said, it's nice to see her get nominated, but I would have loved S. Epatha Merkerson or Sam Waterston to have got some recognition, be it a nomination or an actual win, for their outstanding and tireless work on the mothership.

Laura said...

I can understand her being nominated for her work on previous seasons, but last season? Seriously? Don't get me wrong, her performance was consistently good as usual, but it wasn't worthy of an Emmy. Absolutely nothing of last season was Emmy worthy in my opinion. I'd say at the very least nominate Chris Meloni for an Emmy since he's not coming back and it'd be a nice gesture considering the overall quality of work he's put in over the past 12 years. Although I'm certainly not saying that his performance last season really deserves it, either.

nygma619 said...

@ Laura: As far as leads being up for last season, I agree. But if were talking about guest actors/actresses; I'd absolutely beg to differ.

Catherine said...

Mariska doesn't deserve to be nominated. She had nothing to put up for consideration. Her performances were really bad.
As for guest stars, none of the SVU guest stars were nominated this year. Out of the 15 actresses who put themselves into consideration, only one could really be3 considered deserving of a nomination. That would be Marcia Gay Harden for her courtroom scene in Penetration.

xfool said...

I don't want this to sound like Mariska bashing...but...she is a good actress but none of her performances were Emmy worthy this year or in the last few years. These Emmy noms can be nothing more than her being well liked by the Academy.

I seriously doubt she will will considering the competetion. Julianna Marguiles is as stiff as a brick but she has a far better chance than Mariska. And Kathy Bates??? Please, Harry's Law is an awful show and her performance was scenery chewing - at least in the few episodes I could tolerate.

No Emmy nomination for Regina King? That's criminal. The Emmy voters don't know what good acting is.

maculae said...

Is this the first year that SVU guest stars haven't been nominated? Because that category definitely used to be called the "which SVU guest star will win this" award.

I don't quite get Mariska's nomination. Especially when more deserving people for that category were left out (Katey Sagal for SoA). It seems more like a familiarity nomination as opposed to talent nomination (kind of like SNL or Hugh Laurie(who is talented, but House hasn't been using that talent at all lately)). Which for this season, when she was actually in the episode was for the most part phoned in. I may blame that on crappy writing as well.

Of those nominated, Moss, Britton and Enos were the only ones that deserved it. That of course means that they won't win.

Anonymous said...

I think she's a superb actress, but the material she has been given this last season was below average. I find it incredibly immature that people bash Mariska for being nominated. She had absolutely no control over this. As for Katey Sagal, I am horrified by her husband's behavior and inappropriate rants. Mariska puts 110% into each and every one of her performances and to receive this kind of hate in return is absurd. I understand many people have a strong dislike for what SVU has become over the years, but it is no way Mariska's fault and just because the show is no longer emmy worthy, it doesn't mean Mariska's performances aren't.

maculae said...

I don't think we're bashing Mariska, but bashing the nomination process itself. And we're fully aware that she has no control over the nominations.

I agree she's a good actress and delivers when she has well written stuff. And I'm sure she's a wonderful woman, but there are far more deserving people in TV world that weren't nominated. Her performance this season doesn't match up with her at her best. And certainly does not match up to some of the people snubbed and some others that were nominated.

Similarly, I think Hugh Laurie is one of the best actors out there, but I don't think his work this year deserved a nomination either. It's not actor bashing, but merely these nominations were not the best choices.

And really this is an example of how sometimes many nominations go to familiar easy choices. There's a status quo for the Emmys (and most awards shows) that is just irritating. The fact that people were surprised that Friday Night Lights got nominated (and also the lack of surprise of Treme not being nominated) just shows how pathetic the process is.

Katey Sagal didn't write those tweets. And she probably doesn't feel the need to control what her husband does just like I don't feel the need to baby-sit my boyfriend. Her husband may have been a classass jerk on twitter, but that doesn't change the fact that Sagal did deserve a nomination.

nygma619 said...

@ Catherine: None of the guest actresses were nominated? And you know this HOW?

Also it's not that Mariska's performances were bad at all, they weren't. She just wasn't given anything to work with IMO.

Anonymous said...

^^ She knows this because the emmy nominations have already been announced. As for your second sentence, that's my point exactly. People are saying she shouldn't get a nomination because the show sucks but the show isn't the one getting nominated, it's Mariska. And I think if an actress' performance is good enough, she should get recognized no matter the quality of the show.

maculae said...

@nygma619 I'm not Catherine, but it's because the Emmy nominations were announced. Hence...the point of this entire conversation. lol.

nygma619 said...

never mind, I thought they only released some of the noms, not all of them. Shame, as I think Mad Men has one nom too many.