Wednesday, August 11, 2010

More SVU On Location Photos of Ice-T, Mariska, Chris

Even more photos of Law & Order SVU filming on location (Upper West Side of NYC) have been released. These include Ice-T, Mariska Hargitay, and Chris Meloni, plus a few with guest star Jennifer Love Hewitt. Enjoy!

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lily said...

J.L. Hewitt is kinda old to be a school girl! Mariska's hair is greying! Ice-T got a haircut! Chris... not much in him. Where is Richard Belzer???

I heard a rumor that Chris Noth wants to go back to CI to replace Jeff Goldblum (and Goldblum replaced him)! Logan's back on the job!

Angrywolf said...

I don't see it....Noth going back.Criminal Intent is dead and that's what it needs to be.

Ice-t is fine..just better not be driving with a suspended license.

As for SVU....I hope the stories are good.

Sheila said...

Where IS RB?

SVU, Baer promises s12 will be better than s11; we'll have to see.

As for CI; Chris Noth, D'Onofrio, Erbe: NOBODY CAN/WILL save that show, EXPECT Rene Balcer (who says he 'loves California'). So CI just needs to be cancelled w/ L&O and let's all move on (as easy or as hard as it may be).

Dalton said...

So, Ice-T is no longer a special guest star and Richard Belzer is still an urban legend when it comes to SVU these days?

I'll be tuning in to S12's premiere, just to see if it's improved. I gave up on SVU a few episodes in to S11.

Erin said...

Mariska's hair isn't greying, it's the highlights.

I hope J.Love's guest spot won't be campy.