Sunday, August 22, 2010

Ann-Margret Wins Emmy for Law & Order SVU “Bedtime”

Ann-Margret won the Emmy for “Oustanding Guest Actress in a Drama Series” for her guest appearance on Law & Order SVU “Bedtime.” Congratulations!

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gahks said...

Congratulations to Ann Margret!

But I still hugely disappointed that S. Epatha Merkerson was acknowledged for her marvellous performance in season 20 of "Law & Order." Heresy! :(

Anonymous said...

Law & Order: Miami, ran by Matt Nix (USA - Burn Notice)...

What is this TV world coming to?! God!

I think S. Epatha Merkerson and Kathryn Erbe deserve an award!! Especially Merkerson!

Sheila said...

To the anony. above!

Heck no! So what:

The mothership gets canceled, incomes Law & Order: Los Angeles.

CI gets canceled and incomes Law & Order: Miami??

If this does cross Dick Wolf's mind or even his e-mail address or by some of his friends... TOO MUCH Law & Order!

So we've got "The Replacements" going on here. Ain't this a blip?!

I can see Matt Nix and Dick Wolf talking in Miami over a cup of coffee saying, "So Mr. Nix, how would you like your name attached to a Law & Order here in Miami that will take place of CI? Like I gave Blake Masters LOLA!"

The ONLY "Law & Order" I'm watching will be "SVU" now! Maybe "LOLA"... maybe.

Esaul said...

I highly doubt Dick Wolf will work on another new show already...not where he has to worry about L&O:LA. Look what happened to TBJ and Conviction...

S. Epatha Merkerson deserved an Emmy this year more than a lot of the big players that are up for a just really ticks me off :\

But congrats to Ann Margret.

Anonymous said...

If it's on USA Network fine, but if another "Law & Order" gets put on NBC it'll only be because SVU may get canceled.

All this is anyway is pissed off mothership fans and CI fans trying to get back at Dick Wolf.

I'd laugh if Wolf creates a "Law & Order: Miami". It'll only be if CI gets canceled (which if that poster wasn't a troll but indeed Walon Green, then we can expect CI to be canceled). Fans need to close up the book on L&O/CI anyway and let's all move on.

I'm TRYING to, but I must say I will miss the original "Law"! I MISS YOU SAM WATERSTON (I hope he will be recurring on SVU)!