Wednesday, August 4, 2010

New Law & Order LA NBC Promos

Here are two promos for Law & Order LA that are currently airing on NBC.

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gahks said...
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gahks said...

Mmm... these promos emphasise the perception of the show which I thought the producers would try to shun, that is the show being the "Law & Order" answer to "CSI: Miami."

While I like the concept more now that the cast is in place, these videos get a thumbs-down from me.

janethyland said...


How do these promos compare with the promos sent out for Law and Order when it first started over a decade ago?

Wolf had the chance to create something different and instead these promos make LOLA look derivative and retrospective to old formulas.

Such a waste.

Joshua Morton said...

NBC really f***ed up with these promos IMO. Really, this screams to me more "CSI" than "Law & Order".

If Law & Order: LA is like NCIS: LA it'll be okay. If LOLA is like a CSI or CI now... fans are going to get screwed.

Balcer is the head though so I don't think he'll turn the show into "CSI" or "NCIS" for that matter.