Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Law & Order LA Premiere Episode Goes “Hollywood”

TV Guide is reporting a few details about the premiere episode of Law & Order LA, which is named “Hollywood” (Note: it was previously reported to be titled “Fame”):

"The story finds the team, including Alfred Molina's Morales, Skeet Ulrich's Rex, and Terrence Howard's district attorney, investigating a crime involving a young Hollywood starlet named Chelsea (played by Shark's Danielle Panabaker) and a wannabe actor named Sam (played by Wyatt Russell, the son of Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn)."

TV Guide also states that the premiere will also include guest stars Shawnee Smith as Chelsea's mom, Trudy; Jim Beaver as Sam's dad, Frank; and Oded Fehr as the villainous Manto.

You can read the full story here: Keck's Exclusives: Law & Order: Los Angeles Goes Hollywood For First Case

My recap and review of Law & Order: Los Angeles "Hollywood" can be found at this link.

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wcgreen55 said...

Jim Beaver is the only one I've heard of. Does that make him the murderer?

gahks said...
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gahks said...

I preferred the working title, "Fame," to be honest. Although of course a bad title doesn't mean the story itself is going to be awful. It just doesn't help to sell it, unfortunately. But we'll see.

Kasi said...


Law & Order: CI should feel abused by both NBC/USA & Dick Wolf.

2007 - The show got moved to USA Network which severed at least 3-4 millions viewers from watching the show (until Jan '08 when repeats aired on NBC) Some old NBC fans got screwed.

2008 - Chris Noth wanted to leave the cast (he probably saw the future too). Logan fans got ROYALY screwed.

2008/2009 - The eighth season premiere is changed at least 3 times. Walon Green leaves L&O as co-exec producer to come to CI to be exec producer for D'Onofrio/Erbe episodes of CI. He screws up their episodes which turned some fans and the ones who remained got screwed (again). Jeff Goldblum got a fanbase.

2009/2010 - D'Onofrio/Erbe/Nicholson/Bogosian depart. Some of the fans who liked them left with them some remained.

2010 - Jeff Goldblum's episodes begin to suck as well. Some of Goldblum's fanbase left (I was one of them).

Now Jeff Goldblum (possibly with Saffron Burrows and M.E. Mastrantonio) leaves the cast, Goldblum probably sees the future too. Possible returns from previous actors (which I doubt will happen). Possibly last season of CI. - If USA "greenlights" a half season of CI the remaining 1.5-2 million fans will be screwed as well!

If you ask me, USA Network needs to "redlight" another season of CI, even if it's a half season. CI fans have been screwed since 2007 if you ask me and now the results are finally showing.

Law & Order: Criminal Intent needs to be cancelled. Production needs to stop and USA is wasting money trying to even produce an eight episode season. "3 in 1" seems like an okay series finale. And how is the show going to kick up since Goldblum has left, like they did Wheeler for s9... no verbal explaination.

First Law & Order, now Law & Order: Criminal Intent. Next will be Law & Order: Special Victims Unit if Mr. Neal Baer doesn't get his act together.

It's said that Neal Baer rehired Jean de Segonzac to SVU as director. (he hasn't been a regualr SVU director since 2001 - CI ?) I guess CI is ending if de Segonzac is going to be directing SVU.

Trapper said...

All Things, is it true?

If so, I see L&O fans and CI fans blowing stuff up, NBC and Dick Wolf being two of those things.

All Things Law and Order said...

Trapper - I can't find ONE source at this point in time that says the show is canceled. I think that whole blog post is a fake. First, it says that "Several sources are reporting that Law & Order: CI has just been canceled this afternoon" and I can't find ONE source that says it has been canceled. It goes on to say "Dick Wolf was to have said" which makes it sound like the person isn't sure if he said it or not (and in that case the alleged comments shouldn't have quotes on it). The whole Dick Wolf quote sounds like someone made it up, it is written so badly.

Now, the show may end up being canceled when all is said and done, but right now there isn't any credible source that says it is. Clearly that blogger is not credible.

Joshua Morton said...

Don't worry Trapper, I have a feeling it'll happen...

FOR REAL. I agree 100% w/ Kasi. We've been 'chopped and screwed' by USA since Noth and Leight and his crew left.

ci hater said...

wow, fans really want this show canceled. hmm.

Anonymous said...

Wanna know what I think? I think that "Trapper" - and that blog Trapper linked to - is the same person who had that "lawandorderspinoffs" blog that used to post fake stories and YouTube videos, and suddenly when ALTAO brought the fakery to the attention of a VP at USA Network, the fake video got pulled AND the blog disappeared. This other blog is probably another attempt at their fakery because they hate LOCI so much.

It's pathetic that someone is so filled with hate that they have to resort to fakery. That person needs mental help, IMHO.

ATLAO, can you report that fake quote to NBC or Dick Wolf's people? If the person has a brain they will delete that blog post right away.

Kasi said...

I think the Anonymous above is that same poster trying to keep a reputation in your eyes ATL&O. I guess it seems you have competition.

The fake articles and masquerading as someone else anonymously to blast yourself... you are a real self-proclaimed genius! NOT!

Get a life! If you hate Law & Order so much go spam Jeff Zucker and Bonnie Hammer's mailboxes but posting fake articles will give you nothing but a long road of trouble from fans of the shows!

As a said above, "Get a life!"

Ittakes1 said...

Kasi, I am sorry, but you are wrong. I made that post asking ATLAO to report the fakery. I am not that other fake blogger. I thought I had posted using my google ID but I guess I did not.

I can assure you that I am not that wacko who keeps making up stories. Whoever that person is had a real issue with Law & Order CI since Vincent left, it is probably one of those crazt VDO vixen fans who practically stalk the guy. My opinion is that there are some people out there who want the show to fail just so they can feel that they were right that the show could not go on without Vincent. I, on the other hand, would like the show to go on and while I thought Jeff did a good job, that I am happy for whatever he decided to do with his career and look at this as a chance to get a new cast of detectives.

It is more likely, Kasi, that the blogger that posts fakery is YOU because you imply that that other fake blog is competition. That made me laugh. I have been coming to ATLAO for a long time and I know her blog is the real deal - and it's easy to see the other blogger is a FRAUD.

Kasi said...

Now hey, hey, whoa, whoa, HEY!

You can take the freakin' blame of me right here and right now!

I DON'T have a blogger account NOR do I plan on getting one! And IF I DID have one, it wouldn't be for Law & Order posts!

I like ATL&O just fine! I'll settle for this blog before I go off and create one for Law & Order, or any other show!

All Things Law and Order said...

Well, someone sure hit a nerve. I went to click on the link to see if the blog post was still there, or if the fake quote had been retracted, and it looks like the whole blog is now gone. I got a message that said "The blog you were looking for was not found.".

I suppose that settles the issue of that blog's credibility, doesn't it?