Friday, August 21, 2009

Law & Order SVU “Hardwired” Guest Stars

TV Guide is exclusively reporting that Rosie Perez and Garret Dillahunt will anchor am “explosive episode" of Law & order SVU which will involve pedophiles' rights. TV Guide reports they will appear in the fifth episode of the new season, titled “Hardwired.“

They add that Dillahunt will play “the head of a pedophilia organization (think NAMBLA — or, you know, don't).” Dillahunt plays creepy really well (think “Terminator The Sarah Connor Chronicles” and “The 4400” to name a few so I expect he should do very well in this SVU role.

Perez will be in the role of a young sexual abuse victim's mother. The episode will also include Jim True-Frost, as Perez's husband and stepfather to her son. Perez’s character “takes legal action against Dillahunt's organization for its influence over her husband, who has been accused of abusing her child.”

Also guest starring in this episode is Jeri Ryan, reprising her role as Defense attorney Patrice Larue (Jeri Ryan), along with Stephanie March who will return as ADA Alex Cabot.

Neal Bear also told TV Guide that this episode will also “feature a "big reveal" about B.D. Wong's Dr. Huang, which will surface as a result of a confrontation he has with Det. Benson (Mariska Hargitay).”

It sounds like a star-packed, controversy-packed episode!

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John K. said...

NAMBLA, eh? Be interesting if the SVU writers'll highlight on the ACLU's role with the organization.

Secondly, Dillahunt has been on MS before (Kingmaker and Open Season), so we'll have a treat, there.

Although, the cramming in everything, I wonder if it will damage the episode's flow, as it's been done, many times.

Great reporting, as always.

Mommy Sasha said...

My son has the pleasure of being an extra on this episode, SVU is an amazing show. And I agree with the above commenter about "cramming in everything" very true.

Anonymous said...

Maybe I'm missing this, but who played the ex-gf who took the stand? I got home just in time to see the scene with her, but I wasn't able to catch the charcter's name, and none of the sites I've checked (INCLUDING IMDB) have an extra character listed. But the girl looks familiar (thought it might just be me, LOL).