Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Law & Order SVU Episode Titles, Guest Stars

Law & Order SVU producer Neal Baer has twittered the names of the first six episodes of the new season of Law & Order SVU:

Episode 1: Unstable
Episode 2: Sugar
Episode 3: Solitary
Episode 4: Hammered
Episode 5: Hardwired
Episode 6: Spooked (note: renamed from "Tradecraft" per Neal Baer on 09/10/09)

Also, TV Guide is reporting that Jessica Walter will be a guest star on the episode titled “Solitary.” (My image of Jessica in “Play Misty For Me” is forever burned into my brain and I can’t watch anything with her in it without thinking of that movie.) Here’s their scoop: has confirmed that Walter will appear in the third episode, which is titled "Solitary," as a legal-aid powerhouse named Petra Gilmartin. She will have scenes with ball-bustin' new ADA Christine Lahti and Oscar nominee Stephen Rea, who also guests in the episode.
Walter joins an already impressive list of guest stars who will pop into SVU this fall, including Lahti, Rea, Prison Break's Wentworth Miller and Will & Grace's Eric McCormack

Lots of guest stars – my only hope is that the stories and scripts supporting them are really good.

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