Sunday, July 10, 2011

Law & Order UK Series 5 Opening Credits

Here are the new opening credits for Law & Order UK for series 5, which features Bradley Walsh, Jamie Bamber, Freema Agyeman, Dominic Rowan, and Peter Davison.

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gahks said...

I guess they're never going to get rid of that horribly un-gritty tune, are they? The mothership's theme is, to paraphrase someone else, possibly the most noirish tune you could get on TV.

Keir said...

I've never caught an episode, so forgive my ignorance- what makes this 'Law and Order'? What sets it apart from the usual run-of-the-mill British copper show, specially as the titles make it appear dull as dishwater. Really- it hardly gets me to hunt down an episode to watch. Apart from the supposedly shared idea of Common Law, one doesn't find 'perp walks' or such travesties in the UK, so how does it share either the law or common view of order? Obviously this is an attempt to broaden the viewers and build on the declining franchise, but how do they justify labelling this L&O? Is there a URL where it's addressed in the FAQs?

gahks said...

It's not really a 'spinoff' per se, but a transplant of the original to London, even to the point of reusing scripts from the mothership. That's basically what allows it to be called "Law & Order". There would probably be more justification for it if the writers were given licence to create their own plots and tailor them to be 'ripped from (our own) headlines,' but I suppose we can't have everything.

I think in creating the London version, the producers were trying to (ostensibly) reinvent the traditional British crime drama setup where a thin-wafer plot scenario is pushed out to two hours or several parts by using an American format (no less) to offer a pacier alternative.

Hope this helps =/

All Things Law and Order said...

Keir, Law & Order has a predictable formula that the shows follow. The first "acts" usually deal with the discovery of the crime and the investigation, which focuses on the detective work. The latter acts deal with prosecuting the case and whatever problems they encouter. The style of the title cards and the distinctive sound when those cards are shown are also part of the forumla. They also use stories which they refer to as being "ripped from the headlines". If you've seen the original Law & Order, and if you were to see Law & Order UK, it would be obvious why the UK version has the Law & Order name. And, as gahks said, the UK version is also basing their episodes on stories already done on the original