Saturday, August 22, 2009

Law & Order SVU “Sugar” and “Hammered” Sneak Peek Video Clips

Law & Order SVU producer and head cheerleader Neal Baer has provided 2 sneak peaks for upcoming episodes of Law & Order SVU, “Sugar” and “Hammered”. Question: is there anyone out there from the mothership Law & Order that can give us the same level of hype that Neal is is providing? If so - show yourself!

In “Sugar” it appears that we have another “new face female ADA vs. seasoned detective” pissing contest - oops, I mean scenario. I suppose that every new ADA to the show has to be irritating at first so the ever-wise SVU detectives can show them the errors of their ways. Of course, ADA Paxton should be tipping her hand in front of a suspect, but in this case, Stabler's reaction makes him look like an annoying jerk. Elliot "hon", you should know by now how to learn to take the high road.

In “Hammered” we see the always enjoyable and much underutilized pairing of Munch (Richard Belzer) and Fin (Ice-T) working a case.

Here are the links to the video clips, and my transcriptions for those of you who can’t get the links to work:

Law & Order SVU Episode 2 “Sugar” featuring ADA Sonya Paxton (Christine Lahti), Stabler (Chris Meloni), Benson (Mariska Hargitay) and Cragen (Dann Florek)
Here’s what happens:

In interrogation:
Paxton (annoyed): Your suspect is clearly distraught which is exactly what Stanich will argue and out goes any confession. Do I have to make it any clearer for you?

Stabler, moving in close and getting in Paxton’s face, and taking her arm to move her to the door, mumbling: Why don’t we stand out…c’mon..

Paxton, talking over Stabler and pulling her arm away: Get your hands off me

Stabler, continuing to mover her out of the room: … let’s go outside.
Stabler moves her out the interrogation room and into the observation room where Cragen is waiting. Benson follows.

Suspect: Where…where are you going? Where are you going? I haven’t finished yet.

Stabler, his dander up: What’s your problem? First you tell us to nail him now you want us to back off.

Paxton, agitated: My problem is I want to win this case Stabler. The right way.

Stabler: You are such a sanctimonious bitch you know that? (We hear Cragen’s voice saying “Detective Stabler that’s enough!” and see Paxton looking stunned, her mouth gaping open. Stabler yells) No I’m not finished! School’s in session and you’ve got a lot to learn, hon.

Paxton: Oh hon, if I’m gonna learn anything I promise you it won’t be from an adolescent a-hole like you. (Stabler gives her a condescending grin.)

Law $ Order SVU Episode 4 “Hammered” featuring Munch (Richard Belzer) and Fin (Ice-T)

Here’s what happens:

In interrogation:
Munch: You say the first thing that pops into your head. Roe V. Wade.
Suspect: Two ways to cross a creek.
Fin, yelling: You consider Dr. Hale’s murder a joke?

Outside on the street:
Munch: Why toss it over here? If he didn’t want it to be found, he could have thrown it in the river.
Fin: I don’t know, I just might have found a motive for a murder. (showing Munch an ID tag) Our victim’s a doctor

Back in interrogation:
Munch: Guy puts a chunk down on a 3 million dollar condo that’s never gonne be built and he’s not gonna get any of his money back.
Fin: I can see that making a guy a little nutty.
Munch: Right, so he starts obsessing about the ills of the world and kills two birds with one hammer (bends over and stares the suspect, who is seated, in the face.)

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Anonymous said...

Character development was pretty weird in this series, isn't it? Way back when in season 1, Stabler was always calm, rational, and professional. The only time he ever lost his temper on the jobs were when it was clearly staged to get a reaction out of a subject (like in the last episode of season 1) or when his job is at stake. Nowadays, he gets mad at every stupid thing that some annoying person says to him. Maybe he needs a couple of vacation episodes like Benson got.

Anonymous said...

Stabler has become a boiling mass of testosterone. He really needs to chill out. That video clip made him look like an idiot.

Granted the ADA shouldn't have tipped her hand in front of a suspect, but Stabler should know better than to blow his stack like that and then calling her a bitch and then referring to her as "hon." A person involved in sex crimes should know that type of talk is demeaning. What are the writers trying to do to this show? It's becoming more like a soap opera every year.

By the way, no adult calls anyone an a-hole, really. If the writers can't get the real word past the censors, they should have just put the work "jerk" in for a-hole. It would have sounded more real.

John K. said...

That, and it's the lazy way to write. Realistically, people do swear (too much), but it's too intellectually lazy in a fictional format. Stabler isn't an idiot, for what it's worth. That or we're catching up with the crap that is our modern culture.

That said, I agree with the previous comments: conversations aren't contests.

Anonymous said...

Seriously, writers, go back and watch season 1 again. Stabler's name actually made sense. And I've never heard anyone use the word a-hole before in speech. Generally, when it's written, it's because the person who wrote it wants to convey that the person actually said the entire word and they're just shortening it to be demure.

Anonymous said...

The writers have confused scenes with yelling and namecalling with writing real drama and conflict. Law & Order SVU is being dumbed down the the point that it will be NBC's equivalent of that cheese fest CSI Miami.

daniel said...

i liked the clip with munch and fin. i swear munch is by far the best character on the show and they dont ever use him, they always shove the sooky stabler in our faces. i hope we see a lot of munch this season.