Saturday, August 15, 2009

Law & Order SVU “Unstable” Brief Preview Clip

SVU head honcho Neal Baer has posted a video clip of the Law & Order SVU season premiere, “Unstable” (link here). It includes Olivia Benson (Mariska Hargitay) and Nate Kendal (guest star Wentworth Miller). It’s three very short clips rolled into one. Enjoy!

If you can’t get the clip to open, here is what happens

Scene 1
Olivia, showing her badge, with Nate Kendal behind her: "Special Victims Unit. We’re investigating another rape that matched your case file. "

Scene 2
Olivia, grabbing Nate’s arm as he is walking away from her: “Hey, don’t get to knock heads even when it’s about a kid.”

Nate: “It’s no surprise we don’t see eye to eye. “

Olivia: “It’s more than that. You slapped a mother over a six year old and you’re threatening him over a girl (? I couldn’t understand what word she used, sounded like recruit but I am not sure)… what’s the matter with you?”

Scene 3
Nate, in an SVU interview room talking with a young woman who is standing up against the wall, next to the doorway, looking afraid: “You aren’t going anywhere. The bastard who did you is out hunting his next mark. You gonna let her get screwed because you’re fragile? “ Benson, also in the room, looks over to Nate and glares, appalled at his wording.

Sounds like an interesting episode. Do I detect some tension between Benson and Kendal? Let's hope we see more of Wentworth than just in this episode. I think Benson - and the show - could use a little tension, don't you?

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Anonymous said...

I agree that she needs more tension. She always seems to relaxed and blissful, like there's nothing going on in her life.

Anonymous said...

The show does need a little shakeup I think. The tension between Stabler and Benson has run its course and they need something new. Wentworth Miller would be a great addition to the show, I think, and a fine replacement should Meloni leave.

John K. said...

And Wentworth Miller had nice things to say about Sam Waterston and Angie Harmon, so I'll look forward to this.

Although, I thought Liv liked older men, unless that's changing.

(Sorry for not commenting lately. Been busy.)

daniel said...

the episode looks good. Cant believe its already been 11 seasons. btw,your rite olivia said "recruit" in the clip.