Thursday, July 21, 2011

Kyle MacLachlan to Guest Star on Law & Order SVU

TV Guide reports that Kyle MacLachlan will guest star on Law & Order SVU,  in a ripped from the headlines story line,  to “play a powerful politician whose family is embroiled in a scandal.”

You can read the full story on TV Guide here: Law & Order: SVU Collars Kyle MacLachlan for Guest Role

SVU fans will recall that MacLachlan already appeared on SVU in the season 6 episode “Conscience” where he literally gets away with murder.

No other information is available on the episode at this time.

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Laura said...

Umm...didn't he already guest star as a psychiatrist in a Season 6 episode? Is it really so hard to find an actor who hasn't already played someone in the L&O universe?

Laura said...

Oops, didn't read the whole thing. Still, it's kind of funny that they keep reusing actors and have them play completely different people as if they had never appeared on the show before. Guess his evil twin did it.

sirmikelogan said...

I think I vaguely remember that one. Did Kyle's character rip a gun out of someone's holster in the courthouse, and the guy's closing lines something like 'he would have killed again, but I won't'?

All Things Law and Order said...

sirmikelogan, that's the episode! The person he killed in the courthouse was a kid, that if I recall correctly, had killed his son.

gahks said...

I remember that episode: that was a good 'un!

So will MacLachlan reprise his former role, or will this be something else altogether?


Might be the "Arnold" show.Their version of what happened to the Govenor with a murderous twist thought in I am sure.
It has been reported on some entertainment sites that they intend to do such a show.

gahks said...

Oh! I thought this might be a rip from the Strauss-Kahn case! (looks up the Schwarzenegger scandal)