Monday, August 30, 2010

Law & Order UK Series 3 “Broken” Advance Photos

A few advance photos have been released for the Series 3 premiere episode of Law & Order UK, titled “Broken.” These photos include Bradley Walsh and Jamie Bamber.

All photos from NBCU

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gahks said...

The Radio Times magazine in the UK doesn't offer an extremely promising preview of this episode, as reviewed by David Butcher:

"You know how American television is supposed to mangle and misunderstand the subtleties of British programmes when it tries to remake them? Well this is the show that returns the compliment, taking the sharp, pacey, plot-driven 'Law & Order' franchise and turning it into something flabby and self-righteous, just for us [British viewers].

"Every time you watch the start of an episode, you long for it to work: it's essentially a likeable series. But tonight's episode is typically tone-deaf. It involves the shocking murder of a five-year-old boy. To say how the case moves from there would spoil the suspense, but overall the treatment feels at various times exploitative, mawkish and slightly creepy. Even the excellent Bradley Walsh is subdued. It's a waste."

I do agree with the criticism of the UK show as "flabby and self-righteous." It only makes me wish that Kudos, the production company behind the show, who made the excellent 'Life On Mars,' would step up the mark with 'Law & Order: UK' and give us some proper, intelligent television like the mothership did. It's no use simply recycling American scripts - the show needs to find its own identity and bring its own creative ideas to the table. As a result, while the show's obviously a hit for ITV, regularly pulling in six million viewers, I'm not holding out my hopes for a superb offering in 'Broken.'